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In this expansion, Team Spirit, the splitting of the loot becomes a family business! Discover the joys of working with a team and hire powerful mercenaries.

This expansion introduces team play and the Mercenary module. During your team-based games, you can decide whether or not to include the Mercenaries.


  • 4 foam guns
  • 7 Characters
  • 7 plastic stands
  • 1 Shadow Trading tile
  • 1 Mercenary Recruitment tile
  • 4 Power cards
  • 2 Evil Twin cards
  • 3 Surprise cards
  • 8 Ammo cards
  • 4 Envelope tokens
  • 12 Mercenary cards
  • The expansion's rules


Setup is the same as that of the base game, except as noted. The changes are shown in green.

Each player takes 1 Gun, 5 Click cards, 3 Bang! cards, as well as one Character they place standing in front of themselves.

The players get a specific Character according to their team. The players of a same team thus play with Characters of the same color.

  • Equipe Rouge: Farha, Kasi, Kush
  • Equipe Verte: Nikita, Boris, Natasha
  • Equipe Blanche: Pedro, Maria, Pinto
  • Equipe Marron: Luca, Mama.

Divide the teams in the following way (each letter represents a different team) around the table:

Shuffle all of the Power cards (the new ones and the ones from the base game) face down, and deal two cards to each player. The team can choose to consult with each other member.

Each player chooses one from among the two they were dealt, and places it face up in front of their Character, and discards the other to the box. Go around the table once for each player to explain their power.

Exception: In a 7 players game, the two players of the same team sitting next to one another don't get a Power card at the beginning of the game. They instead each get an Evil Twin card.

Shuffle all of the Loot cards and divide them into 8 piles of 8 face-down cards.

Put the New Godfather tile and the Shadow Trading tile in the middle of the table, next to the Loot cards. Put the Wound tokens nearby.

Give the Godfather's desk to the oldest player, who places it in front of their Character.

Note: If you're playing with 9 players and no-one has taken a special Gun, you can use any special Gun included in this box as though it were a basic one.

Game Play

A game turn proceeds in the same way as in the basic game, with the following changes.

Beginning of the Turn

Turn 8 Loot cards face up and make sure that the New Godfather and Shadow Trading tiles have their "available" sides face up.

The Teammate Rules

The playing of the game is similar to a "classic" game. But the following two rules must be added:

  • Players may not take aim at a teammate.
  • During the splitting of the loot, a player can use the Medkit or the Clip on a living teammate, even if that teammate isn't taking part in the split.

The Shadow Trading Tile

During the splitting of the loot, the Shadow Trading tile works like the New Godfather tile. A player can choose to use its power by flipping it over instead of taking a Loot card.

That player can then trade one of their cards for a teammate's card of the same type (Loot, Ammo, Power or Surprise).

Note: The players are free to talk out loud about their choice. Players are allowed to make a trade with a dead teammate, in which case that teammate chooses the card.

Evil Twin (7 Players Game)

During the splitting of the loot, if both Evil Twins are present, only one of them participates. Which Twin is the participating player is at their discretion.

The Evil Twins are considered to be two distinct players for all other situations.

End of the Game

As in the base game, the game ends at the end of the eighth loot splitting turn. Only the players still alive take part in the score tally. The player who has the most Diamond cards takes the $60,000 bonus tile.

Then, each player individually tallies the total worth of their loot (Bills, Paintings,..)., then the teammates (who are still alive) add their scores together to get their teams' total score.

The richest team wins the game.

In case of a tie, it's the team with the most wounds who is victorious. If a tie still occurs, the teams share the victory.

Note: If at any point of the game, only members of a single team are left alive, that team automatically wins the game.

The Mercenaries

Once you become familiar with team play, play with the Mercenaries.


Setup is identical to team play, with the three following changes:

Add the Mercenary Recruitment tile to the New Godfather and Shad- ow Trading tiles in the middle of the table, next to the Loot cards.

Place four Mercenary tiles face up for all players to see (for your first game, we suggest you play with the following Mercenaries: CatGirl, Jay Bond, Dre Gray and Miss Pencilhands).

Be careful: three Mercenaries (Clemenz'Hand, Forger Frankie and Jason UPS) require the More Cash'n More Guns expansion in order to be used.

Next to the Mercenary tiles, place the Envelope tokens corresponding to each team taking part in the game.

The Mercenary Recruitment Tile

During the splitting of the loot, the Mercenary Recruitment tile works just like the New Godfather tile. A player can choose to use its power by flipping it over instead of taking a Loot card.

