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  • 40 Chips
  • 6-sided Number Die
  • 8-sided Color Die
  • Spin Timer
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Have the most points when all the chips are gone.


Stack all the chips into one central stack. Everyone should practice spinning the Spin Timer to get the hang of it - during play, when it comes to a complete stop, time is up.

Divide into teams of two or more, up to four teams. Choose a team to go first, and take turns clockwise after that.

Game Play

Roll both dice. Count from the top of the stack down, and all at once, take as many chips as are indicated by the Number Die. Look at the face of the bottom chip of the stack that was taken.

Announce the category, indicated in the ring around the edge of the chip.

Silently read the question on the chip designated by the Color Die. Take action to get your teammates to answer the designated question, and the method you must use to communicate is determined by one of the five following categories:

  • Panto-mime

    Use only your hands. You may not speak.

  • Motor Mouth

    Keep your hands on the table and use only your mouth. Do not say any part of the answer!

  • Big Question

    Read the question aloud. Simple... woohoo!

  • 7 Words

    Use only 7 words or less. Do not say any part of the answer.

  • Hum Along

    You may only hum. No talking, no gestures.

Twirl the Spin Timer

lf you get your teammates to guess the answer before the Spin Timer stops spinning, you may keep all of the chips you took for this turn, and it then becomes the next team's turn.

lf you failed to get your teammates to correctly guess the answer, the team to the right gets a chance to steal the answer and collect the points.

ln the Big Question category, the team stealing points must have original answers and may not use any answers given by the other team.

lf both teams fail to get the answer correct, put the chips you took for this turn back at the bottom of the central stack, and it becomes the next team's turn. Only one team per turn may steal an answer.

The game ends when all the chips from the central stack are taken.


Each team adds up the points located at the bottom of all the chips they have collected.

End of the Game

lf your team has the most points, you win! ln case of a tie, the team with the most individual chips wins!

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