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Except where noted, the standard rules of Dinosaur Island apply.

Changes to Setup

  • Use only 5 DNA dice, selected at random.

  • Add only 22 patrons and 3 hooligans to the bag.

  • Instead of the standard objective cards, use the solo objective cards. Shuffle all 16, then draw 10. Of those 10, choose 7 that will be In play this game, and place them face- up.

    Take the 3 cards that were not chosen and shuffle them together with the 6 that were not drawn, giving you a face-down Al deck of 9 cards.

  • Take the round tracker card and place a worker of an unused color on the space labeled "Round 1".

  • You may choose not to play with plot twists.

1. Research Phase

Play as normal, with the following addition: At the start of each research phase, reveal the top card of the Al deck. At the bottom of the card, you will find Icons that tell you which dice to remove from play this round, as well as which dino recipes, attractions, lab upgrades, and specialists to discard (If any).

2. Market Phase

Play as normal. In the solo game, there will be always two empty spaces In the marketplace because of the Items removed due to the previous phase.

3. Worker Phase

Play as normal.

4. Park Phase

Play as normal, with the following change: Whenever a patron is eaten, remove It from the game entirely.

It will not go back in the bag.

5. Cleanup Phase

Play as normal, with the following change: At the end of the phase, check to see if you have completed any of the objectives. You may (but are not required to) immediately score any that is completed, removing the scored objective cards from play. The number of VPs you score for an objective is determined by the round in which you complete it, earlier is better.

If you did not score any completed objectives this round, discard any one of the remaining objectives; there is no penalty for doing so. Finally, advance the worker on the round tracker card one space and begin the next round.

End of the Game

The game ends after seven rounds. Score VPs for your attractions, exhibits, and leftover money, as normal. In addition, if you were able to avoid discarding any objective cards during the game, score a 10 VP bonus.

Hint: To score the 10 VP bonus, you need to score exactly one objective in each round, which is why you might decide not to score multiple completed objectives in the same round.

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