Now you know everything you need to play the game. Should you have any questions during play about card effects or special situations, refer to the sections below.

Card Effect Clarifications

  • Alchemist: Can destroy self (and has to if it is the only card on the board). Destroying face-down cards is worth 0 coins.

  • Berserker: Can never reduce a card's strength below 0.

  • Blood Priest: The opponent chooses which card to destroy (if there are multiple).

  • Bully: Can destroy face-down cards (since they have 0 strength). …

The cute little bunnies are racing to get to the juicy carrot at the top of the hill. But watch out!

The ground beneath the bunnies can vanish causing the bunny to fall in and disappear. The draw bridge and gate may fling the bunnies off the hill or a mischievous mole may pop out and push the bunnies back down the hill.

Which bunny will be the first to get to the top of the hill and reach the carrot? …

Solo Play/ Feats

As you grow to become a stronger village leader you may collect items of great honor for your achievements. These are Feats and they grant special abilities for use in all of your future solo games.

At the end of any solo game, check all Feat cards to see if you have performed the minimum criteria of a Feat. If you have met all of the listed criteria, you have earned that Feat card and you may use it in future solo games. …


  • Card holder
  • 100 game cards
  • timer
  • score pad
  • pencil
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

The first team to get 100 or more points wins.


Divide into two teams determined by age, with older players on one team and younger players on the other team.

Decide whether you will play Easy, Medium or Difficult levels. The difficulty levels are determined by how many words you are NOT allowed to say as you try to get your team to guess the main word. …


  • 1 game board
  • 4 pawns
  • 1 pair of wacky glasses
  • 1 set of green/easy lenses
  • 1 set of yellow/medium lenses
  • 1 set of blue/difficult lenses
  • 1 die
  • 1 timer
  • 1 tablet
  • 2 pencils
  • 54 cards (162 challenges and time limits)\

Object of the Game

Be the first team to successfully make it around the game board from start to finish. Players take turns drawing challenges for their team to guess. Get it right and move towards the finish.

Get it wrong and stay where you are. The catch is that you have to draw while wearing the wacky vision-altering glasses! …

These are the 11 Landmark Cards in the base game.

If a Landmark Card features a one-time effect () it takes place before activation.

Armadale Castle:

In the Final Scoring, for the first 8 Coins you own, you receive 2 Victory Points instead of the usual 1 Victory Point per Coin.

Donan Castle:

Immediately place 1 of your Clan Markers on the Clan Board. You need to pay the road cost, if applicable.

Castle of Mey:

Instead of activating tiles in your territory by placing Castle of Mey next to them, you may immediately activate all the Tiles in your territory. Each Tile can still only be activated once per turn. …


  • 400 Punch Line Cards
  • 100 Setup Cards
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Become a comedian by playing Punch Line cards to A make the funniest scenarios or phrases, and be the first player to five points!


Set out the Setup Cards (red) face down in a pile. Deal seven Punch Line Cards (yellow) to each player, and place the rest face down, in a separate pile from the Setup Cards.

Now prepare yourself for some crazy family humor!

Game Play

  • The brilliant, funny and talented guy or gal who owns the game goes first! …

Mermaid Island is a cooperative game, meaning all players work together for one outcome-everyone wins or loses together.

Sometimes in a cooperative game, a player might choose to do something that will help the next player on her next move. That's working together and it's very generous- like sharing!


  • 1 Game Board
  • 4 Wands
  • 1 Sea Witch With Stand
  • 1 Spinner
  • 3 Mermaids

Object of the Game

The Mermaids are on their way back to Mermaid Island after a day out visiting friends in the sea. The Sea Witch has spotted them and wants to get to the island first in order to claim it as her own. …


  • Topix Cards (1 deck of pink and 1 deck of blue),
  • Playing board
  • 4 playing counters,
  • Topic answer pad,
  • Pencils
  • Sand timer
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

To name examples of chosen topics against the clock - the more that you can find, the better you'll do!

Game Elements

Please cheek that you have the following:

Playing Cards: Two packs in total: One pack of Letter cards with a letter of the alphabet on one face. Some cards have a * symbol, for which you may choose any letter you wish. One pack of Topic cards with two topics per card face. …


  • Game Board
  • 300 Stupid Deaths Cards
  • 6 Player Pawns
  • 1 Grim Reaper with Stand
  • 12 True and False Voting Cards
  • 6 Extra Life Tokens
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

In Stupid Deaths, there are two ways a player can win:

  1. Be the first player to reach the finish (the RED space on the Game Board).
  2. Be the last player on the Game Board after all other players have been caught by the Grim Reaper.


Each player chooses a Player Pawn and places it on the GREEN space at the bottom of the Game Board. Players place the Grim Reaper on the RED space at the top of the Game Board. …