Monad is a fascinating game of skill for 2 to 4 players. Advance planning is essential as each player attempts to strategically trade, buy and leap his way from the lowest cards to the highest.

Trading will advance a player a step at a time towards his ultimate goal. Buying, while letting him advance faster, requires more cards than trading. Leaping is done to bypass other steps but is usually costly.

Each player must make his decisions skillfully in the race to obtain the required number of valuable Monads - and win the game! …

TITAN is a fantasy war game for two to six players. Each player will move, muster, and engage in combat with his forces of monstrous characters. The core of each player's forces is the Titan.

Each player receives only one Titan, and if it is lost the player is out of the game and all of his forces are removed from play. The object of the game is to have the only Titan left in play, all the others having been eliminated. …

In Doom: The Board Game, demonic invaders have broken through from another dimension into the Union Aerospace Corporation's Mars base. Marines have been deployed to the base to protect UAC personnel and destroy the invaders.

Up to three players will take the roles of heavily armed and highly trained marines, while one player will control the legion of demonic invaders.

In the game, the marine players explore the claustrophobic rooms and corridors of the Mars base, attacking monsters, picking up new weapons and equipment, and working together to complete specific mission objectives. …


  • 1 game board
  • 114 cards
  • 97 markers
  • 96 play money bills
  • 6 dice
  • Rulebook


Welcome to the beautiful island nation of La Republica de las Bananas, or as we'll call it, Banana Republic, where the peaceful nighttime chirping of crickets is only interrupted by periodic exchanges of gunfire.

The island's farmers are poor, its intellectuals oppressed, and there's barely a middle class. The damp, humid air is filled with mosquitos, and it stinks of revolution and coups d'etat.

The government is subsidized by one of the global superpowers, which doesn't ask any questions. …

If you already know how to score traditional cribbage, you will be enjoying CrossCribb in a matter of minutes. If not, don't despair!

With the following easy-to-learn directions and the enclosed Scoring Aid, you'll be ready to compete with anyone in no time. Either way, you are about to be consumed by your new favorite game!


  • 1 CrossCribb game board
  • 2 CrossCribb Score Pads
  • 1 CrossCribb deck of cards
  • 1 Pencil
  • 1 Die
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The objective of CrossCribb is to mark (peg) 31 points on the scorecard by building higher total cribbage scoring hands before your opponent. …

What will happen when seven cats run into cardboard boxes? Well, a crazy game of kitty hide-and-seek!


  • 28 Kitty tiles
  • 8 Cat box cards
  • 4 Box cards
  • 48 Kitty Cards
  • Instructions

Kitty Cards

Level I : showing 5-7 kitties, non-overlapping Kitty tile, -1 VP on the backside.

Level II: showing 4-7 kitties and cardboard box, non-overlapping Kitty tiles, -2 VP on the backside. They are divided into 2 sets of 8 cards each with different card back colors.

Level III: showing 6-7 kitties and cardboard box, overlapping Kitty tiles, -3 VP on the backside. …


  • 4 double-sided game boards
  • 30 double-sided cards
  • Bell
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

All play at once. Each player chooses a game board and decides which side to use. Now each player draws a card from the stack. On each card, there are 8 images, 1 from each of the game boards.

Whatever game board you have, there will be only one object on the card you draw that will have an exact match on your game board.

If you are the first player to find an object on the card you draw that has an exact match on your board Ding! the bell to win the round of play. …

Recruit a quirky crew of Thieves and equip them with colorful Gear to steal from famous places across Europe! Prove yourself as the best Thief in Caper.


  • 3 Location Mats
  • 1 Caper Catalogue
  • 1 Score board & Round tracker
  • 23 Location Cards
  • 24 Thief Cards
  • 48 Gear Cards
  • 5 Reference Cards
  • 4 Wooden Cubes
  • 10 Coins
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

In Caper, players build a crew of Thieves by playing Thief and Gear cards. The game plays across six rounds with each

round alternating between placing Thieves and placing Gear. On a Thief Round, players place different Thieves at the Locations being used for that game. …


  • 4 sets of player pawns
  • playing board
  • and one pack of PARTNERS playing cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The first team to get all 8 of their player pawns into the finishing zones first wins


Place the board between the four players. Players sitting across from each other become "partners", e.g. yellow player pairs up with blue player and red player pairs up with green player.

Game Board

Each player receives four movers of the same color and place them on the home space e of that color. …


  • 10 Guest Movers
  • 1 Game Board
  • 28 Action Cards
  • 6 Yes Cards
  • 6 No Cards
  • 10 Invitation Cards
  • 2 Dice
  • 45 Gem Tiles
  • 1 Deduction Pad
  • 6 Pencils
  • Instructions

You're Invited

Famed art collector Baron Whitetooth is hosting his annual masquerade gala and you are on the guest list. Little does he know, you're a world-class jewel thief. And you are not alone.

Explore the Whitetooth mansion, steal gems, and keep your identity a secret.

Can you unmask the other thieves before they turn the tables on you?

Guest List

Object of the Game

Score points by stealing gems and using deductive reasoning to guess the identities of your opponents, all while trying to keep your own identity a secret. …