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The mountain is calling! Equipped with pick axes and the secret knowledge of the mine elves, the dwarfs rush below ground in order to dig up precious crystals. Everybody gets his own mine gallery in which he tries to dig out the crystals that are said to lie there, according to the elves.

If a dwarf manages to find the predicted crystals in all the sections of his gallery, he shouts aloud "OUT OF MINE!" This is the signal for all dwarfs to drop their pick axes and return to daylight. …

You approach the cluster of nobles (and one or two not-so-nobles] that have gathered to hear the herald's proclamation.

"Since the king is old and has no heir, he has declared that the first noble to hold 10 precious gems will succeed him as ruler of this great land".

In a bold outburst, you step into the circle of people. "I will be the next king!" you announce

But the faces of the very nobles that you've oft feasted with don't agree. And so, you find yourself on the edge of a great feudal war. …


  • 139 cards
  • 58 tokens
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The goal of the game is to earn the most points by matching cards with other players.


1 Separate the Action Cards (square cards) by color and place them face down in three piles on the table. Turn over the top card from each Action Card pile and place them in the Play Area.

For your first game, we recommend searching through the three piles and putting "Be a T-Rex", "Flex your muscles", and "Draw a circle in the air into the Play Area. …

Two player games are cooperative. The goal is to work together to move all the Tokens from the table into the Box Top.

Read the "SETUP" and "GAMEPLAY" sections of the rules to get started, then come back here.

Two Players Matching Cards

After watching each other perform, you both must now decide if you think the values on your Number Cards match or not. (In the two-player version, it's okay to decide that you don't match!)

Once you both agree on MATCH* or NO MATCH, turn over your cards simultaneously to see if you were right. If you both agree that you match, you do not need to specify an exact match or a near match. …

A deck-building game for 2-4 players about growing an ancient civilization to greatness.


  1. Each player takes a reference card. Give one person the first player token randomly.

  2. Form a supply with the tokens:

  3. Each player takes one tableau and places their Civilization Level marker on the zero.

  4. Shuffle and deal one face down Monument to each player, who may examine it.

    Example Monument:

  5. Each player takes 5 different cards. Shuffle the Civilization cards and deal 5 to each player. Shuffle these with your cards to form your decks. …

"This Americdn system of ours... all it Amerlaulsm, all it capitalism, all it what you like, gives to each and ever one of us a great opportunity if we only seize it with both hands and make the most of it "

Al Capone (899-1947)

The Lowdown

In Family Business, you lead a family of mobsters intent on being the only gang in town.

You use your resources-Contracts, Hits and more-to eliminate your opponents while trying to save your own mobsters. The winner is the last player with any mobsters left. …


  • 220 Cards
  • True or False Die
  • Shaker
  • Token Bag Timer
  • 60 blue tokens (1 point each)
  • 40 red tokens (3 points each)
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to score 21 token points by correctly betting when other players are telling the truth or pulling your leg and by fooling players with your own stories.


Choose a banker: The banker distributes 7 token points (4 blue tokens & 1 red token) to each player to start the game. Blue tokens are worth 1 point and red tokens are worth 3 points. …

In Marvel United, 2 to 4 players take the role of Heroes working together to thwart the master plan of a Villain. You'll build a Storyline by drawing the Villain's cards and playing your own Hero cards to counter the Villain's schemes.

Your cards allow you to move your Hero around, rescue Civilians, defeat Thugs, clear Threats, and use your Hero's unigue powers. Choose cards carefully, as Heroes can unite their abilities to act as the perfect team. Meanwhile, the Villain will roam the city, weaving their plan, spreading chaos, deploying Henchmen, and attacking the Heroes. …


  • 1 game board
  • 4 player boards
  • 55 Dominoes
  • 74 Plants
  • 21 area tokens
  • 4 score markers
  • 30 Cloud Tokens
  • 1 Joker Marker
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

In a polluted valley, you have set yourselves the task of helping nature reclaim what is hers.

Along the course of a brook, you place dominoes with animals on them and replant the adjacent areas to score points.

When all dominoes have been played, the game ends with a final scoring and the player with the most points wins.


  1. Place the game board in the middle of the table. …


  • 91 photo cards
  • 48 coordinates tokens
  • 24 colored cubes
  • 1 Pictures frame
  • 6 different building blocks
  • 4 sticks and 4 stones
  • 19 icon cards
  • 1 long and 1 short shoe lace
  • 4 oval number tokens
  • 4 oval letter tokens
  • 4 Pictures plates
  • 1 cloth bag
  • 1 note pad


Shuffle all 91 photo cards and place 16 of them as seen on the right (4 by 4 cards) in the middle of the table. Mark the lines with the letter tokens and the columns with the number tokens. The photo cards stay in place for the entire game.

Put all coordinates tokens into the cloth bag and shuffle them. …