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  • 31 Action Cards
  • 62 Color Cards
  • 1 The Closer card
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first Player to collect 20 points. Points are scored by ridding yourself of all cards in your hand before your opponents and then collecting 1 point for each card left in their hands.

The Cards

Each card has 3 segments. There are 3 different kinds of segments: Colored, Action and Black X.

Game Play

Six cards are dealt face down to everyone. Remaining cards form the Draw Pile. One card from the Draw Pile is turned over to create the Playfield, the area where cards get matched. There is only one Playfield at any given time. The youngest player goes first and play continues clockwise.

On each turn, a player tries to place a card in the Playfield By matching a segment from a card in his or her hand to one in the Playfield. Only one card can Be played per turn unless a Go Again segment is matched.

A player must play a card if possible. If a player cannot match a segment, that player must take one card from the Draw Pile. If the drawn card is playable, it may ne placed in the Playfield immediately. If not, it is the next player's turn.

Matching Rules

With the exception of The Closer card, Black X segments cannot Be matched (Example 1).

Example 1

If a player matches 2 segments of a card at once (see Example 2), all other players must draw one card from the Draw Pile. If a player matches all 3 segments, all other players must draw 2 cards.

Example 2

Action Segments

Actions only happen after the Action segment is matched in the Playfield.

Skip Next the next player's turn is skipped.

Go Again allows the player who made the match to play an additional card.

Opponent Draws 3 allows the player to select an opponent who must draw three cards. If this segment is matched to end a round, this action is taken before points are awarded.

Closing The Playfield

During the course of a round, the Playfield may be Closed once, multiple times, or not at all. Closing the Playfield is not the end of a round and no points are awarded. There are three different ways to close the Playfield.

  1. Cutthroat Closing is when a card is played that prevents any other cards from Being matched in the Playfield.

  2. If Everyone Draws consecutively and cannot play a card, the Playfield is considered closed. The last player who matched a card Closed the Playfield.

  3. The Closer is a card that must Be matched to at least 2 Black X segments to Be successfully played. If this happens the Playfield is instantly closed. There are no extra cards dealt for matching two or three segments.

After the Playfield is closed By any of the above means, the player who matched the last card gives all other players one card from the Draw Pile, the current Playfield is cleared, and a new card from the Draw Pile is turned over to create a new Playfield.

The round continues with the player who matched the last card going first.

End of the Round

A round is over after a player matches his or her last card. That player receives one point for each card remaining in all other players' hands.

All cards are then collected, shuffled and dealt with one card turned over from the Draw Pile to create a new Playfield. The winner of the previous round plays the first card.

End of the Game

The first player to 20 points wins!

Tips And Strateqies

  • Closing the Playfield is advantageous! The player who Closes the Playfield essentially gets to play two cards in a row, while everyone else has to draw a card.

  • If a player has only one card remaining, other players should play cards that limit that player's options. The fewer playaBle colors, the Better!

  • When shuffling, it's easiest to mix the cards around on a flat surface and then push them into a single pile.

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