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  • 108 Cards
  • 1 Jackpot Unit
  • 4 Purple Chips
  • 40 Orange Chips
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to play all the cards in your STOCK pile by playing cards in sequence to building piles. Every player has their own chips and hand of cards to keep things moving along.


  1. Begin by placing 3 orange chips into each of the 4 slots in the Jackpot.

  2. After shuffling the cards, deal out one card, face-up, on the table underneath each slot on the Jackpot. (See below). These 4 cards are the building piles you will play your cards to.

  3. Give 1 purple chip and 7 orange chips to each player. Purple chips are worth 5 and orange chips are worth 1. You DO NOT get change if you use a purple chip as less than 5.

  4. Shuffle the cards and first deal 15 cards to each player. This is your stock pile. Turn over the top card ONLY in your stock pile and keep turning over the top card as you are able to play them.

  5. Next, deal 5 cards to each player. This is your hand. Use the rest of the cards for a draw pile.

Game Play

The person to the left of the dealer starts play.

On your turn, you get rid of your stock pile by playing cards, in ascending order, to ANY of the building piles.

Your hand and your chips are there to help you keep playing cards. You may use either to fill in the cards you need.

For example, the top card of your stock pile is a 9. The top card of a building pile is a 7. You may play the 8 in your hand on the building pile then play the 9 from your stock pile.

If you DON'T have that 8, you may use chips instead. You may BUY the 8 you need by spending chips worth 8 and putting them into the slot above the building pile.

You MUST have the next card in sequence in order to be able to use the chips and the cost is always the same as the number of the card you're buying.

Skip-Bo Wild

When you can't play anymore cards from your stock pile or your hand, discard one card from your hand to a common discard pile near the draw pile. These discarded cards are out of play unless you need to shuffle them to create a new draw pile.

Now it's the new player's turn. Play moves clockwise.

Once a building pile has reached 12, that pile is closed out. Place the cards to the side - you will need to shuffle them later to use as a draw pile when you run out.

You may now start a new pile by playing either a 1 or a Skip-Bo card from your hand or your stock pile. (The Skip-Bo card is wild and may be used as any card you need. When you use it to start a draw pile, it counts as a 1). You may also buy the 1 by putting a chip into the slot above.

Jackpot Card

You will notice that some cards show a chip behind the numbers. These are Jackpot cards. If you play one of these cards to a building pile, you may open ONE of the doors under the slot on THAT building pile and take any chips that are inside.

At the beginning of every turn, draw back up to 5 cards to start. If you use all 5 cards in your hand during your turn (not counting your discard), you may draw back up to five and continue your turn.

End of the Game

The first person to get rid of all of the cards in their stock pile wins!

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