• 3 Bacchanalia Cards
  • 80 Maenad Cards
  • 36 Action Cards
  • 1 Satyr Kidnap Scoring Reference Card
  • Rules Sheet


  • Take the 3 Bacchanalia Cards from the deck and place them face-up on one side of the table.

  • Place the Satyr Kidnap Scoring Reference Card where all players can see it.

  • Shuffle the Maenad Cards and place 5 of them, randomly and unseen, into the box and out of the game.

  • Deal one card to each player, sight unseen to the other players. This forms the player's opening hand. …


  • 10 Exchange Cards
  • 6 Player Reference cards
  • 100 Stones -- 20 in each of 5 colors
  • Special Die
  • 45 Ware Cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Through skillful trading and re-trading, each player attempts to gain the right combination of colored stones from the Bank to purchase the wares displayed in the Bazaar.

Values of the various wares are determined by the number of stones the purchaser holds following his transaction. Trading is governed by the current rates posted at the Exchange.

When all the wares from two of the stalls have been sold, the Bazaar is closed, the game ends, and the player with the highest score wins! …


  • 16 Clan Leader cards
  • 48 Clan Member cards
  • 1 Noblemen Reminder card
  • 1 Guardians Reminder card
  • 1 Scoring Reminder card
  • Instructions

The game depicts intrigue and treachery among the Scottish clans vying for the crown.

Clans ascend the pyramid of cards, rising from the bottom three rows of commoners, through the ranks of noblemen and guardians, until one finally gains the crown and is named King of Scotland.

Once a king is crowned, clans can only continue to advance by committing acts of betrayal against their neighbors. Players continue by playing influence cards until everyone has passed, thereby ending the game. …


  • 78 Deck Cards
  • 12 Gift Cards
  • Instructions


12 Days of Christmas is a game for 2 to 8 players that is played with a special deck of playing cards inspired by the classic carol.

Your goal is to acquire the most gifts by giving away all the cards in your hand before your fellow players.

It is easiest to do when you are the Lead Player, as you have the opportunity to play the first card(s) of a given turn.

If you played the lowest card in the previous hand, you will be this hand's Lead Player. However, as the carol reminds us, low cards are rare - there is only one partridge in a pear tree. …

Every turn, players pass one card face down to Renfield. Humans hope to play groups of incantations to cast rituals, while the vampire tries to stop the incantations and play bites.

At the end of each round, Renfield applies the effects of the cards he has been given (Will a Ritual be used? Will a player be bitten? Or perhaps it is just a quiet, uneventful night..)..

If Dawn was revealed on the clock, the person with the Ancestral Stake may use it to try and kill the Vampire. Choose carefully though, because killing the wrong person will end the game in a loss. …

On a frozen lake, two tribes of prehistoric men compete in a match of Caveman Curling


  • 1 board
  • 2 slammers
  • 12 "rocks" (wooden discs)
  • 4 big hammers
  • 4 little hammers,
  • 4 totems
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

End the round with your rocks closer to the center of the cave than your opponent. The first player/team to score 6 points wins the game.


Place the board on a table with the cave (dark circular zone) on the far end. Each player/team takes all the pieces of one color. …

You've entrusted your nine courtiers to deliver a beautiful love letter to Princess Persephone, but your opponent also has nine courtiers delivering an equally moving love letter to the same princess.

In each case, 8 letters are decoys and only the letter with the red seal is that of "true love". You must intercept your rival's true love letter to make sure only your letter sways her affections.


  • 1 Board
  • 18 Letters (8 yellow, 8 blue and 2 red)
  • 18 Characters (9 gold and 9 blue)
  • 18 plastic holders with mirrors (9 gold and 9 blue)
  • Instructions


Each player has nine character pieces: four ladies, three knights, and two masters. The front of the piece shows the picture and name of the courtier; the back has a mirror. …

In Railroad Barons, each player becomes an active investor trying to build a railroad stock portfolio that will outperform the other player's portfolio.

Railroad Barons uses many mechanisms used in 18xx games, some at a more abstract level. Shares of five Holding Companies ( Holdings) can be bought and sold during the Stock Rounds (SRs). Those Holdings control Railroad Corporations, and pay dividends during Operating Rounds (ORs). Railroads have fixed incomes.


  • 2 Overview cards
  • 5 Holding Companies
  • 20 Stock Certificates
  • 28 Railroad Corporations and
  • 5 private Investors
  • 30 wooden Operator tokens
  • 1 Share value track
  • Playing money
  • Rulebook

Game Elements


Players buy, sell and hold stock belonging to five Holdings. Holdings are independent entities similar to public holding corporations. Their purpose is to generate income, potentially paying all or part of that income back to shareholders (the players) as dividends. …


  • 76 Rocks (wooden)
  • 1 Cloth Bag
  • 10 "Pass" cards -
  • 10 "Trips" cards
  • 10 "Foursome" cards
  • 10 "Straight Flush" cards
  • 6 Rock Garden player boards
  • 6 Rakes - one in each player color
  • 1 Bidding board


  • Place the Bidding board in the center of the table within reach of all the players.

  • Give each player a Rock Garden board and the matching color Rake. Rock Garden boards are double-sided. Each player may choose to use either side.

  • The player aide side is divided into regions for each different type of rock. It is designed to make it easier to determine if a player has any Forbidden Sets (see Scoring). …


  • 100 cheese wedges
  • 120 curd cash bills
  • 25 market wedges
  • 5 turn summary cheese knives
  • 1 serving tray
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

  • Churn the right colors or animals from opponents' hands to seize the supply of cheese!

  • Produce the market's most demanded colors of cheese to milk the most profit!

  • Earn the most curd cash by selling different colors of produced cheese at high market prices. Sell the most of each kind of animal cheese to secure end game bonuses!

Cheesonomics aged rules - more choices, same great taste

Play the flavor of Cheesonomics that suits your taste! The sharper the flavor, the older the cheese and recommended age (or sharpness) of players. For your first time, consider using the mild rules, then sample sharper rules as you master the principles of Cheesonomics: …