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In Anachrony, you are the Leader of one of New Earth's ideological Paths: Harmony, Dominance, Progress and Salvation. Your ultimate goal is to prepare for an upcoming asteroid impact, secure the future of your people, and overcome the other three Paths as the dominant ideology in shaping humanity's future.

The game is played through up to seven rounds, called Eras, each symbolizing several years. After the fourth Era, the asteroid impact occurs, changing how the remaining Eras play out, and triggering the countdown to the game end. …

This 7 Wonders expansion allows you to build fleets of Ships to conquer the seas. New Armada and Island cards enrich the game and increase the interaction between players. The flow of the game is slightly changed, but the victory conditions remain identical to those of the base game of 7 Wonders.


  • 8 Dockyard boards
  • 32 Ship figures (8 each in 4 colors)
  • 24 Armada cards
  • 27 Island cards
  • 2 Incursion tokens
  • 6 coins of value 6
  • 4 game aids
  • 48 Naval Conflict tokens
  • 6 Ground Conflict tokens
  • 1 score booklet
  • This rulebook

Game Elements

Note: In order to differentiate the new elements from those already existing, the naming of some elements from the base game have been changed: …

Players are nobles in charge of a growing city, attempting to build it up into the most prestigious population center in the country. You start with a player board and five different dice that represent your city.

During the game, you use dice to activate locations in order to gather resources, train armies, and build even more grandiose locations.

Adding locations, defeating bandits, and exporting goods with trade ships can reward you with victory points (VP).

Object of the Game

The player with the most VP at the end of the game wins. …


  • 20 Location tiles
  • 35 big size Lords cards (65x100mm)
  • 71 small size Allies cards (42x63mm)
  • 50 plastic pearls
  • 20 Monster tokens
  • 10 Key tokens
  • 1 game board
  • 1 score pad
  • 5 Shell plastic cups
  • 1 Threat Track
  • 1 Threat Token
  • 1 rulebook


1. Place the game board in the middle of the table.

2. Shuffle the Exploration cards and form a face down deck on the Exploration Track.

3. Shuffle the Lord cards and form a face down deck on the Lords space. Then, turn over the top six cards and place them in the Court. …

Object of the Game

In K2, each player directs a team of two mountaineers who in competition with other teams are trying to reach the peak of K2 and survive until the end of an 18-day expedition. Important elements include selecting a suitable route to the summit, blocking other players, placing tents optimally, and paying attention to the weather, which significantly affects the difficulty of climbing to the summit.

Players will move their mountaineers on the board with cards which they play every turn. The higher a particular climber goes, the more victory points the climber earns at the end of the game - but in the upper parts of the mountain one must be careful about a climber's acclimatization level. If it falls below 1, the exhausted mountaineer dies, and the player receives no victory points gained by that climber. …


  • 1 gameboard
  • 1 Cathedral (to be assembled)
  • 12 Tower tiles (markers showing the rounds)
  • 1 Oath Charter (starting player marker)
  • 50 Action tiles
  • 4 barges in player colors
  • 52 seals in player colors
  • 12 family crests in player colors
  • 33 cards (English)
  • 12 city coats of arms
  • 8 Descendant tiles
  • 26 coins
  • 30 Ulm Sparrows
  • 1 cloth bag
  • 1 set of instructions in 2 parts: the basic rulebook, and the Ulm Chronicle with additional information on the game components and the theme

Object of the Game

Try to accumulate the most victory points through activities in different areas of city life in Ulm. Each round, you have three actions. …


  • 64 large hexagonal tiles:
  • 48 Village tiles (including 4 summer boat tiles).
  • 48 skill tokens
  • 120 octagonal wooden resource counters
  • 6 home screens
  • 12 plastic zip lock storage bags
  • Black cloth bag


A Place the blue, red and yellow workers in the cloth bag. B Place the green workers, resource counters and skill tiles at the side of the playing surface.

C Sort the resource counters into the four different types to create a general supply at the side of the playing surface.

