If the approaching armies of Vesh Darkhand weren't bad enough, you now notice your sister has snuck aboard your boat and is trying to claim credit for all your hard work.

Not only do you need to rescue cats and avoid Vesh but now you will have to also sabotage your sister's plans in order to succeed!


This section highlights all of the changes to the rules that are required to play with only a single player.

You should only read these rules once you have learned the normal rules for the game. All of the normal rules apply unless stated otherwise.

Solo Setup

To begin, set up the game following the normal rules. You will only need 1 player boat.

Oshax. You will need to arrange the Oshax tiles in a horizontal line, in random order.

Each Oshax will be referred to by its position in the line e.g. the third Oshax in the line from left to right is Oshax 3, the last one is Oshax 6.

Sister Setup

1 Solo colors. Shuffle the solo color cards and place them in a row on the table. Flip the first card over, and leave the remaining 4 face-down.

2 Solo lessons. Shuffle the solo lesson cards and place 3 face-up on the table. Return the rest of the cards to the box.

3 Advanced solo lessons. If you would like to play a harder game, you can include advanced lessons.

Shuffle the advanced solo lesson cards and place a number of cards face-up next to the solo lesson cards. Return the rest of the cards to the box.

  • Medium difficulty: 1 advanced card
  • Hard difficulty: 2 advanced cards
  • Very hard difficulty: 3 advanced cards
  • Expert difficulty: 4 advanced cards

4 Solo baskets. Shuffle the solo basket cards and place them face- down on the table.

Solo Fill the Fields

When filling the fields, you will place 4 cats in each field so that there are 8 in total.

You should draw tiles out of the bag 1 at a time, placing them in a horizontal line. The first 4 cat tiles should be placed on the left side of the island, and the remaining 4 should be on the right.

Any rare treasure tiles you find should be placed in a horizontal line under the island. If you find a rare treasure that has the same shape of a previously found rare treasure, place it on top of the matching rare treasure, creating stacks of matching treasures.

It is important tiles are placed in lines so you can later refer to them by their position in the line e.g. cat 5 is currently the first cat in the rightfield.

Solo Phase 1: Fishing

Fishing is the same as described in the multiplayer rules.

Solo Phase 2: Explore

A. Selecting Discoveries (Drafting)

The drafting step of the Explore phase changes in the solo mode, replace the usual rules with the following:

Take the top 5 cards from the discovery deck, look at them, and select 3, placing them on the table. Place the other 2 cards in a discard pile.

Repeat this step, taking 5 more cards and selecting another 3.

Finally, take the top card from the discovery deck and add it to the 6 cards you previously selected, creating your hand of 7 cards.

Move on to "B. Accessing Discoveries" as usual.

Solo Phase 3: Read Lessons

This phase is the same as described in the multiplayer rules. However, you may wish to play your lesson cards face-up!

Public Lessons

Public lessons can be used during solo play and only you will score the points. However, the points received are reduced by 50% and then rounded up as necessary.

Example. If you earn 7 points from a public lesson, this is reduced to 3.5 points, and then rounded up to 4 points.

Largest Family

For the lesson card "Family Tree", a family of 7 or more is required to complete the lesson.

Solo Phase 4: Rescue Cats

The Rescue cats phase works exactly the same way in the solo game. However, there are a few extra rules for your sister.

Solo Basket Deck

Once you have selected the rescue cards you wish to play, you should turn over the top card of the solo basket deck.

At the bottom of the card you will see a number of baskets and sometimes a speed

If the number of is more than 1, you should draw additional cards from the solo basket deck and place them face- down in a row.

Remember, you have already drawn 1 card; if the card says 3 , you should only draw 2 extra cards.


Update the turn order as normal; your sister's is shown on the revealed solo basket card.

Rescuing Cats

As usual, take turns to rescue cats. On your sister's first turn, you should resolve the face-up solo basket card.

On all other turns, you should reveal the next solo basket card and resolve it. You should ignore the and values on these cards; only the first card's and values are used for each day.

If there are no more cards, your sister is finished for this round.

If you pass, you must still reveal all of the remaining cards for your sister and resolve them as normal.

