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The appendix consists of two sections: a list of all Specialist cards and a Building tile index.

Appendix 1: the Specialist Cards

This is a detailed list of the 15 Specialist cards and their abilities. There are some general rules regarding basic goods and how they are indicated on the Production wheels:

  • When gaining basic goods, move the corresponding token in clockwise order.

  • When paying basic goods, move the corresponding token in counter-clockwise order.

  • You cannot move a basic good past sector 7.

  • Glass and Bricks are not considered basic goods. …


  1. To start, remove all the Exploding Kittens 9 from the deck and set them aside.

  2. Now, look through the remaining deck and based on the number of players, use the following cards:

    2-3 players: Use only the cards WITH a paw print in the corner (44).

    4-7 players: Use only the cards WITHOUT a paw print in the corner (69). …

This is how to play exploding kittens over video chat.

Each player will need:

  • Any Version Of Exploding Kittens
  • A Basic Understanding Of The Rules
  • Facetime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Etc.

Object of the Game

Just like Exploding Kittens, your goal is to avoid being exploded by an Exploding Kitten.


Connect to your friends, and each player should take the following cards from a deck of Exploding Kittens:

  1. Remove the Exploding Kitten and 1 Defuse Card and set them aside.

  2. Shuffle the rest of the cards. …

Hey, you Bought an Expansion Deck!

That means you'll need at least one core edition of Exploding Kittens (Original Edition, NSFW Edition, Party Pack, etc). to play with these cards (but you knew that).


  • 20 cards
  • Tower of Power Crown
  • Instructions

Playing With Other Expansions

Each Exploding Kittens expansion has specific setup instructions. If you're playing with multiple expansions, make sure all setup instructions are being followed.


  1. Remove all of the Exploding Kittens (4) and all of the Defuse Cards (6) from the deck. Also remove the Tower of Power Card (1) from the Barking Kittens expansion deck. …

Fluctuations in climate are one of the major drivers of evolutionary change as they can affect every aspect of an ecosystem, from plant life to predators.

Larger species may perish in hot climates because they have a tough time dissipating heat. Likewise, smaller species have difficulty maintaining heat during times of extreme cold.

Evolution: Climate models this phenomenon as it incorporates a shifting climate into the game's dynamic ecosystem.

New Components

Trait Cards

The new trait cards each have 1-4 black climate icons on them. …

Many scientists believe that animals first took to the sky approximately 350 million years ago. This event marked a monumental transformation in Earth's biological ecosystem. The addition of wings enabled animals to seek out food from the air and easily relocate when food became scarce.

Flying also helped creatures to effectively evade predators. However, due to the enormous amount of energy that wings required, avian creatures had to eat more food for their body size than any other species on the planet. …

Far beyond the comfortable boundaries of the Everdell Valley, deep into mysterious and uncharted lands, adventure is waiting to be discovered. Ancient ruins?

Critters from foreign lands? Giants? Gather your traveling supplies and your courage, and get ready for a daring journey through the mountains of Spirecrest!

You will begin the game with a rabbit Traveler on the Mountain board. Every season you will have to face challenging weather that will alter how you are able to play.

As the seasons change you will move your Traveler along the trail, gathering maps to plan a final Expedition, and making amazing discoveries. …

For the last 99 years, the critters of Everdell have been hard at work building cities in their beloved valley.

Now it is time to celebrate! The king and queen are throwing an unprecedented year-long event to commemorate the 100th year since Everdell's founding. Come one, come all! Come and celebrate the Bellfaire!

Bellfaire offers a number of different modules and components that you may include when playing Everdell, such as a flat board that can be used in place of the Ever Tree, new Special Events, endgame Garland Awards, unique player powers for each critter type, rules for 5-6 players, and more! …

Except where noted, the standard rules of Dinosaur Island apply.

Changes to Setup

  • Use only 5 DNA dice, selected at random.

  • Add only 22 patrons and 3 hooligans to the bag.

  • Instead of the standard objective cards, use the solo objective cards. Shuffle all 16, then draw 10. Of those 10, choose 7 that will be In play this game, and place them face- up.

    Take the 3 cards that were not chosen and shuffle them together with the 6 that were not drawn, giving you a face-down Al deck of 9 cards. …

Challenging a Player's Word

When you spell a word, any or all of the other players can challenge the word. You can then agree that the word is not valid, in which case there is no further penalty and you can try one more time to spell a word.

If you insist that the word is valid and accept the challenge, consult the dictionary chosen during setup.

Plurals and conjugations are valid, as are words that would normally be spelled with an accent (such as saute). …