• 8x8 Playing board
  • 16 Dragon Towers
  • Two sets of octagonal 'sumo rings'
  • Rulebook

A playing board, divided into 64 squares in eight different colors.

The playing board is double-sided, one side being as shown below, while the reverse side has Chinese characters marked on each square.

This has been done to assist those suffering from color blindness, and also for those players who just think it looks better with the Chinese characters added!

So you can choose whichever side of the board you like. The game is just the same, but the 'look' is different! …

Take on the role of a Disney Villain. To win, you must explore your characters unique abilities and discover how to achieve your own story-based objective. Each Villain Guide will inspire you with strategies and tips.

Once you've figured out the best way to play as one Villain, try to solve another. There are six different Villains, and each one achieves victory in a different way!


  • 6 Boards
  • 3 Lock Tokens
  • 1 Fate Token
  • 80 Power Tokens
  • 6 Villain Decks (30 cards in each deck)
  • 6 Fate Decks (15 cards in each deck)
  • 6 Villain Guides
  • 1 Cauldron
  • 6 Reference Cards

Game Elements

  • Realm

    All cards in play on either side of your Board are considered to be in your Realm. A card only affects other cards in the same Realm. No card in one Villain's Realm will ever affect a card in another Villain's Realm. …


  • 7 Hero Badges
  • 1 Game Board
  • 7 Hero Movers
  • 6 Monster Mats
  • 10 Villager Movers
  • 7 Monster Figures
  • 60 Item Tokens
  • 20 Monster Tokens
  • 1 Frenzy Marker
  • 1 Terror Marker
  • 1 Item Bag
  • 5 Reference Cards
  • 3 Dice
  • 30 Monster Cards
  • 20 Perk Cards


Monster Setup

  1. Unfold the game board and familiarize yourself with the locations (spaces with names). As you set up and play the game, instructions and components will reference these locations.

  2. Place the Terror Marker on the "0" of the Terror Level Track in the top-left corner of the board.

  3. Place the 10 Villager movers and 3 dice next to the board. …

The Cities of Splendor shine throughout the world while wealth from the Orient offers new opportunities to all. These four expansions must be played singly.

First Player Tile

Place this tile in front of the first player to remember that the player sitting on their right will be the last to play at the end of the game.

I. Cities

Bruges, Lyon, Lisbon, Seville, Venice, Florence, Pisa: each city wants to make a unique major scale jeweler's work and, to this end, spends lavishly. But will you be able to fulfill these extravagant demands? …

Pokeno combines the thrill of poker with the anticipation of Bingo.


  • 200 POKENO chips
  • 12 game boards
  • Rulebook

Game Play

Each player, except the dealer, is given a board and some counters. if there are no more players than boards, the dealer may also play if desired.

The dealer or "caller" is furnished with an ordinary deck of 52 playing cards, shuffles them and turns over the top one, calling it out. For example, "queen of spades".

Each player who has the queen of spades on his board covers it with a counter. The dealer continues turning over the cards in succession, and the players continue covering on their boards, until some one wins by having a complete row of five covered, - either horizontally or vertically - when he or she calls "out". …


  • 504 cards with card box
  • Mimer-Timer game unit
  • 2 label sheets
  • crayon
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Be the team to score the most points by guessing acted-out words.

The Cast

Divide the players into 2 teams. It doesn't matter if one team has one more player than the other. In turn, each player on a team acts out 4 words while his/her teammates try to guess them.

The Mimer-timer

It's a card holder. It holds your 4 Guesstures cards, while you act out the words on them. …


  • 1 Pond-shaped Game Unit
  • 12 Ducks
  • 24 Eye Stickers
  • 16 Shape Stickers
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Be the first player to find all three ducks that match your colorful shape.


Place all 12 ducks on the game unit's blue circular pond so they face in a clockwise direction.

Game Play

Each player chooses a different colorful shape.

This is the colorful shape each player will try to collect. Press the orange button in the center of the pond to turn the game unit on. The ducks will begin to "swim" clockwise around the pond. …

Everytime you play The Voting Game you'll uncover who your friends really are. Winning is possible but not important. Banter and storytelling are encouraged.

Player ID cards identify each player, voting cards are for placing votes and question cards are the questions you vote on.


  • 160 Question Cards
  • 90 Voting Cards
  • Rulebook


Give each player a colored number card. Place it in front of you.

Give each player a white number card with every number except the one on their colored number card. …


  • 30 Wooden Ladders (including 3 Straight Ladders)
  • 7 Wooden Moon Tears /1 Wooden Die
  • 1 Plastic Base
  • 1 Rulebook


Place the base in the center of the table.

Insert two straight ladders in the base, in any configuration you see fit. (These ladders form the basis of the structure that will gradually rise over the course of the game).

Place the other ladders in the box lid. Choose the first player.

Game Play

Starting with the first player and going in a clockwise order, players take turns placing a ladder on the existing structure. …

Gold Coast, Australia, 2100. Construction of the first oceanic MegaCity begins. Tackling overpopulation and rising sea levels has become the planet's number one priority.

Advances in technology enable the building of towering superstructures on immense floating Platforms. You are the next generation of architects, called upon to build these marvels of structural engineering.

Players build a single MegaCity. You compete for prestige points by collecting Contracts, Platforms, and sustainable Building Pieces, then constructing the required buildings in between your turns.

Your buildings are added to the city to complete Contracts. Prestige points are scored for each completed Contract. You can also gain bonus prestige points by creating tallest buildings, using a single building material, and placing monuments in Parks. …