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The Cranium Game is outrageous fun and gives players a chance to show off their talents!

Players team up to cruise around the board completing activities in 4 color-coded categories: Creative Cat, Data Head, Star Performer, and Word Worm.

One team picks a card from the category that matches their space on the board, and must successfully complete the activity before time runs out.

CRANIUM Tin Edition

What are you willing to do to win? With Cranium, you and your team are called into action in dozens of ways, including humming, sketching, acting, whistling, sculpting and even spelling backwards to get ahead.

Cranium's questions cover 30 diverse subjects, challenging players to use their creativity as well as their knowledge to help their team.

Cranium Family Edition

The original highly successful Cranium game is a great way for adults and older children to face off in entertaining challenges.

Later games using a similar model were greatly simplified and geared more toward younger players. But with this new family model, everyone can play together.

It still employs the same four basic Cranium categories: Creative Cat, Data Head, Star Performer, and Word Worm but within those groupings there are numerous new challenges for players of all ages.

CRANIUM Turbo Edition

Supercharge your next get-together with an infusion of Cranium fun.

Take the best of original Cranium-sculpting, drawing, humming and fun facts-and add 6 new activities including Zooma (identify 3 objects shown close up) and Odd Couple (pick 2 things that don't belong on a list) to get the Cranium Turbo Edition.

Perfect for parties, showers or other events, this edition comes with a bonus pack including 100 invitation cards in 5 themes (Cranium Party, Family Get-Together, Our Town, Bridal Shower and Baby Shower) plus 1,000 new activity cards, and an electronic timer with music and lights.

CRANIUM Primo Edition

The one thing Cranium Primo Edition doesn't include is brains, so don't forget to bring yours along when you play!

Packed with exciting new content, this deluxe edition of the fastest-selling independent board game in history is sure to keep Cranium fanatics on their toes.

CRANIUM Booster Box 1

Does your Cranium board game need a new boost? Then it's time for the Cranium Booster Box 1.

Challenge your mind with 800 new cards in 4 different catagories: Creative Cat, Data Head, Word Worm and Star Performer.

Just mix with or replace your existing Cranium cards for more brain-teasing fun! Cranium board game sold separately.

CRANIUM Booster Box 2

Love the challenge of Cranium play but running low on Cranium Clay?

Here's the solution: an all-new offering of 800 new Cranium cards plus four fresh tubs of moldable, so-fun clay.

Adding whole new twist to the game are new Club Cranium Sculptorades activities; hours of outrageous fun.


How many trees has your mom climbed in her lifetime? What does your best friend wish her nickname could be?

And just what kind of an animal is your brother sculpting?

These thought-evoking questions bring families and friends closer together as they share an evening of hilarious facts and treasured memories.

Cranium Cadoo

The original version is back by popular demand and today kids will be puzzling, sketching, sculpting, acting and code-cracking with the Cranium cadoo game.

The Cranium cadoo game first debuted over fifteen years ago to the delight of an entire generation of kids.

With a variety of hilarious activities, the Cranium cadoo game gets kids thinking, creating and giggling as they play.

Two or more kids (or teams) will have a blast playing - even grown-ups can play and show what they can do! players team up for "combo" play or go "solo" to compete in challenges.

CRANIUM Cadoo Booster Box

Recharge your Cranium with this adventure-packed Cadoo Booster Box.

The box includes 300 all-new cards with questions and challenges guaranteed to get you laughing out loud.

Also includes a new secret decoder mask, tub of cool Cranium clay, extra drawing pad and other Cranium Cadoo goodies.

Use the booster box with the original Cranium game (sold separately).

CRANIUM Hullabaloo

Cranium Hullabaloo is the high-energy game that's full of cool tunes, fun sounds, and all kinds of surprises

Kids listen closely and think fast as they bounce, twist, spin, high-five, and dance to the music, sounds, and friendly voice of Hullabaloo.

Cranium Hullabaloo rewards quick thinking, cooperation, and creative problem-solving, so whether after school, at a birthday party, or even on a rainy day, Cranium Hullabaloo gives kids something to cheer about.

And with its thousands of game variations, kids never get tired of the fun.

