Fuel, align and harmonize your Chakras. To this end, you have to capture the universe 's positive energy, while alleviating the negative.


  • 1 common Lotus board
  • 4 individual boards to assemble
  • 1 Universe bag
  • 20 Inspiration tokens
  • 8 Plenitude tokens
  • 28 Meditation tokens
  • 1 First player token
  • Instructions


Each player connects the two parts of their individual board.

They get 5 Inspiration tokens , which they place on the bottom of their board.

For each player in the game, place 3 energy of each of the 8 colors in the bag: …

When night falls on the recycling center, carelessly discarded glass bottles, piles of paper, Plastic cups and tin cans wake up and come to life and have a party with cockroaches, crickets and other pests. However, with the first light of morning shift workers find only waste needing sorting again.

The players try to properly separate bottles, cans, cups, and paper and bring them into the recycling factory to get a lot of money.

Unfortunately, players often produce too much waste and then sometimes dispose of it illegally. The winner is the player whose waste earns the most money. …


  • 1 Harbor Board
  • 9 white dice
  • 1 pad of scoring sheets
  • 3 yellow dice
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

A game of Corinth will let you live a few weeks in a harbor in the Ancient World.

Play the role of merchants delivering goods and goats and become the most well known among your peers...

By the end of the game (18 turns for 2 or 3-player games, 16 turns for 4-player games) it will be clear to everyone who will be immortalized as the best trader in Corinth! Make sure it's you! …

High above the clouds, the floating realm of Ankar has existed in relative peace for centuries. Home to a number of creatures and beings, several isles have floated independent of each other. The isles are kept afloat and apart by a mysterious energy known as "Source". …

Battle for Rokugan puts players in the roles of daimyo of the Great Clans fighting for territory.

Daimyo deploy forces to gain control of provinces, which earn them honor and spread their influence across the land. Powerful magics surge across the land, forces clash, and the fates of all clans hang in the balance!


  • 1 Game Board
  • 22 territory cards
  • 10 initiative cards
  • 12 Secret objective cards
  • 1 First player card
  • 7 Daimyo screens
  • 189 Combat tokens
  • 5 shugenja cards
  • 10 scout cards
  • 210 control tokens
  • 4 honor Bonus Tokens
  • 4 defense Bonus Tokens
  • 1 Shrine Token
  • 1 Harbor Token
  • 1 battlefield token
  • 15 Peace Tokens
  • 15 Scorched earth tokens
  • 1 Round Track Token
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Rokugan is a land filled with spirits, beauty, and strife. In Battle for Rokugan, each player leads a clan by taking the role of a daimyo, who must make military decisions that anticipate their opponents' moves. …


  • 1 Game Board
  • 16 figures in 4 different colors
  • 1 Ambassador (black) Figure
  • 1 Phantom Of Prophecy Randomizer
  • 4 Passports
  • 1 Notepad
  • 32 cards
  • 12 Secret cards
  • Rules Booklet


The goal of each agent is to complete a mission, together with his or her partner. At the beginning of the game, players don't know which mission they must fulfill.

In the standard 4-player game, each player guides one of four secret agents. The four characters are allied in pairs: Lord Fiddlebottom and Colonel Bubble are always partnered against Agent X and Madame Zsa Zsa. …


  • 5 Player mats
  • 1 Plantation market
  • 30 Workers in 5 colors
  • 1 Double-sided game board
  • 5 Money tiles
  • 30 Landscape tiles
  • 90 Plantation tiles
  • 15 Building site tiles
  • 15 Finca (house) tiles
  • 1 Cloth bag (not pictured)
  • Rule book


The Citrus game board provides two variants. For the long version of the game, use the side with more spaces (about 50-60 minutes), for the short version of the game, the side with fewer spaces (about 30-40 minutes).

2-3 players can either play the short or the long version. For 4-5 players, the long version is recommended. …

MUSEUM is set during the early XXth century - the golden age of the Museum - when the exploration of far-away lands and the subsequent repatriation of historical relics had become commonplace.

Public demand for displays of exotic artefacts is at fever pitch as patrons flock to see the forgotten wonders of the world! In this time of discovery, you'll be playing as the curator of one of the world's great Museums, tasked with putting together a Collection of artifacts the likes of which history has never seen! …

All of the introductory game rules apply. On top of them, however, there are other rules and game materials that come into play as well.

The scenarios are built on top of one another. All of the rules of scenario 1 also apply to scenario 2. And in scenario 3, the rules from scenarios 1 and 2 also apply, and so on.

That's why it's best to play the scenarios in the specified sequence. That way, you will gradually get to know all the rules. At the beginning of each scenario, you will set up the depicted game board pieces. Unlike in the introductory game, you will always begin with a starting capital of ten money tokens. …

Empires rise and fall. In the buffer areas and crossroads between civilizations, however, a clever ruler can sometimes adopt new ideas, establish trade, and found a city-state - such as the great Phoenician cities of Tyre and Sidon - that will outlast many neighboring empires.

Each player rules a settlement located on the shores of the Fertile Crescent, in the Middle East, more than 3,000 years ago. During play, you spend wealth to expand your settlement, adding tiles and tokens to it. The first player to successfully found a city-state wins! …