• The Device
  • 84 spectrum cards
  • 3 Scoring tokens
  • Custom plastic tray
  • Rulebook


Wavelength is a social guessing game where two teams compete to read each other's minds.

Teams take turns rotating a dial to where they think a target is located along a spectrum that's hidden behind a screen.

One player from the active team-the Psychic-knows where the target is, but can only give a clue ON THE SPECTRUM between two opposing concepts. After that, their team- mates have to guess where the target is. …


  • 74 Unit Coins
  • 1 Double-sided Initiative Marker
  • 4 Coins
  • 4 Bags
  • 16 Unit Cards
  • 1 Board
  • 16 Faction Control Markers
  • Instructions


Place the board in the middle of the play area. For a two-player game, each player chooses a faction and takes 1 matching bag, 1 Royal Coin, and 6 Control Markers.

Put your faction's Royal Coin into your bag, and place one of your Control Markers onto each of the two matching starting locations on the board. The other locations are neutral at the start of the game. …


  • 32 Room Cards
  • 6 Operative Cards
  • 30 Action Cards
  • 35 Item Cards
  • 6 Special Cards
  • 5 NPC Cards
  • 6 Operative Markers
  • 117 Data File Tokens
  • 13 Lab Worker/Tech Lock Tokens
  • 13 Interface Tokens
  • 6 Plastic Stands
  • 1 Security Tracker
  • 1 Six-sided Die
  • Rulebook

Some item cards and room cards have abilities that contradict the text in this rulebook. In such cases, the text on the card always takes precedent.

Object of the Game

In Infiltration, two to six players control futuristic thieves, known as operatives, infiltrating a highly secure corporate facility to steal digital files. …

In Rise of Empires, you control your own civilization as it changes and evolves from the dawn of history to present times. Even though you start "small" and fairly powerless, through clever play, you can accumulate wealth and territory while progressively developing the other elements needed for a great empire.

Rise of Empires is divided into three eras. Each era consists of two game turns.

The core of the game is the action display, where you record each action you choose during a game turn. The first game turn in an era is called the "A" turn, the second one the "B" turn. In a way, the "B" turn is a mirror image of the "A" turn. …

Take control of a 15th century Mediterranean nation.

Send your galleys full of soldiers and goods to conquer the waves. Seize the most strategic positions and fill your warehouses to amass a veritable fortune which will make your empire the most prosperous and feared.


  • 1 game board
  • 70 cubes
  • 54 coins
  • 15 galleys
  • 24 Gallery cubes
  • 1 sticker sheet
  • 120 Sailor tokens
  • 19 Port cards
  • 5 Doge cards
  • 4 Game Help cards
  • 4 Closed cards
  • 5 Basilica tokens
  • 5 Fort tokens
  • 5 special die
  • 1 White token & 1 Black token
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The players take the role of merchants from the great- est cities of the Mediterranean region in the 15th century. Through commerce and conflict, they attempt to spread their domination over this part of the world. At the end of the game, the richest player is the winner. …

The Story

The last Demigod of Trees recently fell prey to the enticements of power from Maion, the God of Decay. Fisaven (pronounced Fiss-ay-vin), the God of Growth, discovered this so the position for Demigod of Trees is now vacant and Fisaven is looking for a nature spirit to fill the role.

You, as well as many others, are vying for this position. To prove that you are the most worthy, you must go out and scavenge for Branchlets to grow a tree superior than the rest. Earn the …

The Cold War - A dangerous time for the world. A dangerous time to be a spy... but that is exactly what being a spy is all about. As the shadowy clouds of intrigue and subterfuge settle across the globe you have been called upon by your country to obtain the Top Secret information that will ensure your country's safety and supremacy.

But not all is as it seems; your spies are difficult to control on a global scale, and even worse, there's a Double Agent in your midst who threatens the entire mission! …

Magnificent riches lie hidden beneath your feet. Minerals, trapped inside plain rock, will shine brightly and reveal their stunning colors - but only if you manage to excavate them!

That is your task. Travel deep into the ground to find milky-white wollastonite, anthracite darker than a moonless night, and kyanite as blue as the ocean.

Use your tools wisely to reach for watermelon tourmaline and tread lightly to find golden orpiment. The vast world of minerals is closer than ever! …


  • 1 General Mapache deck with 62 cards
  • 1 Padre Esteban deck with 62 cards
  • 19 Malpaso guardians character cards
  • 9 Battlefield cards
  • 1 Dynamite the Bridge card
  • 1 Gatling Gun card
  • 1 Collapse the Tunnels card
  • 2 All Rivers Poker summary cards
  • 1 Arrival of the Mexican Army card
  • 12 All Rivers Poker Tournament cards
  • 14 Mexican Army tokens
  • 11 True Grit (extra life) tokens
  • 4 Malpaso guardians power tokens
  • 9 General Mapache power tokens
  • 1 Turn marker
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Revolver is a two-player card game set in the Old West, in which one player takes the role of General Mapache () and his band of thieving outlaws, and the other player is controlling the villagers and guardians hired to protect the town of Malpaso, led by the infamous Padre Esteban. …


  • 33 Field cards
  • 1 General Aid card
  • 32 Water tokens
  • 33 Livestock cards
  • 33 Construction cards
  • 33 Building cards
  • 20 Water Tower cards
  • 14 Silo cards
  • 4 Player Aid cards
  • 30 Equipment tiles
  • 4 Card Pile Indicator tiles
  • 61 Money tokens
  • 20 VP tokens
  • 44 Food tokens
  • 1 First Player tile
  • 1 Year Track tile
  • 1 Year token
  • 1 Scoring Pad
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

In Fields of Green, you take the role of a farmer trying to build your farm. You do this by drafting location cards with fields, livestock and various buildings, placing them in your play area in the best possible way. …