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  • 8 Blue Blocks
  • 8 Red Blocks
  • 8 Green Blocks
  • 8 Yellow Blocks
  • 4 Draw two Blocks
  • 4 Reverse Blocks
  • 4 Skip Blocks
  • 1 Wold Block

Object of the Game

Don't make the tower fall! Pull blocks that match the color or number of the last one pulled and re-stack them on the top. Or pull an Action Block, and make the next player follow that Action! But don't make the tower fall, or you lose.


Choose the player that will go first; this player must build the tower. On a flat surface, randomly stack layers of 3 blocks at right angles to the layer below it, as shown on the box.

Use the loading tray to straighten the tower into position. The loading tray can be used to re-load blocks into the box for storage. At the start of a round play passes to the left.

Game Play

The first player selects a block and pulls it from the tower. If a number block is pulled, the next player must draw a block of either the same number or color as the pulled block.

A block can only be drawn from below the highest completed level. Stack the pulled block on top of the tower at a right angle to the level beneath. You must complete a 3 block level before starting another one.

Functions of the action blocks

The functions of the Action Blocks, and when they may be played, are set out below:

Draw Two Block

If a draw two block is pulled, the next player must draw and stack 2 blocks of the same color as the draw two block. The next player must draw a block that matches the color or number of the second block drawn (or a wild).

Note: You may NOT draw an Action Block (reverse, skip, draw two or wild) when drawing your 2 blocks.

Reverse Block

If a reverse block is pulled, play continues in the opposite direction of current play. (Pass left becomes pass right and vice versa). Play continues in this new direction until another reverse is pulled. The next player must pull a block that matches the color of the pulled reverse block (or a wild).

Skip Block

If a SKIP block is pulled, the next player is 'skipped', causing the following player to pull a block. This player must pull a block that matches the color of the pulled skip block (or a wild)

Wild Block

If a wild block is pulled, the player who pulled the wild chooses a color and announces it to the other players. The next player then has to pull a block that matches this color. A wild block can be pulled in place of any block, at any time (except after a draw two has been pulled).

Additional Rules

Whenever a block is pulled, only one hand can be used, but you may switch hands at any time during your turn.

You can touch any block to find a loose one - but you must restore that block to its original position (using one hand only) before touching another block. The tower can be straightened out whenever a player thinks it is necessary, as long as only one hand is used.

Your turn is over as soon as you let go of the block you're replacing on top.

Yelling "UNO!" - If a player uses 2 hands to pull a block or straighten the tower, any other player can yell "UNO!". If caught, the offending player has to DRAW 2 blocks of a color selected by the player yelling "UNO!".

Special rules for a two player game

Whenever a reverse or a skip block is pulled, play as if a draw two block was pulled. In other words, the other player must pull two blocks that match the color of the reverse or skip.

End of the Game

If you cause the tower to fall, you lose. The winner is the player who successfully pulled and replaced the last block.

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