• 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Adventure Book
  • 1 Sideboard
  • 1 Dice Bag
  • 38 Dice
  • 60 Item Cards
  • 11 Totem Cards
  • 6 Environment Cards
  • 22 Avatar Cards
  • 32 Hostile Cards
  • 13 I.D. Entity Cards
  • 55 Clue Cards
  • 11 Comazone Cards
  • 10 Vital Signs Cards
  • 24 Status Cards
  • 4 Rules Reference Cards
  • 4 Player Sheets
  • 22 Avatar Standees
  • 1 Inner Child Standee
  • 1 Adult Martin Standee
  • 4 Magnacycle Standees
  • 30 Hostile Standees
  • 13 I.D. Entity Standees
  • 1 Situation Token
  • 4 Door Tokens
  • 4 Suspicious Tokens
  • 4 Objective Tokens
  • 1 Bookmark Token
  • 30 Clarity Tokens
  • 6 Insight Tokens
  • 5 Fire Tokens
  • 5 Search Tokens
  • 20 Life Force Tokens
  • 1 Campaign Sticker Sheet
  • 20 Standee Stands

Object of the Game

Comanauts is a cooperative adventure game for 2-4 players. In it, players take on the role of comanauts, explorers who enter the irradiated dreamscape of Dr. Martin Strobal's subconscious, in an attempt to rouse him from his coma and save the world. …

After decades of searching for the most concentrated magic in all of Drunagor's realms, Arch Magician Arkhanos finally discovered the ruins of Gil-Garoth!

Reawakened and surging with power, the ruins soon drew the attention of magic schools from across the realm, each of them eager to siphon off some of its mana for themselves.

Choose a magic school and guide your master and their apprentices in manipulating the mystic stones of the ancient Gil-Garoth. Build arcane towers to channel the power of past civilizations, and release those powers to help you in this quest. …

In Crimson Company two opposing players take on the roles of adventurous noblemen in a cut-throat fantasy world.

In a battle of wits they assemble armies of sellswords - from hardened warriors, to shady merchants, to mythical creatures as old as time. Who will outsmart their rival and gain control over the castles of a forgotten kingdom?


  • 30 unique sellsword cards
  • 40 coin tokens
  • three castle cards
  • two overview/setup cards
  • "active player" marker
  • Rulebook


Your goal in a match of Crimson Company is to conquer two of the three castles in the center. You conquer a castle by amassing more strength than your opponent in the castle's lane by the time when that lane is scored. A lane is scored once a player owns at least four cards in it. …


  • 1 feeder base
  • 72 bird cards
  • 36 feeder cards
  • 1 first player card
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

In Songbirds, you skillfully play bird cards from your hand to collect seeds and birds at the bird feeder. Seeds and bird couples in your collection are worth points.

Single birds only score if you have the most of their species. In the end, the player with the most points wins.


  1. Turn the 1 feeder base to the appropriate side and place it in the center of the area. …


  • 4 Village boards
  • 1 First Player card
  • 1 Polar Nightfall card
  • 10 Polar Bear cards
  • 13 Orca cards
  • 19 Seal cards
  • 7 Spirit cards
  • 14 Rite cards
  • 28 Inuit (adult) cards
  • 24 Inuit (child) cards
  • 1 Scoring pad
  • 46 Optional Modules cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

As the leader of an Inuit village, your goal is to ensure the When the polar night comes, the player with the most

growth and prosperity of the village by initiating new members, the prosperous village will be the winner of the game! building up reserves, and pleasing the spirits of nature. …

Welcome to Arzium, land of ancient civilizations, bizarre creatures, unexplained wonders, and vibrant characters.

A great sleeping sickness has spread across the land, sending every type of creature to wander for hundreds of miles in a dazed, incoherent march. It's your job to seek them out and wake them from their sleep, recruiting them to help you find even more lost souls!

Arzium is the setting of other games, including Above and Below, Near and Far, Islebound, and City of Iron. …


  • 7 Peasant meeples
  • 3 Cottage meeples
  • 2 Knight meeples
  • 1 Troghammer meeple
  • 1 Archer meeple
  • 1 Flame Helmet meeple
  • 6 Trogdor meeples
  • 1 The Void card
  • 36 Action cards
  • 52 Movement cards
  • 25 Map tiles
  • 12 Keeper cards
  • 12 Item cards
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Players take turns controlling Trogdor as he burninates the countryside and dodges the wrath of his adversaries. To win the game, you must accomplish all of the following:

In so doing, you shall bring joy and satisfaction to your fellow Keepers of Trogdor, as well as the mysterious wingaling dragon hisself. But beware, for if Trogdor takes too much damage before achieving victory, the players lose the game. …

NOVA LUNA is a game of building connections. In every round of this tile-laying game you must optimize your choice and plan for the future based on the dwindling supply of tiles available on the Moon Wheel.

And with every new moon, you will need to develop a new strategy with what the moon wheel has to offer you. Find your path to building synergies between the tiles, and you will win. Decide wisely!


  • 68 tiles in 4 colors
  • 84 discs
  • 1 Moon Wheel
  • 1 Marker
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Each time you complete a goal on one of your tiles, you place a goal disc on it. Be the first to place all your goal discs to win the game. …

You are a pastry chef in charge of putting delicious fillings in a variety of cakes, pastries, and baked goods.

By coming to work early and making use of your full pantry of supplies, you will earn money, customer reviews, and critical acclaim. With a little luck, you might win out over your rivals and be crowned Star Baker!


  • 50 standard recipe cards
  • 10 advanced recipe cards
  • 18 chef cards
  • 6 reference cards
  • 6 turn order cards
  • Instructions


Supply the Chefs: Give each player a set of 3 chef cards and a reference card, all with a matching border color. Place any extras back in the box. …

Whether you're in it for wealth or for fame, this is where your quest begins! Rogue archaeology means getting to the bottom of shipwrecks, ancient ruins, forgotten tombs, and forbidden temples to look for the artifacts which will bring you the most fortune and glory. So grab your hat and leather coat-it's time to raid some tombs!

Your goal is to collect Artifacts worth the most points. You'll place your pawns on Treasure Sites to claim Artifacts (gems). The value of those Artifacts is hidden until the end of the game, but as you play you'll get hints about which locations may yield the best Artifacts. …