Standard Special Cards

Draw 2 Card

The next player must draw 2 cards and forfeit the turn.

Reverse Card

The direction of play is reversed.

Skip Card

The next player loses his/her turn and is "skipped".

Wild Card

Change the color being played to any color.

Wild Draw 4 Card

Choose the next color played and force the next player to pick 4 cards and forfeit his/her turn.

Uno Attack Special Cards

Check Uno Attack.

Trade Hands

The player discarding the Trade Hands card MUST trade his/her hand with another player.

Discard All

Play this card to discard all of the cards in your hand of the same color.

Wild All Hit

Choose any color. Then the other players must press the Launcher button once and added the shooted cards.

Wild Hit-fire

Choose any color, then the next player press the Launcher button, add the shooted card and skip his/her turn.

Uno Blast Special Cards

Check Uno Blast.

Draw One Card

The next player draws 1 card, place it in the Card Blaster and forfeit the turn.

Wild Blast Card

Choose any color. Then, the next player must draw and insert cards into the Card Blaster until the blast is triggered.

He/She must add all cards that blast out to their hands and forfeit the turn.

Uno Bts Special Cards

Check Uno BTS.

Dancing Wild Card

Choose any color. Then, the next player perform a BTS dance routine in front of everyone OR draw three cards.

Uno Emoji Special Cards

Check Uno Emoji.

Wild Emoji Card

Play an emoji face card (of any color) on top of it. then, the next player must make the same face on the emoji face card, take their turn, and continue to make the face until their turn comes around again.

If they stop making the face before their next turn, they must draw 4 cards!

Uno Dare Special Cards

Check Uno Dare.

Dare Card

The next player must choose to either draw 2 cards, or do the dare associated with the number on the card.

Simply compare the number on the Dare card with the number on your chosen Dare List card to find out what the dare will be.

Wild Dare Card

Choose any color. Then, the next player must choose to either draw 2 cards, or do the dare associated with the number on the card.

Uno Flash Special Cards

Check Uno Flash.

Slap Card

As soon as you play this card, press the SLAP Button on the game unit. The unit will instantly go into Slap mode and all of your opponents must race to press their own Player Buttons as fast as they can.

The Player Button of the last player to slap will then flash and that player must draw 2 cards in penalty.

Uno Flip Special Cards

Check Uno Flip.

Flip Card

Everything flips from the Light Side to the Dark Side. Flip also over the Discard Pile (the card just played will now be on the bottom).

Then flip the Draw Pile and then everyone's hands must flip to the other side.

Draw Five Card

The next player must draw 5cards and forfeit the turn.

Skip Everyone Card

All players are "skipped" (loses their turn) and play returns to the player that played the card.

Uno Harry Potter Special Cards

Check Uno Harry Potter.

Wild Sorting Hat Card

Choose another player that must draw until he/she get a Gryffindor card. The card is also a wild card.

Uno Minecraft Special Cards

Check Uno Minecraft.

Creeper Card

Show the card to all the other players. Then, draw 3 additional cards. The Creeper card is also a wild card.

Uno Mod Special Cards

Check Uno Mod.

Mod Card

Decrease your hand, while increasing your opponents' hands! Call out a color from your hand that you want to give away.

Then, give one card to each opponent in clockwise order until you run out of cards of that color. This card is also a Wild card.

Uno Spin Special Cards

Check Uno Spin.

Spin Card

Whenever a Spin card is played, the next player must spin the wheel.

Spinning the wheel takes the place of that player's turn.

Uno Super Mario Special Cards

Super Star Card

Play this card whenever an opponent plays a Draw +2 or Draw +4 card on you and bounce the power right back at them. Now they have to draw +2 or +4 cards!

This card is also a wild card.

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