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  • 91 photo cards
  • 48 coordinates tokens
  • 24 colored cubes
  • 1 Pictures frame
  • 6 different building blocks
  • 4 sticks and 4 stones
  • 19 icon cards
  • 1 long and 1 short shoe lace
  • 4 oval number tokens
  • 4 oval letter tokens
  • 4 Pictures plates
  • 1 cloth bag
  • 1 note pad


Shuffle all 91 photo cards and place 16 of them as seen on the right (4 by 4 cards) in the middle of the table. Mark the lines with the letter tokens and the columns with the number tokens. The photo cards stay in place for the entire game.

Put all coordinates tokens into the cloth bag and shuffle them.

Each player then takes one arbitrary set of materials. Place the remaining sets (only in games with 3 or 4 players) to the right of the oldest player.

Each player also takes 1 scoring sheet and a pen or pencil (not included). Then write the names of each other player into the first line of the scoring sheet.

Game Play

Sequence of a round:

  1. Each player pulls out 1 covert coordinates token from the cloth bag.

    The coordinates on the token designate the secret photo card. Then each player places their token face down in front of themselves.

  2. All players simultaneously rebuild the image on their secret photo card with their set of materials in such a way that it is recognizable. The materials of the set may be arranged in any way and not all of them have to be used.

    There are two exceptions: players must place 2 to 5 icon cards side by side and they must use exactly 9 color cubes and place them in a 3 by 3 square grid into the pictures frame.

    To indicate the "bottom" of their arrangement, players can place the Pictures plate at the bottom side. (The icon cards don't need a Pictures plate and the Pictures frame shows also a Pictures plate).


  3. What photo have the other players pictured?

    Players write on the scoring sheet underneath the name of each other player their guess (the coordinates) of the depicted photo. Players should take a blind guess, if otherwise it takes too long to figure it out.

  4. Eventually the guesses are checked. Before one player reveals their coordinates token, the other players name their guesses. Each player that has guessed correctly receives 1 point.

    The player whose photo was up for guesses, receives 1 point for each correct guess by the other players. All points are marked as a tally in the last column of the scoring sheet.

    In the same way each photo of each player is scored in a clockwise direction. If, for example, in a round, one player has guessed 2 photos of other players correctly and her photo has been guessed correctly by 3 other players, she scores 5 points.

    Finally put the coordinates tokens of this round aside into the game box.

Preparing the Next Round

Each set of materials is moved to the next position to the left. In a game with 5 players each player gives their set of materials in a clockwise direction to the next player to their left.

In a game with 3 or 4 players, there are 2 or 1 set(s) of materials respectively placed to the right of the oldest player. These are also moved by one position to the left.

The oldest player thus receives a set of materials that was not used during the last round and the set of materials of the neighbor to their right is not used in the next round.

End of the Game

The game ends after 5 rounds. Each player then has pictured one photo with each set of materials once.

Tally up the scores of each round. Whoever has scored the most points wins the game. In case of a tie, all players participating in the tie win together.

Each coordinates-token is included three times, so it is possible that the same picture card has to be pictured with the same set of materials. To avoid this, players may agree to one of the following variants:

  1. The player pulls out a new coordinates-token from the bag and then returns the other token to the bag.

  2. Replace the used photo cards with newly drawn cards from the stack at the end of each round. The photo cards that need replacements are indicated by the coordinates-tokens of that round. After replacing the cards, return all coordinates-tokens to the bag.

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