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Other UNO Games

Challenge Uno

This game is scored by keeping a running total of what each player is caught holding in his/her hand. As each player reaches a designated amount (500 Is suggested), that player is eliminated from the game.

When only two players are left in the game, they play head to head. (See Rules for Two Players above). When a player reaches or exceeds the amount designated, they lose.

The winner of that final hand is declared the winning player of the game. This variation is the most challenging to play. This Variation The Most Challenging Way To Play.


Sit across from your partner. When either partner goes out, the hand is over. Total all of the points in both opposing partners' hands and score for the winning team.

With four players, play four hands with each of the other three players as your partner (a total of 12 hands). Each player keeps track of his/her points scored in each partnership. Play several rounds, with the person scoring the highest number of points declared the winner.

With eight players, play two separate games at two tables, with each player having every other player as a partner for four hands each (a total of 28 hands). Score as above.

Rules For Two Players

The following special rules apply to two-player UNO:

  1. Playing a Reverse card works like playing a Skip card. By playing the Reverse card, you may immediately play another card.

  2. By playing a Skip card, you may immediately play another card.

  3. After playing a Draw 2 card or a Wild Draw 4 card, your opponent draws the number of cards indicated, and play is back to you.

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