The Kingdom is in grave danger. Powerful enemies are conspiring to resurrect the vile and powerful Unhallowed that your party has just slain. Now you, the mighty adventurers of the land, must visit these summoning locations and defeat the hordes of creatures behind this evil plot.

It falls to four mighty Adventurers, each of whom has a unique set of skills, to band together once more to vanquish this evil before the Unhallowed consume the world in darkness.

Set a Watch is a cooperative game for one to four players. You must secure nine locations to prevent the acolytes from breaking the seals holding back the evil Unhallowed. …

Detective Club" once again opens its doors for new members. You are also invited, but first you must prove yourself as a real detective.

Analyze all the evidence, listen to the witnesses and try to to find out who is lying among your group. Only the most observant and the most cunning will be able to succeed and achieve victory! Welcome to the Club.


  • 168 Evidence Cards
  • 58 Victory Points Tokens
  • 8 Voting Tokens
  • 8 Player Markers
  • 7 Notebooks
  • 1 Pencil (Active Player Marker)


  1. Place the VP Tokens and the deck of Evidence Cards where players can comfortably reach them. …

It's a momentous time. Art has been revolutionized by the invention of "perspective", and also of "funding". A picture used to be worth a dozen or so words; these new ones are more like a hundred.

Oil paintings have gotten so realistic that you've hired an artist to do a portrait of you each morning, so you can make sure your hair is good. Busts have gotten better too; no more stopping at the shoulders, they go all the way to the ground. …

The Stars are right . .

So the Munchkins are kicking down the doors in places where Man Was Not Meant To Go. They're Investigators, Monster Whackers, Professors, and Cultists . . . and they're killing the Mythos monsters and taking their stuff. After all, when you're a Munchkin, it doesn't matter if you go mad. It only matters if you WIN!

Munchkin Cthulhu is based on the original Munchkin and can be combined with it, as well as any or all of the other Munchkin card games. …

DEAD LAST is a 'social collusion' game of shifting alliances, betrayals and murder for profit, where 6-12 devious players conspire and vote upon whom to kill each round, in an effort to be the last player standing and collect gold.

Absolutely any means of communication is allowed as you plot... a glance, a nod, pointing a finger, flashing their card, anything - but make sure you don't tip off the target or they could ambush you instead!


  • 12 Player ID cards & stands
  • 12 sets of 12 Voting cards
  • 2 sets of 3 Final Showdown cards
  • 80 Gold Bar cards
  • Organizing Tray
  • Rulebook


  • Players each take a Player ID card and place it in a stand in front of themselves. ID cards should be visible to all players and identifies players, by color, during the game. …


  • 13 x ID Tokens
  • 16 x Specialist cards
  • 16 x Specialist tokens
  • 10 x Player Reference cards
  • 1 x Controller token
  • 1 x HQ tableau

Object of the Game

One Night Revolution is a social deduction game with secret identities. Players are either Rebel Fighters attempting to overthrow a malignant government, or Government Informants trying to thwart the Rebels.

The game takes place in a single round, the Rebel players must identify a single Informant to win; the Informants win if they remain undiscovered.

A fundamental rule of the game is that players may say anything that they want during the game, but may not always want to tell the truth until they know that it would benefit themselves. Discussion, deception, intuition, social interaction and logical deductions are all equally important to winning. …

Coup: Rebellion G54 Anarchy adds seven new roles and actions to that game for more vicious fun: Anarchists, Paramilitary, Arms Dealers, Social Media, Financier, Plantation owners, and Socialists.


  • 18 Influence Cards (3 of each role)
  • 7 Role Action Cards (1 of each role, and 1 General Action)
  • 1 Role Token (Bomb)
  • 6 Role Dividers (1 of each role)

The extra roles in this Anarchy expansion are added to the base game. The rules for Anarchy are the same with the following exceptions:


Separate the new Role Action cards by type, and add to the Role Action cards in Coup Rebellion G54. This includes the Role Action card for Social Media. …

Play in teams to build Bases around the galaxy and use the Force cards to turn the battle in your favor! But remember: there can only be one ultimate winner! May the Force be with you!


  • 1 Gameboard
  • 4 Character Tokens
  • 48 Bases (all double-sided)
  • 36 Force Cards
  • 4 Symbol Cards
  • 2 Dice,
  • 1 Money Pack
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

  • Travel around the galaxy, buying planets to build Bases on.

  • When every planet is owned, the battle Is over! Count up the Bases.

  • The player with the most Bases on the winning side Is the ultimate winnerl …


  • 25 Craft Cards
  • 24 Wood Cards
  • 11 Wild Cards
  • 9 Stone Cards
  • 8 Iron Cards
  • 7 Gold Cards
  • 6 Diamond Cards
  • 5 Creeper Cards
  • 5 TNT Cards
  • 4 Card Holders

Object of the Game

Be the first player to earn the most points


Shuffle all the Resource Cards (Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Wild, Creeper and TNT). Next, deal them FACE DOWN into 5 piles of 15 cards each. Then turn each pile OVER so that all the cards in each pile are now FACE UP.

Shuffle the Craft Cards and then deal them into 4 piles of 6 cards each, Crafting Side up. …

Clan bonuses are usually immediate () effects, but can also be ongoing effects (). When placing resources, bear in mind that the maximum number of resources (3 per Tile) still applies. The colors of the Clan Fields indicate the distance from the Starting Area.


Immediately score Victory Points (VP) for villages you own: If you have 3 Villages, score 5 VP. If you have 4 or more Villages, score 8 VP.


Immediatley activate 1 Trade Tile. Immediately gain 3 Movement Points. You may still only activate each tile once per turn. …