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  • 120 shootout cards
  • 8 paper pads 8 pencils
  • 1 rubber moustache
  • Instructions


Gather two or more friends in your saloon. One person plays as Mr Lister. They grab the mustache, pencil, scorecard and read the questions.

They're in charge. (You can alternate who plays Mr Lister after each card, if you like, so that everyone gets a chance to play). Now each team grabs a pencil and pad and it's time to play. Yeeha!

Object of the Game

To win cards and collect the drinks on the reverse. The first team to collect five different drinks wins.

Game Play

Mr Lister reads out a question to both teams. For example: "There are 8 common ways to boil an egg. List 'em".

Both teams now get a few seconds to write down as many answers as they can... then it's shootout time. The first team fires off an answer, e.g. "Fried!". If it's on the card, they score a hit and Mr Lister marks the score card. If it's wrong they miss and don't score.

Now it's the other teams turn to fire off an answer and try to score a hit. Or to miss.

The first team now get their second shot. And so on. The shootout ends when each team have finally fired off three answers, hit or miss. The most hits wins the card. If it is a tie, then everyone's in the Last Chance Saloon!

Last Chance Saloon

In the Last Chance Saloon, both teams take on the Impossible Question to decide who walks away with the card, and the drink on the back from Mr Lister's bar.

For example, on the "Ways to cook an egg" card, the Impossible Question is: "How many minutes does it take to boil an ostrich egg?"

After a few seconds of head-scratching, both teams write down their answer.

Then Mr Lister counts "1... 2... 3... Draw!" and both teams flip over their final shot at glory.

The closest to the answer wins the card and the drink on the back. (In the very unlikely event of a dead heat, no team wins the card. It rolls over to the next round. Now everyone's back in and shooting for two drinks).

Extra Drink

Collect two spare drinks and you can give them to Mr Lister who will confiscate a drink from another team for you, and return it to the pile. Collect three spare drinks and swap them with Mr Lister for the drink of your choice.

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