Example: Reveal the first solo basket card.

The card shows 4 , so you draw 3 additional cards and place them face-down in a row next to the first card.

The revealed card shows 4 , you compare this to your own speed to determine turn order.

First Turn

On your sister's first turn, you resolve (see next page) the first revealed card.

Second Turn

On your sister's second turn, you reveal and resolve the next card.

This card shows cat 2 and a common treasure and these are resolved immediately. Ignore the 4 and 1 , these are only resolved for the first card you turn over on each day.

All Other Turns

The following turns work in the same way as the second turn did, until your sister runs out of cards.

Resolving Solo Basket Cards

Each card shows a number of keywords (cat, rare, oshax, and switch) and sometimes a common treasure.

Resolve each keyword/treasure in order from top to bottom.

If a card shows the same keyword twice, you should resolve it twice.

Cat 3. Remove cat 3 from the fields and place it back in the box.

Remember when you filled the fields, you placed the cats in a line and put 4 on either side of the island. Cat 3 is the third cat counting from left to right; cat 8 would be the last cat in the line.

Rare 2. Remove rare treasure 2 from below the island and place it back in the box.

If there are multiple rare treasures stacked in this position, then only take 1 rare treasure.

Remember when you filled the fields, you placed the rare treasures in a line. Rare 2 is the second rare treasure counting from left to right.

Oshax 4. Remove Oshax 4 from the fields and place it back in the box.

Remember during setup, you placed the Oshax in a line. Oshax 4 is the fourth Oshax counting from left to right.

Switch 2, 6. Switch the positions of the cat 2 and cat 6 tiles. Cat 2 will become cat 6 and cat 6 becomes cat 2.

Common treasures. If a common treasure is shown, remove 1 matching common treasure from the game.

If there are no matching treasures left, then nothing happens.

What If the Tile Does Not Exist?

When resolving cat, rare, oshax, or switch, if the numbered tile no longer exists, take the last tile in the line.

Example. If the solo basket card says cat 6 and rare 3 but there are only 4 cats and 2 rare treasures available, then you should remove cat 4 and rare 2 instead (the last ones in the line).

If there are not enough tiles left to resolve the keyword, then nothing happens.


Sister Turn 1

Your sister resolves her first solo basket card, it says cat 3 and rare 2. You remove them from the game.

Each time you remove tiles, the numbered position of a tile may change, so what was cat 4 last turn is now cat 3 (as you removed the previous cat 3).

Note: You do not change the physical position of the tiles; you are only updating the numbered position of a tile in the line.

Player Turn 1

You take your turn, you play a rescue 2 cats anytime card and rescue 2 cats.

Sister Turn 2

Your sister resolves her second solo basket card it says cat 7 and rare 3. Cat 7 no longer exists, you remove the last one from the line instead. In this example cat 5.

Rare 3 also no longer exists, you remove the last one from the line instead, in this example rare 2.

Solo Phase 5: Rare Finds

This phase is the same as described in the multiplayer rules. Your sister will not do anything during this phase.


In the solo game it is possible to run out of Oshax tiles. If this happens, any remaining Oshax cards do nothing.

Solo Empty the Fields

At the end of each day, you should flip over the next solo color card, moving from left to right. If there are no more solo color cards to flip over, then you should be at the end of the fifth day and ready to score.

Solo Scoring

Calculate your score following the normal rules, then calculate your sister's score using her lesson cards and cat color cards.

  • Cat Colors

    Go through the solo color cards in the order you revealed them; your sister scores:

    • 5 points for every cat on your boat of the first revealed color.
    • 4 points for every cat on your boat of the second revealed color.
    • 3 points for every cat on your boat of the third revealed color.
    • 2 points for every cat on your boat of the fourth revealed color.
    • 1 point for every cat on your boat of the last revealed color.
  • Lessons

    For each of your sister's lesson cards, add up how many points she earned.

  • Total

    Your sister only scores points for cat colors and lesson cards, nothing else.

  • Tiebreaker

    The winner is the person with the most points. In the event of a tie, your sister wins!

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