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This section contains several optional rules that players may wish to try. Players may use any number of optional rules, as long as all players agree on which optional rules (if any) they wish to use. Optional rules marked with the symbol were standard rules in previous editions of Wiz-War.

Uncluttered Minds

Maintained spells do not count against a player's maximum hand size.

Custom Spellbook

Before building the Magic deck, split the players into two groups. Each group receives one of the cantrip schools to start, and then each group takes turns drafting schools of magic until each group has drafted three more schools, whereupon each group shuffles the deck they have built.

For example, one deck might contain White Cantrip, Alchemy, Mentalism, and Thaumaturgy, while the other could contain Black Cantrip, Conjuring, Elemental, and Mutation.

During the game, members of a group only receive cards from (and discard cards to) the Magic deck they helped to build.

Deadly Treasures

If both of a player's treasures are in other players' home base squares at the same time, that player's wizard is immediately killed and the player is eliminated from the game. No player receives victory points for a wizard killed in this manner.

Extended Play

Players who wish for a longer game may play to 3 or even 4 victory points (instead of 2). Remember that any wizard who is the sole survivor automatically wins.

Giant Book of Spells

Players looking for a wilder experience may simply shuffle all of the Magic cards (except the Black Cantrip cards) together to form one enormous Magic deck.

Heavy Items

A wizard's Move and Cast phase immediately ends after picking up any object (just like treasures). This discourages players from dropping and picking up items.

Permanent Creations

Created objects (such as walls and thornbushes) are permanent once created. Unlike other spells, they are not maintained. Simply place such spells near the board, only discarding them when the objects they represent are destroyed.

When players use this optional rule, a caster cannot voluntarily dispel an object of his own creation.

Treasure Hunters

In order to win, a player must either be the sole survivor or have two enemy treasures lying in his home base square.

When using this optional rule, players do not earn victory points for killing enemy wizards.

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