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Two player games are cooperative. The goal is to work together to move all the Tokens from the table into the Box Top.

Read the "SETUP" and "GAMEPLAY" sections of the rules to get started, then come back here.

Two Players Matching Cards

After watching each other perform, you both must now decide if you think the values on your Number Cards match or not. (In the two-player version, it's okay to decide that you don't match!)

Once you both agree on MATCH* or NO MATCH, turn over your cards simultaneously to see if you were right. If you both agree that you match, you do not need to specify an exact match or a near match.

Being Right

If you were right about "match" or you were right about "no match".

  • Exact Match

    The values on both cards are the same.

    Reward: Move 2 Tokens into the Box Top.

  • Near Match

    The values on the cards are within 1 of each other.

    Reward: Move 1 Token into the Box Top.

  • No Match

    The cards are not an Exact Match or a Near Match.

    Reward: Move 1 Token into the Box Top.

Being Wrong

If you were wrong about "match" or you were wrong about "no match".

Penalty: the game is over immediately.

When your team is right, move the rewarded Tokens from the table into the Box Top. Next, discard your Number Cards into the Box Top, draw new ones, and continue playing.

Read "SWAP CARDS" to learn what to do if you draw a Swap Card. You are not allowed to skip cards in a two-player game.

To win the game, your team must move all 15 Tokens from the table to the Box Top.


Winning the two player game is designed to be HARD!

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