Try to catch as many fish as you can, but watch out! When the Shark bites, you lose.


  • 1 Hungry Shark
  • 12 Sea Creatures
  • 1 Fishing Rods
  • 1 Die
  • 1 Sticker Sheet
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Be the player who catches the most fish.


  1. Open the shark's jaws and push them down until they lock into the base

  2. Push the 12 sea creatures into the holes in between the jaws until you hear a "click".

The youngest player goes first, and the game continues clockwise. …

During each of their rounds, players can perform various Actions. There are 4 groups of Actions in the game:

  1. Basic Actions
  2. Actions from Action cards
  3. Actions from Item cards
  4. Actions from Room tiles

Action Icons

Action Cost

Each Action displays an Action icon. The number in any given Action icon indicates the Cost of performing the given Action. In order to pay the Cost, the player must discard the exact number of any chosen

Action cards from their hand. Discarded cards are placed face up in the discard pile. …

After a few young girls began to have fits blamed on the devil, the town of Salem was quickly engulfed in tryals (note the olde spelling) and "confessions" of Witchcraft.

Once all was said and done, more than 150 people were accused of witchcraft. 19 people were hanged as witches, 1 was pressed to death, and at least 5 of the accused died in prison.

  • Abigail Williams - Child (11)

    Abigail, the niece of Samuel Parris, was one of the first young girls to accuse others of witchcraft. She claimed to have epileptic fits and pinching pains inflicted upon her by witches. Two of the first people to be accused by Abigail were Sarah Good and Tituba. …

Each player can extend his village with other buildings. To do this he needs different goods. Each villager can produce 1 good, either in his own or another village, as long as he is awake.

Having produced the good, the villager goes to sleep and cannot produce anything else. A standing figure indicates that the villager is awake. After the good is produced, the player lays down his figure, as a sign that the villager is asleep. Sleeping villagers can only be awoken with the "night watchman" action. …

The players lead small groups of vikings to explore the islands near their homeland. Once discovered, craftsmen and nobles settle the islands to make their homes.

To protect these newly discovered islands from attacks, players can station viking warriors between their new islands and the approaching ships, which can also add to their fame and gold. After 6 rounds the most successful leader wins!


  • 1 game board with wheel
  • 8 player markers
  • 1 start player figure
  • 4 player bases (homeland)
  • 45 coins
  • 1 cloth sack
  • 4 Scoring Summaries
  • 78 vikings
  • 62 island tiles
  • 14 ship tiles
  • 25 special tiles
  • rulebook
  • Progress Rules


Each player takes and places in his play area (before him on the table): …

Influence Card Clarifications

Another D.A. Dead: The card given to another player MUST be one of the two cards drawn.

Delivery Dupes Guards: The Gangster being broken out of Prison may be the one who was just sent there. If multiple of these cards are played simultaneously, break ties in turn order.

Fido Fight Club: The card given to another player MUST be one of the two cards drawn.

Gang Wars Go On: The Influence is moved before the Gangster is removed from the board. …

By rearranging cuboro elements, players create paths as long as possible for leading marbles into an empty finish field. The more track elements are used the more points are collected.


  • Board
  • 9 cuboro elements (8 cubes +1 starting tower)
  • basic grids "Starting position 1+2"
  • 4 game pegs for points' course
  • 12 marbles (8 blue, 4 red)
  • 4 marble containers
  • game instructions

Cuboro Elements:

Game Version 1

(from age 6 and as an introduction!)

As for this version, paths are arranged on the surface of the cubes (channels).

Starting position 1

Initial Position

Place the 8 cuboro cubes on the board according to the basic grid "Starting position 1" - pay attention to the align- ment of the channels. …


  • 4 bean balls (red, blue, green, yellow)
  • 4 toss rings (red, blue, green, yellow)
  • 4 wrist trackers (red, blue, green, yellow)
  • 1 12-sided Boochie Ball
  • 1 vinyl travel bag
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Score points over a number of rounds by landing your bean ball and toss ring as close as possible to the 12-sided Boochie Ball.

Earn bonus points depending on the side of the ball that faces up. The first player to score 11 or more points wins.


Give each player the same colored bean ball, toss ring, and wrist tracker. (For example, one player gets the red bean ball, the red toss ring, and the red wrist tracker). …


  • 18 skip chips
  • 8 Dodge dice
  • 1 Penalty die
  • 1 Action die
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Collect the fewest points by rolling dice and not having the Action die land on the Stop icon or by not rolling the final matching Dodge die to end a round.

Whoever has the lowest score when one player reaches 100 points wins.


Give each player three Skip chips. Place any remaining in the center of the playing area along with the10 dice. Grab a piece of paper and pencil to keep score. …

Five mighty empires are at war for the world. Their banners flying boldly, they march towards glory. The ferocity of the Bear. The pride of the Lion. The endurance of the Horse. The reach of the Eagle. The power of the Elephant.

Come the dawn, the world will be remade, and one empire will rule over them all...

But it is in the shadows that true power lies... a Serpent, a Spider, a Raven, a Rat. This is not a war for the mighty, with battles waged on the open field, this is a war fought by empires unseen-a war of whispers. …