D Place the skill tiles face down into a pile at the side of the playing surface. …


  • One player board
  • 4 player boards
  • 28 discs to track shifts and training
  • 4 certification meeples and 4 worker meeple
  • 20 player lock tiles
  • 4 Player aid sheet
  • 1 pink worker pawn
  • 1 pink cylinder to track the week count
  • 1 white cylinder to track the production cycle
  • 1 white wooden car to track the production cycle
  • 6 cubes to trace car parts value
  • 9 cubes x 6 colors representing car parts
  • 8 wooden car tokens x 5 colors (green, blue, yellow, red and black)
  • 1 two sided production track overlay for 2 and 3-player games
  • A big huge white wooden token to signal the meetings (building shaped)
  • 12 kanban cards to order parts
  • 32 CEO goal cards
  • 7 blueprints x 5 models
  • 44 seat tiles (24 red and 20 in player colors)
  • 12 factory goal tiles
  • 5 kanban tiles for cars demand
  • 20 plaque award tiles
  • 16 book tiles
  • 12 wild cube tiles
  • 6 final score tiles
  • Rulebook

Board Description

  1. Testing & Innovation Department
  2. Assembly Line Department
  3. Logistics Department
  4. Design Department
  5. Administration Department
  6. Recycling
  7. Human Resources

Departmental workstations = Action Spaces

Arcadia Quest is a campaign game for 2 to 4 players, in which each player controls a Guild with three unique Heroes. These Guilds compete against each other and against the obstacles in the game in order to accomplish a series of scenarios that will lead them to ultimate victory against the Vampire Lord Fang.

Players are able to choose the path their campaign takes, navigating through six out of eleven available scenarios, so each time the campaign is played it can have a different configuration of scenarios. The feats accomplished by a Guild in each scenario can grant it a significant strategic advantage in a following scenario. …

In the city of London, a team of forensic experts are sent out to crack the unsolvable cases. Homicides, robberies, and the unimaginable crimes will not go unpunished. Proof of evidence and motive is key to locking the suspect behind bars. Find the hidden clues in the crime scene to uncover the trail to the truth.


  • 12 Location Boards
  • 4 forensic Boards
  • 1 Evidence Board
  • 40 Character Cards
  • 40 Evidence Category & Special Item Cards

Chronicles of Crime requires a free app, which you can download from Store or Google Play. You only need the app installed on one phone or tablet to play. It's impossible to play without the app (once downloaded, the app doesn't require any internet connection during gameplay). The language can be changed within the application.


  • 1 main board
  • 100 wooden discs
  • 20 wooden pawns
  • 25 white tech resource cubes
  • 40 CEPs: big, purple wooden discs
  • 1 CEP Market Price marker: big, red wooden disc
  • 1 Global CO2 Pollution Level marker
  • 1 Decade counter
  • 1 Round counter
  • 30 two-sided project tiles
  • 5 Forestation power plant tiles
  • 5 Biomass power plant tiles
  • 5 Solar power plant tiles
  • 5 Recycling power plant tiles
  • 5 Cold fusion power plant tiles
  • 10 Coal power plant tiles 10 Oil power plant tiles
  • 10 Natural Gas power plant tiles
  • 8 Regional Agenda tiles
  • 18 Summit tiles
  • 26 Lobby cards
  • 13 UN Goal cards
  • 7 Company Goal cards
  • 6 Event cards
  • 50 coins
  • 1 starting player tile


Place the gameboard on the table. Each player chooses a color and takes: …

In Elder Sign, 1 to 8 players take on the role of investigators struggling to combat one of the Ancient Ones-vast, powerful creatures that dwell in the space between dimensions.

The investigators face adventures in and around the museum where the Ancient One's imminent return has been causing a number of bizarre events.

Through these adventures, the investigators acquire rewards. The most prized resource that can be gained is an Elder Sign, which is used to seal away the Ancient One and win the game. …

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