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  • 50 Cards
  • Die
  • Electronic Timer
  • 8 Pencils
  • Pad of Sketchy Paper
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Create drawings that match those of your partner.


  • Place the Cards, Die and the Electronic Timer where all can easily reach them.

  • Get a piece of scratch paper to keep each player's individual score.

  • Everyone should take a pencil and a piece of paper from the pad of Sketchy paper.

  • Everyone should choose a partner. ln the event of an odd number of players, the additional player spins the timer, rolls the die and reads the catagory.

Game Play

Pick a player to take a card, roll the die, and read aloud the category matching the number rolled. At the same time, another player starts the electronic timer by pressing the center button.

Everyone begins to draw things that fit the called out category, one drawing in each box on the left side of the Sketchy paper.

You may not use numbers or letters in any drawing. No peeking and guard your drawings from the view of other players.

Keep drawing items until you've filled all seven rows of your paper, or until time's up.

lf you're in the middle of a drawing when time runs out, stop drawing immediately. When your finished drawing, write (with words) what was drawn in the right column, next to the drawing.

Then, fold the right column with your written answers under, so they are hidden.

Start the timer again.

Partners compare drawings with each other. Discuss each drawing, but do not say what each drawing is. Partners try to determine if they think they have any drawings that match.

lf partners think they have a match, write in the small empty circle, the number of the partner's drawing that is believed to be a match.

Place an X in the circle for any drawings that don't match. When finished determining matches, or when time runs, out unfold each paper and reveal the written answers.

Tally the score for that round.


  • For each correct match score 2 points.

  • For each incorrect match you lose 1 point.

  • Write the score for each match or mistaken match in the score box in the description column.

  • Any drawings that you crossed off with an X don't count either way.

  • Tally the scores for each player on the scratch paper.

  • Look at everyone else's funny drawings.

The Next Round

Each player chooses a different partner, take a new piece of Sketchy Paper, and play the same as before.

End of the Game

After 3 rounds the player with the highest score wins! ln the case of a tie the player or team with the most correctly matched drawings wins!

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