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Create and build your ultimate zoo, keeping your sharks satisfied and your cheetahs content.

Dodge danger and celebrate lucky days as you collect food, animals, and shelters in a race to be the first to announce your Opening Day!


  • 150 resource cards
  • 96 Clear Skies/Stormy Weather cards
  • 4 Trading Post tip cards
  • 4 selection tokens
  • 1 lucky token
  • 16 habitat tokens
  • 4 mover pieces
  • two dice
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to collect four habitats and announce your Opening Day!


  1. Set out the game board, tip cards, dice, movers, resource cards, habitats, lucky token, selection tokens, Blue Skies cards, and Stormy Weather cards.

  2. Each player chooses a mover.

  3. Put your mover on its matching hut and sit facing it.

  4. Choose one player to be the keeper of the resource cards.

  5. All players get a matching selection token, two food cards, one animal card, and one tip card.

  6. The person whose birthday is coming up next goes first.

Game Play

On your turn:
  1. Everyone makes a guess!

    All players place their selection tokens on the resource they think will come up on the resource die.

  2. You roll both dice

    Move clockwise the number of spaces you rolled on the mover die.

    Each player who correctly guessed the roll of the resource die gets one matching resource card.

On the Board

Lucky Day

If you land on this space, you get to use the lucky token, giving you two guesses on every turn until the next player lands on a Lucky Day.

Blue Skies or Stormy Weather

If you land on one of these spaces, draw a card, read it aloud, and follow the instructions.

Team Up

If you land on this space, roll the resource die, then have the other players each take a turn rolling it. Each time a player matches your roll, you both get one of what you rolled.

Roll Again

If you land on this space, you get to take another turn!

Trading Post

If you land on this space, you can choose to trade your food, animal, or shelter cards for other cards or for habitats.

  • Trade in enough resource cards to choose the perfect habitat to add to your world!

  • You can trade your resource cards up or down -exchanging an animal card for three foods, or three foods for an animal, for instance.

  • You may make as many trades as you like during each visit to the Trading Post.

End of the Game

Be the first player to fill your zoo with four habitats.

Once you have all four, declare the name of your zoo and announce your Opening Day - you've won!

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