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The Wise Old Man

Variant for 8 Players (and No Moderator)

The game proceeds as normal, with the following changes. One player receives the Wise Old Man, in addition to his character. Players keep their characters face down close to the center of the table so that they are all within easy reach.

During the night, the Wise Old Man, with his eyes still closed, calls the phases of the Seer and of the Werewolves.

For each phase he slowly counts 10 seconds (e.g. "Seer, open your eyes... 10..". "... 2... 1... Seer, close your eyes").

During their respective phases:

  • the Seer takes a peek at any one character card and places it back where it was;
  • the Werewolves slaughter any one character by turning its card 90 degrees.

At the end of the day, the Wise Old Man passes to the next player on his left.

The Phantom Menace

In this game variant, you use the sword and the shield symbols depicted on two of the Ghost cards.

The moderator assigns the Ghost card with the sword to the first player that is eliminated and the Ghost card with the shield to the second player that is eliminated (in case of a tie, choose at random).

At the end of each night (starting from the second night), the moderator calls the Ghosts Phase. During this phase, all eliminated players (Ghosts) open their eyes.

The two players with the sword and shield cards each place their card face down in front of any player that is still alive (the same or different players), after briefly... and silently... discussing their choice with all of the other ghosts.

During the ballot to establish the suspects during the next day, if a player with one of the face down cards receives a vote from another player who is still alive, then the Ghost card is revealed: The sword counts as an additional vote, added to the one just received.

The shield subtracts one vote, cancelling the vote just received. The sword and shield symbols also affect ties on all ballots: the sword card causes a tied player to be suspected/lynched, while the shield card saves them.

At the end of the day, both cards are returned to their owners.

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