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  • 100 cards
  • Six CRANIUM Cubes
  • Die
  • Timer
  • CRANIUM Clay
  • Notepad
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Work together to win as many cards in a row as you can.


Set out the cards, CRANIUM Clay, CRANIUM Cubes, die, timer, and notepad. Grab a pencil or two (not included).

The player whose birthday is coming up next goes first.

Game Play

  1. Take turns drawing a card from the deck.

  2. Choose an activity and read it aloud.

  3. Work together to successfully complete the activity before time runs out.

End of the Game

Try to win four activities in a row. Keep track of how many activities you've won. Next time try to beat your record!

Want to Get Competitive

Try Brain Breaks with two teams. E

ach team randomly draws five cards and picks seven of the 10 activities to do. Teams take turns attempting the activities.

The first team to successfully complete seven activities wins - you must win by two!

Keep taking cards from the deck until one team pulls ahead by two for the win!

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