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Welcome, Paleontologists! This is it! Your first field assignment! Over a dozen dinosaur fossils lie buried in a huge slab of rock.

Time and the relentless forces of geology have mixed up the bodies, but that's a small problem for your team. For now, sharpen your chisels and ready that hammer!

It's time to get cracking and liberate the precious fossils from their rocky tomb. For the good of science (and your own reputation) be sure to claim the biggest and best fossils for yourself! …


  • Faux Book Box
  • Wood Gavel Toke
  • Black sand hourglass
  • 15 Town Hall Cards
  • 15 Kill Cards
  • 59 Playing Cards
  • 39 Tryal Cards
  • Rulebook


The year is 1692 in the town of Salem, Massachusetts. Evil is lurking, and you're convinced that some of your fellow townspeople are witches!

During the game you will draw and play cards to accuse the players that you don't trust and help the players that you believe are on your side. When the deck runs out and the Night card is revealed, the witches will attempt to kill an innocent player. …

In the land of the Rising Sun, faithful Samurai protect the Shogun-their commander and lord. Cunning Ninja try to undermine the Empire, by fair means or foul.

The katana blade sparkles on the battlefield as a lonely Ronin prepares for the struggle, plotting his revenge. Can you find your enemies while honoring the way of the warrior?


  • 7 Role cards
  • 12 Character cards
  • 32 Weapon cards
  • 15 Property cards
  • 43 Action cards
  • 1 summary card
  • 30 Honor Points
  • 36 Resilience Points
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Players are divided into three (secret) teams: …


  • 1 Six-sided Die
  • 162 Keyword Cards
  • 8 Dry Erase Markers
  • 1 Public Clue Board
  • 2 Private Clue Boards
  • 1 Keyword Card Box 1 Sand Timer
  • 2 Hint Boards
  • 6 Chat Boards
  • Instructions


CrossTalk is the Party Game of Subtle Conversation, where two teams race to guess secret Keywords. Each round, teams select a clue-giver, and those clue-givers are given knowledge of the same secret Keyword.

The goal of the clue-givers is to help their teammates guess this Keyword before the other team. The round begins with both clue-givers writing a one-word clue to give their team in private. Then, clue-givers will alternate providing one-word public clues to everyone. But, there is a catch! …

Unusual Suspects is a cooperative party game: the players win or lose together! One player will take on the role of the Witness, while the others will be the Detectives. The Witness is the only one who knows the identity of the thief.

He or she will help the Detectives narrow down the Suspect Pool by answering their questions until they are prepared to identify the Guilty Party.

But the Detectives have to be clever! The Witness cannot answer questions about the Guilty Party's physical description, so the answers will never be obvious. The Witness will have to imagine the Suspects' nature, habits, and tastes only by looking at them! …


  • 1 x Active player marker
  • 4 x Investigator 2 x Cultist
  • 23 x Futile Investigation
  • 1 x Cthulhu
  • 6 x Elder Sign
  • 16 x Insanity tokens
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Don't Mess with Cthulhu is a social deduction game with secret identities. Players are either Investigators trying to keep Cthulhu from waking and controlling the world, or Cultists that want to bring the world to a disturbing end.

The game takes place over four rounds. The Investigators must uncover all the Elder Signs to win; the Cultists win when Cthulhu is revealed or if the game ends before all the Elder Signs are discovered. …

The enlightened monarch, Vladimiro Miritiro, has grown tired of reigning. He has chosen to hand off his crown, but who will be his worthy successor? Paladins, cooks, painters, and all the other subjects bustle about, seeking the throne in a whirling vortex of intrigue and subterfuge.

Play your cards cunningly, and bring your favorite to the top... Only one of the wacky subjects can be the next king!


  • Game Board
  • 6 "Yes" vote cards
  • 12 "No" vote cards
  • a crown
  • 26 secret goal cards
  • 13 wooden round tokens
  • 13 stickers
  • note pad
  • a pencil
  • Instructions

Game Board

Object of the Game

The goal of the game is to help your favorites climb to the highest levels of the castle and to try to crown one of them as the new king. …

Don't let these devious creatures fool you! Hungering for fireflies, they will quickly gather 'round, lest you give them what they crave.

Some will butt heads and go back into the dark forest, while others will stay, no matter what. In the end, a collection of cute little smiling creatures will surround you... For better or worse!


  • 50 Cards
  • 40 Beads
  • 1 bag to store the beads
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

In a series of 10 rounds, players bid fireflies (beads) to get their hands on creatures that will earn them the highest score. …


  • 30 Cardboard feathers
  • 20 Cardboard coins
  • 6 Fabric Bandanas (with Velcro strip)
  • 12 Adhesive Velcro buttons
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

In Coyote, the players play the role of Indians. Each player wears a bandana around his head with one "feather". The goal is to guess the value of all the feathers without knowing your own!

If you can guess the correct value, you win! But usually, you'll win by bluffing. Whoever guesses wrong will be a true coyote!


Before your first game, carefully remove all 20 coins. Take the 12 coins with a picture of a coyote and attach one of the Velcro buttons to the back of each. …


  • 1 Game Board
  • 5 Player Boards
  • 162 Locomotives 52 Wooden Passengers
  • 6 Tracker Disks
  • 1 Hexagon
  • 15 Player Disks
  • 1 Round Marker
  • Instructions


1 Place the game board in the center of the table.

2 Place one Passenger on each city. Cities are marked with this icon:

3 Place the 6 Tracker disks and white Hexagon Tracker on their matching spaces on the counting chart on the game board.

4 Place the locomotives next to the game board.

5 Players choose a color and take the matching player board and player disks. …

Once upon a time, there was a happy ending: ".. and so, the valiant prince slew the evil dragon and saved the beautiful princess!"

But in the Land of Dark Tales, it's not always that way, and not everyone lives happily ever after. In the deep woods, you can meet disturbing creatures that reject the light, ready to deceive with enchanted items and powerful curses.

Choose your companions and servants with care, and use their intriguing abilities at the right moment, and live the plot of your own Dark Tales! …

The greatest origami masters face off for the title, using their magic to make origami creations really come to life! Can your knowledge of the art of folding paper impress the judges and earn you the title of "Best Origami Artist"?


  • 18 farm cards
  • 18 skycards
  • 18 sea cards
  • 18 savannah cards
  • 18 lawn cards
  • A slip of paper to make the Starting Player origami
  • Instructions


During the game, you will use a number of families equal to the number of players (e.g.: with 3 players use 3 families). You can freely choose which families to use, but take care to always add all the cards of the chosen families. …

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