• 12 Ship Sheets
  • 4 Player Boards
  • 16 Reputation Tokens
  • 16 Patrol Tokens
  • 40 Damage Tokens
  • 22 Contact Tokens
  • 8 Character Standees
  • 60 Credit Tokens
  • 70 Encounter Cards
  • 70 Market Cards
  • 53 Databank Cards
  • 12 Goal Tokens
  • 8 Character Cards
  • 2 Map Endcaps
  • 10 AI Cards
  • 6 Map Tiles
  • 6 Dice
  • 4 Reference Cards
  • 1 Rules Reference

Key Concept: Databank Cards

The Back of a
Databank Card

The databank is a deck of numbered cards that is never shuffled. At certain times during the game (such as setup), you will need to retrieve a specific numbered card from this deck.

Simply thumb through the card backs until you find the correct number, draw the card, and resolve it. …


  • 4 monkey launchers
  • 4 player boards
  • 14 cups (4 red, 10 yellow)
  • 36 coconuts
  • 12 special magic cards


Each player takes a launcher, a player board, 2 special magic cards and 8 coconuts. Put the remaining components back in the box.

Each player places a player board on one of the sides of the triangle/square.

  • +YELLOW = Normal cups. If you hit a yellow cup. take it.
  • +RED = If you hit a red cup. take it and shoot again.
  • + YELLOW+YELLOW CUPS = Stack one yellow cup onto another yellow cup. Place according to the picture above.
  • +YELLOW+RED CUPS = Stack one yellow cup onto a red cup. Place according to the picture above.

Game Play

Now the youngest player may begin by shooting one coconut with the launcher. The player has to place or hold the launcher at a space behind the red line on his player board. …

Play is divided into three "days". On each day, 12 nobles are lined up to await their turns at the guillotine. Players take turns playing action cards

from their hands (possibly rearranging the order of the line) and then collecting nobles from the front of the line. At the end of the third day, whoever has the most points wins.


  • 1 small cardboard guillotine display
  • 50 card noble deck
  • 60 action cards
  • rulebook

Object of the Game

Collect the most points by beheading important nobles. …

This are the rules for a two-player game.


  • 10 Explorer cards
  • 16 Scout cards
  • 4 Viper cards
  • 80 Trade Deck cards
  • Authority cards, or some other means of keeping score
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Each player starts with a small personal deck of 10 cards representing their space armada. Each turn, players play cards to gain Trade, Combat and other effects.

Trade () is used to buy more powerful cards to add to your deck.

Combat () is used to attack your opponent or their Bases directly. …


  • Gameboard with "Cavity Sam" patient and tweezers
  • 24 cards
  • 11 "Funatomy" parts
  • Play money
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Collect the most money by performing
successful "operations".


Remove the rubber band from around the cards and drop it into the anklebone connected to the knee bone gameboard cavity. Make sure no part of it shows above the cavity.

Separate the cards into 2 decks: doctor cards and specialist cards.

Shuffle the specialist cards and deal them out, one at a time, so that each player gets an equal number. Place any extra specialist cards out of play. …

Crokinole is an action board game similar to carrom, marbles, shove ha'penny or squails with elements of shuffle- board and curling reduced to table-top size.

Players take turns shooting discs across the circular playing surface, trying to have their discs land in the higher-scoring regions of the board, while also attempting to knock away opposing discs.

Board dimensions vary with a playing surface typically of polished wood or laminate approximately 27 inches in diameter. The arrangement is 3 concentric rings worth 5, 10, and 15 points as you move in from the outside. There is a shallow 20 point hole at the center. The inner 15 point ring is guarded with 8 small bumpers or posts. …


  • 108 cards with letters from A to Z
  • 10 special double-letter cards: QU, IN, ER, TH and C
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

The goal is to obtain the highest number of points by combining the cards in your hand into words.


Before each hand is dealt, the cards are shuffled. In the first hand of the game, 3 cards are dealt one at a time in clockwise rotation to the players.

In each following hand, one additional card is dealt to each player. …


  • Game Board
  • 40 Double-Sided Disks
  • 40 Pattern Cards
  • 2 Card Stands
  • Colored Die

Object of the Game

Be the first player to collect 5 pattern cards by creating or spotting the card patterns on the board.


Assemble the board by sliding the vertical playing surface into the base. Place the colored disks in a pile within easy reach of both players. Players should familiarize themselves with the format of the pattern cards to note that the patterns are the same on both sides. …


  • 1 Game Board
  • 4 Treasure Hunter Movers
  • 12 Ghost Cards
  • 1 Shuffle card
  • 24 Ghost Movers
  • 6 Haunting figures
  • 1 Movement Die (numbers )
  • 2 Fighting Dice (symbols
  • 8 Treasure Jewels
  • 1 Draw 2 + Shuffle Card
  • 1 Draw 3 + Shuffle Card
  • 2 Blue "Doors Locked" Cards
  • 2 Green "Door Locked" Cards

Object of the Game

Players work as a team to escape from the house with all 8 Treasure Jewels before 6 of the rooms become haunted. Win or lose, you do it together!

Setup - The Basic Game

Each player takes a treasure hunter mover. Place the movers outside the front door. …

The Tiles

Three Suits


4x sets numbering 1-9

#1 looks like a bird


4x sets numbering 1-9


4x sets numbering 1-9

Minor Tiles

Numbers 2-8 of any suit. They are the least valuable of the tiles.

Major Tiles

Number 1 and 9 of any suit.

A set of Major tiles scores twice the points of an equivalent set of Minor tiles.

Two Honours


4x Red, 4x Green, 4x White. White Dragons are often blank. A set of Dragons always doubles the score. …