As far as accolades go, you've got it all. You've looted and lost, more treasure than the average adventurer could even imagine. Now you're tired, you're weary and you're a long way from home-and what use is a quest if nobody gets to hear about it?


  • 56 Encounters
  • 5 Quests
  • 1 Finishing Post
  • 6 Characters
  • 4 Artefacts
  • 10 Items
  • 12 Abilities
  • 12 Skills
  • 12 Statuses
  • Instructions

The Story Book

To navigate the Forest you will also need a copy of the Story Book: you cannot play without one. You can access the free digital and printable versions by visiting …

At the dawn of civilization, take the destiny of a whole people into your hands. In front of you, the plains of the Peloponnese stretch out. In the distance, the bright shores of the mythical Atlantis.

However, in order to create a stable environment in this promised land, you will need to defeat your enemies, develop technologies, build wonders, and above all pray for the clemency of the gods who watch your every action from on high in their abode on Olympos! …


  • 51 Animal Cards
  • 5 Setting Cards
  • 22 Direct Cards
  • 13 Response Cards
  • 14 Entrance Cards
  • 4 Add-ons Cards
  • Instructions


Shuffle the cards and deal each player six cards, for their eyes only. Place the remainder of cards, face down, in a pile on the table, the Draw pile.

As the game progresses there will be two face-up piles, the Discard pile and the Setting pile. As a suggestion, the player who visited a zoo most recently starts.

An overview from a player's perspective.

Object of the Game

In Zoomaka, players compete to be the first to complete their zoo. To do so, a player needs four different types of completed Park sections (three for five player games). The first player to complete their zoo wins. …


  • 2 team figures
  • 7 room tiles
  • 5 monsters
  • 3 plastic stands
  • 10 curse cards
  • 50 word cards
  • 10 monster cards
  • 4 books
  • sandtimer
  • 2 pencils
  • 2 torches
  • pad of trapword list sheets


Trapwords is a team game. You'll need to split up into two teams, sitting on opposite sides of the table. Each team needs at least two players. If you have an odd number of players, one team will have more than the other, and that's okay.

Push the team figures into two of the plastic stands and start them in room 3. Your team's figure is the one closer to you. …

The player who takes on the role of the Godfather will pass their precious cigar box from player to player, tach player will take that chance to steal some of the diamonds or a character token it contains. The Godfather will interrogate them afterwards to identify the Thieves and recover the diamonds.


  • 15 diamonds (made of genuine plastic)
  • 10 character tokens: 5 Loyal Henchmen, 2 Agents FBI, and CIA), 2 Drivers. 1 Cleaner.
  • 2 joker tokens (bottle-shaped)
  • 1 game box
  • 1 felt bag
  • Instructions


The most experienced player becomes the Godfather. They place the 15 diamonds and the character tokens indicated below in the box. The available jokers are to be placed in front of them. …


  • 30 truck cards
  • 64 points markers
  • 5 special dice
  • 96 wooden pieces


Shuffle truck cards into a face-down draw pile.

Place the wooden pieces next to the draw pile. Give each player 75 points' worth of markers (1x50, 2x10, 1x5). The remaining markers form the bank. The youngest player takes the 5 dice and starts the game.

Game Play

The game is played over several rounds. Each round consists of

  1. Receive load
  2. Pick a truck
  3. Load truck
  4. Score points

The game finishes once a player runs out of points. …


  • 1 Gameboard
  • 48 Inca meeples
  • 4 Prestige markers
  • 56 Triple Terrains
  • 20 Double Terrains
  • 12 "Crop" single Terrains
  • 8 "Village/City"single Terrains
  • 19 Irrigation Ponds
  • 15 Solar Discs
  • 12 "Additional Action" tokens
  • 47 Temple floors
  • 30 Festival cards
  • 4 Double-sided player aids


The first time you play, carefully detach all of the cardboard Terrains and tokens.

Place the gameboard in the middle of the table. The central portion represents the Cuzco site; it comprises 150 empty hexes and 3 Irrigation Pond hexes. Cuzco is entirely surrounded, half by forest, and half by mountain. …

The grand painter's studio, fie Bateau-Lavoin in Montmartre has launched a friendly (competition to determine whose name is soon to become as famous as such illustrious predecessors as Cezanne, Monet, Renoir Toulouse-Lautrec...

In order to distinguish yourself from the others, you must become the best in your field, by fulfilling "in the style of... " orders as quickly as possible while improving your tools and your technique. Take heart! The competition may be tough, but the glory to be gained is worth the effort! …

Boxers or Briefs? is a hilarious party game that gets everyone laughing and revealing things about themselves. Need a warm-up? Everyone clap your hands, stamp your feet and yell "Boxers or Briefs" three times (just kidding).


  • 200 Cards
  • 40 TRUE Scoring Tokens
  • 40 FUNNY Scoring Tokens
  • Storage Tray
  • Die
  • Label Sheet
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to collect 6 scoring tokens.


Find the 20 "blank" cards in the card decks and place them out of play for now. More about these cards later. Place the remaining cards in the tray, and place the tray in the center of the playing area so all players can reach. …

The game is set on the island of Crete during the 14th Century. Settle the provinces of Crete with your people and your abbot. Build villages, bring your ships to harbor and increase your influence by building mighty forts.

Only he who shows the most skill in employing his castellan (Cretan tower guard) and other characters will gain the most victory points, finishing first in this competition for fame and glory.


  • 1 game board
  • 26 fort cards
  • 28 character cards
  • 4 round wooden markers
  • 4 abbots
  • 8 ships
  • 12 forts
  • 16 villages
  • 20 villagers
  • 16 agriculture tiles
  • 4 summary cards

Game Preparation

  • Lay the game board out in the middle of the table. Place the 16 agriculture tiles face-up onto the 16 island provinces: Place the 2 wheat tiles onto the 2 yellow provinces (fields), the 8 olive and wine tiles randomly onto the 8 green provinces (hills), and the 6 thyme and cheese tiles randomly onto the 6 brown provinces (mountains). …