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  • 16 agent cards
  • 1 double agent card
  • 7 innocent bystander cards
  • 1 assisin card
  • 40 key cards
  • 1 card stand
  • 195 cards with 390 codenames
  • 5 DIY codename cards
  • Instructions


Players split up into two teams of similar size and skill. You need at least 4 players for a standard game.

Each team chooses one player to be their spymaster. Both spymasters sit on the same side of the table.

The other players, or field operatives, sit across from their spymasters.

Randomly deal 25 codenames between the two teams.

Each team take turns placing 1 codename on the table until a total of 25 codename cards are placed in a 5-by-5 grid. The remaining cards aren't used in the game. …


  • 200 Asset Cards
  • 40 Key Cards
  • 1 Card Stand
  • 8 S.H.I.E.L.D. Cards
  • 8 HYDRA Cards
  • 7 Neutral Cards
  • 1 Double Agent Card
  • and 1 Thanos Assassin Card
  • Instructions


Two opposing teams are competing to be the first to identify all of their team's Marvel Asset Cards from among 25 cards displayed in a 5 x 5 grid.

Each team has a Director (who knows the location of each one of the Asset Cards their team is trying to find) to give clues in the form of code words telling their Agents where to find the cards. …

Two opposing teams are competing to be the first to identify all of their team's Disney Treasure Cards from among 16 cards displayed in a 4 x 4 grid.

Each team has a Cluemaster (who knows the location of each one of the

Treasure Cards their team is trying to find) to give clues in the form of code words telling their teammates where to find the cards. Be careful! Decipher a code incorrectly and you might help the other team! It's a race to identify all your team's cards first! …


  • Custom Game Board
  • 7 Kid Movers
  • 7 Personality Cards
  • 22 Rumor Cards
  • 23 Intrigue Cards
  • Custom Score Pad
  • Envelope
  • 6 Custom Items
  • 2 Dice
  • Rules

The Mystery

The children of Derry, Maine need a plan to protect themselves from Pennywise's next attack. It's up to you to join the Losers' Club and determine:

  1. Who Pennywise will abduct?
  2. Where he will take them from?
  3. What object will he use to lure them?

Who is at risk?

Where will they be taken erom?

What item will hire them?

Object of the Game

You win if you make the correct accusation as to which Suspect, Item, and Location are involved in the abduction. …


  • Custom Game Board
  • 6 Character Movers
  • 6 Personality Cards
  • 21 Rumor Cards
  • 25 ? Cards
  • Custom Score Pad
  • Envelope
  • 6 Item Tokens
  • 2 Dice
  • Rules

Object of the Game

Mrs. White is experiencing a spell of abductions at her Haunted Mansion!

In distress over this troubling situation, she has invited Scooby-Doo and the gang over to investigate. Always up for an exciting mystery, the friends dress up as their favorite CLUE game characters, and get right to solving the crime.

But while everyone is working on the case, someone in the mansion is abducted by a Monster! …

In Citadels, players are vying to become the kingdom's next Master Builder by constructing the most impressive medieval city. To do so, players must acquire gold and enlist the services of a diverse cast of characters.

During a round, each player chooses one character, who provides a special ability for that turn. Each player builds his own city by playing district cards from his hand, which at the end of the game are worth points equal to their cost.

The game ends at the end of the round in which a player has seven districts in his city, and the player with the most points will become the kingdom's next Master Builder! …


  • 200 cards
  • 30 second sand timer
  • score pad
  • pencil
  • instructions
  • rubber band to hold cards.

Object of the Game

Players must perform and guess a whole host of fun charades that will have everyone laughing out loud. The team with the most points after 10 rounds wins the game!


Select which of the four charades games you want to play. Shuffle the cards and place the deck within easy reach of all teams, making sure that the charades side is facing down.

Divide into teams, with at least two players per team. There is no limit to how many players can be on a team, nor do teams need to have an even amount of players. …

In this expansion, Team Spirit, the splitting of the loot becomes a family business! Discover the joys of working with a team and hire powerful mercenaries.

This expansion introduces team play and the Mercenary module. During your team-based games, you can decide whether or not to include the Mercenaries.


  • 4 foam guns
  • 7 Characters
  • 7 plastic stands
  • 1 Shadow Trading tile
  • 1 Mercenary Recruitment tile
  • 4 Power cards
  • 2 Evil Twin cards
  • 3 Surprise cards
  • 8 Ammo cards
  • 4 Envelope tokens
  • 12 Mercenary cards
  • The expansion's rules


Setup is the same as that of the base game, except as noted. The changes are shown in green. …

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With every roll of the dice, players choose a Blokus shape and color it in on their board, using a different colored pen each turn. There's just one rule to remember - every shape you fill in must touch another shape of the same color, but only at the corners!


  • 4 Six-sided dice
  • 4 game boards
  • 4 dry erase markers
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Cover the most squares on your game board.


  • Players sit in a circle around the play area.
  • Each player takes a game board.
  • Youngest player goes first and play proceeds clockwise around the table.

Game Play

Tip: If you only have two or three players, check out "Two- or Three-Player Games" below. …