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In Chocolatiers, you take on the role of a young chocolatier boxing up chocolates to make a decadent chocolate display! Draw chocolates from the Share Tray and turn them in to fill boxes.

Make sure to fill boxes that will fit well in your display as you'll get bonus points for getting the majority of connected chocolate-types. Use wild chocolates to make big connections.

The player with the most points wins the game! Do you have what it takes to become the next world-famous chocolatier? …

Japanese style gardens are an elegant form of art expression through nature. Nothing is left to chance. Everything is planned down to the last detail. Become a Japanese style garden designer and create your own place of calm.

You'll skillfully place stones, bushes, ponds, and pagodas on multiple levels within your garden to become the best garden designer of the season.

"Miyabi" is Japanese for "elegance", "grace", or "refinement".


  • 4 garden game boards
  • 24 wooden lanterns
  • 6 5th layer bonus tiles
  • 1 bonsai tree
  • 1 building round marker
  • 8 wooden scoring stones
  • 16 Zen tiles
  • 1 scoreboard
  • 4 frog markers
  • 96 garden tiles
  • 5 Expansion Tiles
  • Instructions


  • Place the scoreboard in the center of the table A and the building round marker on the field marked "1" B. …


  • 8 Dice
  • 1 Pad of Paper
  • 1 Rulebook


Each player takes a paper from the pad. Together, everyone chooses whether to play with the front or back of the paper.

The sides have different layouts. The front side plays in seven rounds, and the back side plays in six rounds).

Game Play

Any player rolls all 8 dice, then sorts them into groups of matching number. (If you are playing on the back side, only roll 7 dice. O)

Then, each player does the following steps simultaneously. …


  • 1 Magnetic Book-like Box
  • 1 Non-edible but visually delicious chocolate chip cookie
  • 42 Hat cards of seven different types
  • 1 Dry-erase Marker
  • 1 Tea table board
  • 1 Scoring napkin
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

In Hats, two to four players compete to acquire the most outstanding hats by exchanging cards in hand with cards on the tea table board. Each card exchange influences how each hat is scored. …

Every day, dozens of birds perch on the fences of our countryside. When it is time to fly away, these birds jumble up, unable to organize themselves into flocks to fly home. Help them find their way back to their nest.


  • 110 Cards
  • 1 Rulebook


One player is randomly designated as the dealer.

The dealer then shuffles the 110 Bird cards and lays out 4 rows with three cards faceup at the center of the table a.

Each row must be composed of 3 different Birds. If the same Bird is present multiple times on a given row, discard the extra Birds and place new cards until each row contains 3 Birds from different species. …


  • 25 containers cards
  • 5 stop cards
  • 180 garbage Cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.


At the center of the table

Shuffle all containers + stop cards into 1 deck. Place this deck in the center of the table faced down. Shuffle all garbage cards into 1 deck and place it faced down, at the center of the table. New garbage cards are handed out to players from this deck.

For each Player

Each player receives 5 garbage cards randomly, that will hold in his hand, away from other players' hands. Next to each player, during the game, place face up all the garbage cards that that player failed to recycle (worthing negative points) and all the container cards gained by that player (worthing positive points).

The youngest player around the table will be the 1st to play. …

"Tuki" comes from the languages of the Inuit people of the northern Polar region (Inuktitut) and is derived from "Tukilik" (plural Tukiliit), a word used to denote objects that have a certain meaning.

The best-known of these objects are without doubt the Inukshuk: man-made stone towers resembling human beings in both form and function.

The Inuit use these stone towers as guides in the snow-filled expanses of Canada and Greenland, to show the way to caribou hunting grounds, areas abundant with fish, or the next village. …

HAIL HYDRA is best learned by following the read-along found on the First Game Rules located in this box. If you've never played HAIL HYDRA before, it is recommended to use that guide first.

If you have already played HAIL HYDRA using the First Game Rules and are looking for the new changes to the game, read all sections that have the symbol below in the top left corner.


  • 80 x Attack Cards
  • 8 x Loyalty Discs
  • 18 x Villain Cards
  • 14 x Hero Cards
  • 13 x Health Discs
  • 3 x Defense Discs
  • 1 x New York City Card
  • 1 x Avengers Tower Mover
  • 1 x First Player Token
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

You will be defeating Villains as a team of Heroes. If a Villain survives a round, it will inflict damage on New York City. It's up to your team to defeat them quickly and strategically! But beware, there may be HYDRA agents sabotaging your efforts... …


  • 61 Anthill tiles
  • 6 Foundation tiles
  • 45 Soldiers
  • 1 Red army token
  • 2 Architect tokens
  • 1 Scoring pad
  • Instructions

The Anthill Tiles

Object of the Game

Build the most attractive anthill and score as many victory points as you can.


1 Each player takes a Foundation tile and places 5 Soldiers on it. The soldiers form that player's army.

2 Make a reserve with the rest of the Soldiers and the 2 Architect tokens.

3 Shuffle all 61 Anthill tiles, and place them face-down to form a draw pile. …

As a visitor to Cat Cafe, you want to make the most of your visit and that means petting the most cats! You'll need to decorate your corner of the cat cafe, by placing the most toys, scattering some food, and making some comfortable resting spots to attract the most cats!


  • 1 Pad (50 sheets)
  • 4 Pencils
  • 5 Dice
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Each round the dice will be rolled and players will take turns to choose from the available dice, combining their chosen die with the one remaining central die to mark enticing items on their sheet. …

The game is very simple: players want to make crosses on their score pad. Crosses bring points. But beware: will you be too greedy and shoot past the finish?

Then your valuable points melt away. Pick the best die rolls and make your crosses in the right place. Only then can you win the game.


  • 6 Dice
  • 1 tablet of score pads
  • Instructions


Everyone gets a score sheet and puts it in front of them. Take a pencil and get the dice ready. …

In search of shiny pearls, you dive into the clear blue water. You can't hold your breath endlessly, though, but have to resurface from time to time and sell the treasures you have collected.

If you have accumulated a particular number of pearls, you can make them into nice necklaces and thus increase their value even more.


  • 16x wild card value 0
  • 24x yellow value 1
  • 16x green value 2
  • 12x blue value 2
  • 8x turquoise value 3
  • 4x purple value 5
  • 10 necklace cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

On each turn in Pearls, you collect or score pearl cards of one color. Cards with higher values generate many points but are more rare. But even the considerably more common low-value pearls can be lucrative: …

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