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  • 55 Letter Cards
  • 3 Blanks
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Race to change the word in front of you. The first player to get rid of all their cards is the winner!


  1. Choose 1 player to be dealer and shuffle the card deck.

  2. Everyone agree on a 4-letterword to start (e.g., GAME).

  3. Search through the deck and place the letters G, A, M and E in the play area, as shown on the next page.

  4. Distribute the remaining letter cards as equally as possible between all of the players.

About the Card

Each card has 2 letters on it, one on the front and a different one on the back. The 2 small letters in the corners shows both letters on the card.

A quick glance and you can see all the letters in your hand.

Blanks can represent any letter. Once placed, the letter you chose cannot be changed.

Game Play

  1. Change the starter word 1 letter at a time (e.g., GAME to GATE).

  2. Place 1 letter card over another card on the table and shout out the new word.

  3. Any player can place a card down at any time - so you've got to be quick!

  4. Shout "Ready, Set, Slam!" to begin.

Acceptable Words

  • Just like the SCRABBLE boardgame, proper nouns and names (words starting with a capital letter) and acronyms (e.g., ASAP) are not allowed. If anyone thinks a word is not acceptable, they must shout "Time Out!" Once decided, either the card stays or is taken back. Either way, play continues.

  • You can play any word listed in The Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary by Merriam-Webster (or the dictionary of your choice), but remember, only use the dictionary for challenges.

  • Words can be repeated during the game, but players may not place the same letter on top of another. One letter must change every time (e.g., FATE, FAKE, FATE).

End of the Game

The first player to get rid of all their cards wins!

or... The game ends if no player can change a word. The player with the least number of cards remaining is the winner.

Rules for Double Slam

All of the rules (How To Play, Winning, etc). are the same, except instead of starting with one four-letter word on the table, you start with two connecting four-letter words.

This adds an extra challenge level that makes Slam a bit trickier to play.

For example: The two connecting words are BAKE AND BALL. Any letter in either word can be changed, as long as acceptable words remain.

This is especially important when changing the letter where the two words intersect.

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