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  • 19 Extra-Large Colorful Dice
  • Hourglass Timer
  • 8 Pencils
  • 4 Writing Pads
  • 1 Score Pad
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

To be the first Player to reach 20 points by scoring 1 point for each unique word or phrase found among the pictures.


Remove all game components and spacer insert from box bottom. Replace all dice in box bottom and cover with lid. Position box and Hourglass Timer on a table top or other surface such that they may be viewed easily by all players.

Distribute writing pads and pencils to each player (distribute individual sheets to players if necessary). Elect one player scorekeeper, and record names of all players on the score pad.

Game Play

Beginning with the youngest player, and proceeding clockwise thereafter, shake the dice in the box with the lid on to thoroughly shuffle the dice. Then place the box in the center of the table and open the lid so that all players can clearly see the dice.

If the FAST/SLOW Play dice shows "FAST PLAY", a round of Fast Play starts immediately - see below. If the FAST/SLOW Play dice shows "SLOW PLAY", the timer is started and a round of Slow Play begins.

Each round is scored per instructions and the dice are then re- shuffled in the box in advance of the next round. Play continues clockwise.

Fast Play

Players race each other to find common two word phrases or single words made from pairs of pictures. (Writing Pads and Timer are not used in Fast Play)

For example:

As soon as you believe you have found a word or phrase, quickly announce your answer as you point to the two dice which form it. Unless one or more players immediately disagree that your word or phrase is commonly known and/or a reasonable interpretation of the pictures, you remove that pair and keep it.

Should the majority of players contend that your word or phrase is not valid, you may not remove the dice and play continues uninterrupted. All players must be fair to others. This is a fun and democratic game!

Play continues until all dice have been removed or players agree that no more phrases or words can be found among the remaining dice.

Small connecting words such as and, of, in, etc. may be legitimately incorporated if the resulting phrase is well known.

For example:

Note that any picture may be legitimately interpreted many ways as long as the other players agree that the interpretation is reasonable. For example:

May be interpreted as "MATCH", "FLAME", "HEAT", "HOT"", BURN", and/or "FIRE", and likely many others. In fact, the more imaginative you are in interpreting the pictures into words the better you'll score!

It is not permitted to interpret a picture as a color. For example

May not be interpreted as "Red".

The difference between creative and contrived: The best VisualEyes players are those people who see a lot in a little picture. There is, however, a difference between a creative interpretation and an out- and-out contrivance! Consider the following:

Each group's appetite for silliness varies, but in every case majority rules. No ganging up!

And Another Thing

Acceptable words must be words and phrases in common usage. So:

Players gain one point for each pair of dice they have and record their score in the appropriate column of the score pad. All dice are then returned to the box and the next player shuffles them.

Hints for Fast Play: This is a race! Keep grabbing those dice.

Slow Play

Players race the timer to find and record as many word or phrase combinations as possible from pairs of dice.

In a "Slow Play" round the Hourglass timer is set and players record their words and phrases on the Writing Pads until time expires. All dice remain in the box until the time is up and players do not let others know what they have written.

It is not allowable to claim virtually the same word or phrase twice.

For example: ="Rock Star" or "Rock Stars" - but not both.

However, the same pair of dice may be legitimately interpreted to different ways, both of which may be claimed.

For example: = Both "Up-side" and "Down-side" may be claimed.

When time runs out, players put down their pencils, and each player, in turn, reads his or her answers. As the answers are read the other players may disallow questionable phrases or picture interpretations just as in "Fast Play" rounds.

Players also indicate if they have the identical word or phrase among their own answers. Duplicate words used by other players do not score. Each player's score for that round is one point for each unique acceptable word or phrase.

Hint for "Slow Play" :Be aggressive! Write down everything that comes to mind. You never know what people may accept or how you might be inspired by your own "near misses".

End of the Game

The first player to reach 20 points wins. In the event of a tie, the tied players play an additional "Fast Play " round to determine the ultimate VisualEyes Master!

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