• 24 Building Tiles
  • 4 Helpers
  • 1 Rule Leaflet


For a "Classic" game, use the 11 Public Service tiles of this expansion marked with a "Classic" background. For an "Expert" game, use the 13 Public Service tiles of this expansion marked with an "Expert" background.

Shuffle the appropriate Public Service tiles from the expansion and form a face down stack next to the Construction Site. Then, follow the standard set-up as described in the base game rules.

At the beginning of the game, draw and reveal the first 4 tiles from the Public Service stack and place them face up next to the the Construction Site. …

The Card Reader

To play Alchemists, you will need the Alchemists app on your smartphone or tablet. To get the app, scan this QR code. Or enter into your web browser. The app is free. You've already paid for the game.

(To play without the app, see the facing page).

Only one device is necessary. Players can share. Once you have downloaded the app, launch it and tap the button. Please enter this four-letter code: DEMO.

Mixing Potions

Ready? Wonderful! Now toss these ingredients into your cauldron and stir until the substance changes color. Alchemists mix potions by combining two different ingredients. Tap the button and scan these two cards with the camera: …

Market Stall tiles function just like other board locations but provide different options for each game. Market Stalls may only be activated once per placement unless otherwise indicated.

Economic Market Stall Tiles


Return 1 Food to the supply and collect 1 Favor. You may repeat this action up to 3 times with a single activation.

Generous Merchant

Collect 1 Food and 1 Wood from the supply.


Score 2 Glory.

Wealthy Stranger

Collect 2 Coins from the supply.

Military Market Stall Tiles

Folk Warriors

Return 1 Food to the supply and collect 2 Viking Swordsmen Dice. …

Bishops and knights don't have the same exact value.

Bishops are perhaps quarter-pawn more valuable than knights.

But why are these two pieces worth almost the same value?

Let's first look at the advantages and disadvantages of both pieces:

  • Range

    When it comes to range, it's obvious that the bishop wins because he can move as far as possible. For sure, later in the game, this is powerful.

    The knight needs several moves to get from one side of the board to the other. Because of this reason knights must normally be placed in the center of the board to be effective. …

Archer - Town Hall Action

"Swap an opponent's Worker with 1 from the Village". This must be a legal placement. If an opponent has a Black Worker, it cannot be swapped with 1 from the Armoury or Long House (as they require a Grey or White Worker).

Avenger - Crew Action

"If killed, force an opponent to lose a Crew Member also" The Crew Member to be discarded is chosen by the targeted player (not the attacker).

Forager - Crew Action

"Gain 1 additional Provision in the Mill". This is only activated when players take Provisions, not Gold. …

ACCELERATE - Choose a number: advance all motherships forward that many spaces along the orbital track.

AUGMENT - When activating one station, each extra sundiver present (anyone's, beyond the activating sundiver) increases the base reward (by depth: 1/1/1/2/3).

BLIGHT - Activate one other player's mothership to add 3 sundivers from your reserve into the owner's hold. (Your sundiver must be on a space adjacent to another player's mothership).

Clarification: Activation follows regular activation rules, so this takes your whole turn, and the sundiver used is recalled to your hold. Only one mothership can be activated this way. …

It feels as if The Settlers of Catan has been around forever. It's an absolute giant of the gaming world, with a huge variety of expansions and spinoffs, which we'll cover in detail later. In fact, Catan is less than twenty years old, having been created in 1995 by German game designer Klaus Teuber.

So, the first and most obvious question: What is Catan?

Well, it's a name, and it's the name of an island. This island is what you're going to spend much of the rest of your life obsessing about, because Catan is one of those games that keeps wanting you to come back for more. …

I. Journey Card Effects

All Quiet - No Effect.

Kraken - Resolve Combat against the Kraken. Defeating the Kraken grants the player 3 glory. Surviving Warriors advance to combat the Monster.

Lost - Lose 2 items of your choice (2 Food, 2 Viking Warriors, or 1 of each).

No Wind - Lose 1 Food.

Storm - Lose 1 Food or 1 Viking Warrior (your choice).

Whirlpool - Lose 1 Viking Warrior.

II.Viking Leaders

Asmundr the Pious - Asmundr wishes to be Odin's Chosen representative in Midgard and has turned acquisition of Favor into a Glorious pursuit! His ability essentially allows Asmundr to use his Favor Tokens for free. He will always gain the 2 Glory from them whether he spends them on rerolling or not. …

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to empty your hand of cards before the other player (s) while also trying to capture certain scoring cards during play. Additional points may be earned by betting that you will be first to shed all of your cards.


A Haggis deck consists of 54 playing cards, with ranks 2 through 10 in five suits, plus three Jacks, three Queens, and three Kings. There are also three Player Aid cards and this rules document included with the game. The playing cards rank, from low to high: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K. …


You start the game with a Colt .45 revolver. This is not represented by any card, but it is drawn on your playing board. Using the Colt .45 you can only hit targets at a distance of 1, i.e. only players sitting to your right or your left.

In order to hit targets farther than distance 1, you need to play a bigger weapon: place it over the Colt .45. Weapons can be recognized from their blue border with no bullet holes, black-and-white illustration and the number into the sight (see picture) that represents the maximum reachable distance. …