The player can then choose to place one of their Loot cards under the Envelope token corresponding to their team. That share is lost, but will allow them to hire a Mercenary at the end of the game.

End of the Game

As with the basic game, the game ends at the end of the eighth loot splitting turn.

Before tallying up anything, each team will be able to recruit a Mercenary and get their end of game bonus.

Reveal the total amount each team has placed under their Envelope token.

The teams then recruit in turn a Mercenary according to the amount invested during the game, starting with the team which has invested the most. The power of a recruited Mercenary is immediately applied.

Be careful: you need to have paid at least one card to take part in this phase. A team that has placed no cards under their Envelope token will get nothing.

If multiple teams have invested the same amount, it's the team that has invested the most cards who chooses first. In case of a new tie, it's the last Godfather who decides between the tied teams.

Example: Red team has invested 3 $5,000 Bills, green team invested 2 $10,000 Bills, and the white team invested 1 $10,000 Bill and 1 $5,000 Bill. The green team will choose first, then the red team, and finally the white team.

If you play with the More Cash 'n More Guns expansion, the last Godfather decides before the recruitment of Mercenaries if Fake Bills are counted or not.

Effects of the Mercenaries

  • Agent 48: The team wounds the player of their choice.

  • Catgirl: One of the players from the team steals a Loot card from an opposing player of their choice.

    The player repeats this action until they've stolen 3 Bills or 2 Diamonds or 1 Painting. The player can change targets between each theft.

  • Dre GRAY: The team can resurrect a dead teammate.

  • Fake Elvis: Two living players in the team get married. Their loot is counted together. They receive $20,000 as a wedding gift.

    Clarification: this Mercenary allows one team to tally the Diamonds and Paintings of two players as if they were a single player.

    If one of the two married players would die after the wedding (because of Agent 48, for example), the widowed player keeps all of the loot.

  • Hot Mail: Hot Mail is considered to be a new member of the team and has his own loot.

    That loot is made up of all of the cards placed under the Envelope tokens.

  • Jay Bond: The team increases the value of all of their $5,000 Bills.

    They are now worth $15.000.

  • Lady Diamonds: The team decides to increase or reduce the Diamond bonus by 30.000$.

  • Miss Pencilhand: One of the members of the team adds a Painting to their collection.

  • Zombie Boy: Zombie Boy is considered to be a new member of the team and has his own loot. That loot is made up of all of a dead opponent's Loot cards.

The following three Mercenaries require the More Cash 'n More Guns expansion to be used.

  • Clemenz'hand: During the game, when the Godfather uses the Safe tile, place the share of the Loot meant for the right hand under Clemenz'Hand. He is considered to be a new member of the team and has his own loot.

    That loot is made up of cards he's l-3 gained and any Loot cards remaining under the Safe tile.

  • Forger Frankie: The team gains $5,000 for each Fake Bill in their possession (whether Fake Bills are counted or not).

  • Jason Ups: The team decides to increase or reduce the value of the Suitcase and of the Key cards by $25,000.

The New Powers

  • The Desert Sparrow: Take the Desert Sparrow and return your basic Gun to the box.

    During the game, the player you're aiming at cannot aim back at you. In this case, he must change target.

  • The Grappling: Take the Grappling Gun and return your basic Gun to the box.

    When you reveal a Bang!, you can decide not to wound the targeted character. In that situation, that character is laid down, and you take one of their loot shares of your choice instead.

  • The Silencer: Take the Silencer and put it on your basic Gun.

    During the game, you will shoot with your Click cards instead of with your Bang! cards.

  • The Taser: Take the Taser and return your basic Gun to the box.

    When you reveal a Bang!, you can decide not to wound the targeted Character. In that situation, the Character is laid down and must discard two of their Loot cards randomly and add them to the current loot for the turn.

The New Surprises

  • Flash Bang: Before the Aiming phase, all of the other players must close their eyes and aim blindly. They will only open their eyes after the Courage Phase.

    Clarifications: Ignore the Godfather's Privilege phase, the Kid's and the Cunning's powers, as well as the Desert Sparrow's power. The player who has their eyes open must inform the players who aren't aiming at other players clearly enough.

    The player with open eyes can also give all of the hints that they want (whether true or false).

  • Jammed Weapons: After the Courage phase, ignore the card application phase and move straight on to splitting the loot. Discard all of the Ammo cards played this turn. These have no effect.

  • Parcel Bomb: At the beginning of the Loot Splitting phase, place a Wound token on a share or a tile of the Loot. The player who takes that share also takes the token.

    Clarification: a player cannot refuse to take a share or a tile of the Loot.

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