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With every roll of the dice, players race to fill in their "Build Piles" with numbers from 1 to 10. Use Skip-Bos, re-rolls and lucky throws to score the most points. No matter how the game shakes out, fun is in order!


  • 5 Number Dice (six-sided)
  • 1 Bonus Die (ten-sided)
  • 4 Game Boards
  • 4 Dry Erase Markers
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Earn the most points by completing "Build Piles" on your board.


Each player takes a game board and marker then the youngest player goes first.

Game Play

On your turn you'll do three things:

  1. Roll the dice.
  2. Fill in Build Piles.
  3. Add one number to a Stockpile.

1. Roll the Dice

Roll all six dice - the five Number Dice and the Bonus Die. Call out the number rolled on the Bonus Die - the other players may use this number to fill in one of their Build Piles even when it's not their turn.

Skip-Bos are wild and can be used aS any number!

2. Fill in Build Piles

Using whatever numbers or Skip-Bos you rolled, fill in as many matching number bubbles as you can on as many of your Build Piles as you want.

You must fill bubbles in numerical order (first bubble 1, then bubble 2, etc).. You may add to any or all of your Build Piles in any order (you could start with Build Pile D, then add something to A, then B, etc)., and you don't need to complete a Build Pile before starting another.

Use one die per bubble, then set it aside... unless it's the Bonus Die!

The Bonus Die

Every time you fill in a Build Pile bubble with the number on the Bonus Die, immediately roll the Bonus Die again.

As long as you continue to use the numbers you roll, there is no limit to how many times you can re-roll the Bonus Die in this way.

Always call out the numbers you roll on the Bonus Die because every player may use these numbers to fill in their Build Piles - even when it's not their turn.

Note: "0" on the bonus die means 10.

Using Numbers: Color in the matching bubble. If the bubble is below a Point Star, circle the star to show you collected it. You can use numbers from a die or from one of your Stockpiles (see "How to Use Numbers from Stockpiles").

Use the "1" to fill in the first number bubble.

Using Skip-BOs: A Skip-Bo is wild and can represent any number. When using one, write an "S" in the bubble. If the bubble is below a Point Star, cross out the star. You never collect Point Stars for using a Skip-Bo.

Use the Skip-Bo as a "2" to fill in second number bubble.

Completing a Build Pile

When you fill in bubble 10, tell the other players which Build Pile you completed (A, B, C or D). If you're first to complete it, circle the 1st reward (3 Point Stars).

All other players cross out the 1st reward for that Build Pile. The next player to complete it will circle the 2nd reward (2 Point Stars) and so on.

First, Second, and Third Place Rewards.

If more than one player completes the same Build Pile at the same time (this might happen because everyone uses the numbers on the Bonus Die each turn), both players earn the same reward.

3. Add One Number to a Stockpile

When you can't fill in any more bubbles, ALL PLAYERS must choose one number or Skip-Bo from any of the active player's unused dice (either a Number Die or the Bonus Die) and write it in any one of their Stockpiles.

Players may choose to write the same thing. Stockpiles are filled from the bottom up. You don't have to fill one Stockpile before starting another.

If you fill all four boxes in one Stockpile you earn a Skip-Bo Reward to use on a future turn. Circle the Skip-Bo at the top of that Stockpile to show you collected it and cross it out when you use it. Adding a number to a Stockpile ends your turn and play passes to the left.

If you fill all of your Stockpiles, then you will skip this step on future turns.

After you finish your turn, play passes to the left.

How to Use Numbers From Stockpiles

During your turn, in addition to your dice, you may use multiple numbers from any or all of your Stockpiles to fill Build Piles. You must use the topmost number before using a number below it. Just cross out the number then fill in the matching bubble on the Build Pile.

You must use the 5 before You may add new numbers you can use the J. Just cross above something crossed it out when you use it. out, but now you must use the 2 before using the J.

End of the Game

The first player to complete three of their Build Piles finishes their turn as normal (they might even be able to complete their fourth Build Pile), but they do not get another turn after this.

Each other player then takes one final turn and the game ends. Players who have finished their last turn may continue to fill in their Build Piles using the Bonus Die from other players' turns.


Add up all the Point Stars you circled on your board. Add one point for each unused re-roll, unused free Skip-Bo, and each circled but unused Skip-Bo Reward.

The player with the most points wins. In case of a tie, the player with the most unused Skip-Bos and re-rolls wins.

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