• 2 Player Boards
  • 60 Energy cards
  • 30 Exhaustion cards
  • 6 Stage cards
  • 2 Reference cards
  • 6 Muscle Team cards
  • 2 Peloton Attack! cards
  • 4 Cyclist Models (2 per color)
  • 9 Track Tiles (double-sided)
  • Instructions

  • A rider can move through other riders, but cannot end their movement on them. If a rider would end his movement on a fully occupied square, he must stop behind it, in the first square with a free lane.

  • In this expansion, squares are no longer only 2 lanes wide: a square could be just 1 lane, or up to 3 lanes. …


  • 1 Game Board
  • 48 Telegraph Shares
  • 4 Player Boards
  • 64 Workers
  • 6 Telegraph tiles
  • 13 City tiles
  • 24 Train tiles
  • 52 Buildings
  • 68 Rails
  • 38 Milestone tiles
  • 9 Deal tiles
  • 4 Setup tiles
  • 12 Performance markers
  • 1 First Player tile
  • 52 Banknotes
  • Instructions


All the rules are explained for a 4-player game. Any rule exceptions for a 2- or 3-player game will appear in blue boxes. If the game has fewer than 4 players, put any unused components in the game box.

  1. The Game Board

    Place the Game Board on the table. The Game Board is divided into several areas. …


  • Game Board
  • 69 Union cards
  • 50 Confederate cards
  • 2 round wooden markers
  • 18 control tiles,
  • 45 unit tiles,
  • 4 Fort tiles
  • Rulebook


Players select which side they will play - Union or Confederate. Place the board so that players are closest to the side they have chosen.

Each player takes a set of cards and counters. Place the black markers on the start spaces of the Blockade and Eu- rope tracks (marked with an 'S').

Each player removes the cards numbered 'I' or 'II' from their deck. These cards are separated into two piles, one of 'Is' the other of 'IIs', and placed to one side. They will be added to your deck when you shuffle your discard pile, as explained later. …

Darjeeling is a town and a municipality in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is located in the Lesser Himalayas and is noted for its tea industry, the spectacular views of Kangchenjunga, the world's third-highest mountain, and the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway.

Tea planting in Darjeeling began in 1841 using seeds of the Chinese tea plant (Camellia sinensis); the Brit- ish government also established tea nurseries during the period, and the Alubari Tea Estate was opened by the Kurseong and Darjeeling Tea company in 1856 to be quickly followed by more than 80 Tea Estates. …

1303. The war against England is over but Guyenne remains theirs. The castle of Caylus, located close to the border, must, therefore, be reinforced and modernized.

As a master builder, you will supply the construction site with materials, food, and the workforce. Construct buildings, recruit powerful characters, and manage as best as you can your workers to become the most prestigious builder of Caylus. …


  • 60 Clue cards
  • 5 Player boards
  • 5 Card stands
  • 18 Paw Print tokens
  • 2 Furriarty/Award tokens
  • 1 Rulebook

Object of the Game

Each round, Furriarty commits a new crime and escapes one space further through the streets of London. As a team, you must catch Furriarty before he reaches the end of the trail and escapes.

If you collectively solve enough Investigations before Furriarty escapes, you will catch him, and the player with the most victory points will be declared the winner and promoted to Scotland Pound's Chief Inspector. …


  • 6 galley counters
  • 6 sailing ships counters
  • 6 steamship counters
  • 17 city discs
  • 20 merchant cubes
  • 1 player display
  • 55 game cards
  • 25 free action cubes
  • 56 gold coins
  • 20 navigation counters
  • 30 industry counters
  • 14 food counters
  • 8 oil counters
  • 8 metal counters
  • 10 wine counters
  • 20 cloth counters


Place the game board in the center of the table.

Place all of the goods counters close to the side of the board. It helps if they are arranged in piles of the same type of good.

Place the gold, navigation counters, industry counters, and free action cubes close to the side of the board. …


  • 12 Miniatures
  • 1 Double-Sided Battlefield
  • 10 Dice
  • 24 Objective Hexes
  • 6 Profile Cards
  • 3 Dashboards
  • 85 Tokens
  • Rulebook


In Godtear, players take command of a warband made up of champions and their followers, and attempt to gain victory in a scenario-based battle.

During each turn, players compete to influence the momentum of the conflict by carrying out heroic actions, allowing them to gain the upper hand. This is represented by the turn token moving one or more steps on the Battle Ladder, which shifts dynamically back and forth between each player. …


  • Player Mine pieces
  • Player Money and Time tokens
  • Player Investment cubes
  • 1 Black pawn
  • 10 Miner pieces
  • 8 Port pieces
  • 3 Train pieces
  • 4 Adit pieces
  • 50 Water cubes
  • 60 Copper cubes
  • 50 Tin cubes
  • 3 special dice
  • Instructions

Starting The Game

You should select a set of pieces, which will consist of six mines, four player tokens and twelve investment cubes.

For the first turn randomly determine the order of play.

Mark the order of play by placing player tokens in their respective positions on the Order of Play column. …


  • 7 Double-sided Game Boards
  • 52 Learning Cards
  • 50 Wooden Discs
  • 1 Parchment (to count the turns)
  • 1 Hourglass Pawn
  • 1 Excalibur Pawn
  • Coat of Arms
  • 1 Bet Card
  • 1 Cup
  • 1 Secret Codex Card
  • 2 Scrolls
  • 1 Turn Order Card
  • Instructions


A Place the game boards at the center of the table (white-bordered face down) as shown on the picture.

B The hourglass is placed on turn I of the parchment.

C The Learning cards are shuffled.

D Sort the coats of arms and place them next to the corresponding game board. …