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Two families of ducks are lost in the streets of your city! Please, bring back the ducklings to their parents!

All the rules of the basic version of "Welcome to" apply normally. However, in addition to these, you need to find, and bring back the ducklings.

To find a lost duckling, call on the neighbors on both sides of a hedge or a street.

As soon as you have 2 numbered houses on each side of a duckling, horizontally or vertically, circle the duckling. …

Wealth & Prestige

Players keep track of their current wealth using the paper money provided.

When not possessed by a player, all wealth resides in a generic bank to the side of the board. Unless a card effect specifically states otherwise, wealth is always taken from and paid to the bank.

Players continuously adjust their current prestige total by means of their colored cylinders on the numbered track that wraps around the board's central city grid.

A black number within a yellow circle indicates wealth: for example, "8 " is eight dollars. …

The Golden Rule

If the text of a card or tile contradicts a rule within this booklet, the card/tile effect always takes precedence.

Examples include: the Warehouse allowing a player to possess two Favors at once; or the Municipal Court allowing a player to win an election.

Short Payments & Losses

  • Mandatory: If a card or tile effect calls for a mandatory payment or loss of more wealth or more prestige than a player currently possesses - for example, losing 3 wealth to the Luxury Taxes event; or paying 2 wealth to the Treasurer - that player pays/ loses what he can and ignores the remainder. …


  • Vinyl mat
  • spinner with arrow
  • plush bag
  • instructions

Object of the Game

Out "twist" your opponent(s) by placing your hands and feet on the mat's colored circles.


These setup and game play rules are for 2 or 3 players. For a 4-player game, see Team Play inside.

  1. Spread the mat face up on a flat surface, indoors or outdoors.

  2. Players take off their shoes and set them aside. If you're playing outdoors, you may want to anchor the mat corners with your shoes. …


  • 96 Train cards
  • 6 Big Cities Bonus cards
  • 46 Destination Ticket cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to score the highest total number of points. Players score points by completing the Destination Tickets in their hands.

They also score points by winning Big Cities Bonus cards at the game's end. But beware - points are lost for any uncompleted Destination Tickets, at this stage!


Give each player 1 Locomotive card (wild card) 1.

Shuffle the rest of the Train cards into a Train deck, including any Locomotives left over; deal 7 cards to each player 2 and place the rest of the Train deck within easy reach of all players. …

Some cards have Mythological powers (indicated by the Nordic Valknut symbol ). Each mythological power is described in the lower portion of the card.

The following pages explain the Mythological cards in detail. You do not need to read this section before playing. Refer to each card's entry should you have any questions.

Thor and Loki

After playing Thor/Loki, place the Thor/Loki figure on the card so it is easily identifiable. Playing Thor/Loki never costs an action point.

Starting with the turn the Thor/Loki card is played and as long as you have Thor/Loki in your first row, you get a total of four action points to spend, regardless of the number of columns you have on the battlefield. …

What's New About the Extreme Version?

The basic rules of the original "The Mind" game are the same. In the first round (level 1) everyone gets 1 card, in the second round (level 2) everyone gets 2 cards, etc. Everyone forms one team and tries to lay all the cards they receive correctly in the middle of the table.

There is no player order. Anyone who wants to lay a card, simply lays it. Warning: There's not Just one stack in the middle of the table like with the original but two at the same time! …

City legends have always told of a fabulous island where a race of ancient, wise, fierce and playful cats made their home. Recent scouts from Squall's End have revealed that it is real! …

The Isle of Cats contains 38 lesson cards. This includes 14 core lesson cards and 24 lesson module cards. Additional lesson module cards are available in expansions, if you ever get more, then follow these rules.

Core Lesson Cards

You must always use the 14 core lesson cards included with the game. These can be identified by the text on the bottom left corner of the card that says "LESSON" and nothing else.

Module Lesson Cards

You must always use exactly 3 complete lesson modules. These can be identified by the text on the bottom left corner of the card that says "LESSON" or "PUBLIC LESSON", followed by a letter in brackets. …

If the approaching armies of Vesh Darkhand weren't bad enough, you now notice your sister has snuck aboard your boat and is trying to claim credit for all your hard work.

Not only do you need to rescue cats and avoid Vesh but now you will have to also sabotage your sister's plans in order to succeed!


This section highlights all of the changes to the rules that are required to play with only a single player. …