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  • 6 The Price is Right wipe-off Bid Boards
  • 4 Bid Board Markers
  • 1DVD Game

Object of the Game

Be the player to win the highest total in cash and prizes.


To play The Price is Right in its "true TV format", you will need six players.

Note: For a one-player game, play for your personal high score without the Showcase.

Deal the six Bid Boards to all six players. Pass the Bid Board Markers to the first four players who will form Contestant's Row.

Note: The easiest method to determine the four Contestant's Row players is to draw cards. The four highest card values earn the first four spots.

Setting Up the DVD:

Insert the Game DVD into the player. After a short introduction - and a message from host Drew Carey - the Main Menu will appear. Choose one player to operate the remote when navigating the Main Menu and Contestant's Row screens, but for all Pricing Games, the player in turn will handle the remote.

Use the arrow keys on your remote to navigate between menu items, products, and prices. Use the center, play, or enter button to activate a menu, product, or price selection.

Select start game from the Main Menu. Then select the number of contestants you are playing with, and The Price is Right game will begin with the first item up for bids on Contestant's Row.

Game Play

The game has four stages:

  1. Contestant's Row

    Players bid on a prize and the player who bids closest to the actual retail price of that prize without going over moves onto a pricing game.

  2. Pricing Game

    The Contestant's Row winner gets their chance to play one of twelve pricing games.

  3. Showcase Showdown

    All players get their chance at the big wheel. The two players who come closest to one dollar, without going over, move onto The Showcase.

  4. The Showcase

    The player who has won the most is first to bid. They may either bid or pass the first showcase to the next player.

    If player one elects to pass the first showcase, showcase number two will display and player one will bid on that showcase.

    Whoever comes closest to the actual retail price, without going over, wins their showcase.

Play for six players proceeds as follows:

    • Contestant's Row Game #1
    • Pricing Game #1
    • Player 5 fills in for the first Contestant's Row winner.
    • Contestant's Row Game #2
    • Pricing Game #2
    • Player 6 fills in for the second Contestant's Row winner.
    • Contestant's Row Game #3
    • Pricing Game #3
    • Showcase Showdown #1
    • Contestant's Row Game #4
    • Pricing Game #4
    • Contestant's Row Game #5
    • Pricing Game #5
    • Pricing Game #6
    • Showcase Showdown #2
    • The Showcases

For each stage, the DVD host will tell you how to play. After each stage of the game, be sure to record any winnings you may have accumulated on your bid board.

The player who wins the Showcase wins the game.

Additional Information

  1. Contestant's Row

    Each player writes a bid for the selected item on the Opening Bid section of the Bid Board.

    Note: For more The Price is Right authenticity, have players announce their bid before revealing the actual retail price. No two players may have the same bid. When new players join Contestant's Row, they announce their bid first.

    Use the remote to reveal the actual retail price of an item.

    The player whose bid was the closest to the actual retail price without going over wins that prize and takes the remote to play a Pricing Game.

    In the event all players overbid, simply select the ALL OVERBID option on your screen for a new item.

  2. Pricing Games

    The Price is Right DVD Edition features 8 of the most popular pricing games featured on The Price is Right TV game show:

    • Half Off
    • Secret X
    • Hole In One
    • More or less
    • Swap meet
    • That's too much
    • Coming or going
    • Plinko!

    Your DVD host will guide you through each of the selected pricing games.

    Notes on selected Pricing Games:

    Secret X:

    X's cannot be lined up in a column.

    Hole in One:

    Please write down the item names on the spaces provided on your answer board in order from lowest price to highest. Then lock your order in using your remote.

    Each putting line will reveal the prices of the items in the order you selected them. The putting lines will NOT reveal each item, so please record your items on the answer board to follow along.

  3. Showcase Showdown

    Showcase Showdown number one is played at the halfway point of the game.

    Showcase Showdown number two is played directly before the Showcase. For 1 - 3 player games, play only one Showdown, and have the highest two scores compete in the Showcase Round.

  4. The Showcase

    The Showdown winner with the highest score has the option to play or pass the first Showcase.

    If your bid is within $250 of the actual retail price of your showcase, you win BOTH showcases!

    In the event that both players overbid, please select another Showcase round from the game menu.

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