Cranium Cariboo

This game is an enjoyable way for your little one to learn the ABC's, numbers, shapes and colors.

Each turn gives kids a chance to match fun drawings, unlock secret doors and discover hidden treasure.

Designed especially for young children.

Cranium Brain Breaks

For instant creative fun anytime, anywhere, it's the Cranium Brain Breaks Game! Draw a Cranium Card from the deck and complete the activity on it before time runs out.

Whether you have a minute or an hour, the 200 different activities will tickle your brain! Complete word puzzles, come up with fun facts, sketch and sculpt or act and hum your best to be the winner in this fast-thinking, cranium-teasing game!


Cranium Zigity is the exciting, smash-hit 4-in-1 card game packed with fun activities and outrageous twists and turns.

You'll match musical instruments, find missing puzzle pieces, collect cards that add to 11, and create words in a race to be the first.


What's all the hoopla about? Cranium Hoopla-a cross between party game and card game where every second counts!

The goal is to play all cards before the 15-min. timer expires. Each card has an image and players are told whether it is a "who, what or where" topic.

Questions include Cloodles (drawing), Soundstages (wordless acting with gestures and sounds), Tongue-Tieds (words beginning with 1 letter of the alphabet) and Tweeners ("It's bigger than this but smaller than that")..


Cranium Whoonu is the exciting game where everyone has unforgettable fun guessing each other's favorite things.

Your best friend likes poodles more than parrots? Your older brother likes bubble gum more than burgers? Whoonu?! Everyone in the family will have a blast uncovering fun surprises about one another while playing Whoonu.

Whoonu is easy to learn and quick to play, so it's the perfect game for any occasion. And best of all, it's just as fun to play with people you've known for five minutes as with people you've known forever!


Cranium Pop 5 is the outrageously fun party game where it's not what you know, but how you show it in a hilarious celebration of Pop Culture that has something for everyone.

From Madonna and moonwalks to mullets and Monday Night Football, Cranium Pop 5 gets you challenging your friends in a celebration of celebrities and songs, fads and fashion, TV, movies, and more.

With an exciting new game console, 300 outrageously fun pop culture cards, five activities, and dozens of fun scoring tokens, Cranium Pop 5 turns the tables on pop culture with a choice made, a challenge played, and a fast-paced race for points!

CRANIUM Zooreeka

If you could build very your own zoo, what would it look like? In Cranium Zooreka, you'll create and build your own zoo, keeping your sharks satisfied and your cheetahs content.

Collect food, animals, and shelters to build four habitats in your park.

You'll dodge danger and encounter in all kinds of outrageous zoo events as you race to be the first to open your one-of-a-kind zoo!

CRANIUM Sculptorades

With Cranium Favorites, it takes just two players and five minutes for a quick burst of fun. Before you know it, you'll impress and amuse your friends with your talents.

In each game, players work to get their teammates guessing funny clues before time runs out! Sculpt a skateboard or fashion a flamingo with Cranium Clay in Sculptorades, the Can You Sculpt It? game.

Cranium Balloon Lagoon

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, step right up to this amazing game!

The fun-filled Cranium Balloon Lagoon for kids includes 4 carnival activities and a merry-go-round music timer. First player with 15 balloons wins.

Each game only takes 15 minutes but you will want to play again and again! Comes with game board, musical merry-go-round timer, 4 carnival games, 4 player movers, 72 scoring balloons, and balloon bag.

Cranium Dark Game

Want to host an epic game night? This hilarious Cranium Dark game is sure to be a hit! You pick an Action card and show it to the rest of the players.

Then pick a Cranium Card and keep it a secret. Without saying any of the words on the Cranium card, you must get the other players to guess what's on that Cranium card by expressing it in the style of the Action card.

Be the first player to collect 7 cards to win!

Cranium Disney (Family Edition)

With Disney Cranium you and your family can enjoy the outrageously fun, smash-hit board game while surrounding yourselves with your favorite Disney and Pixar characters.

This fun and frantic game will have players ages eight and up sculpting, acting, and sketching their way to a win.

Whether you're an artist, a singer, an actor, or a spelling-bee champ--there's something for you to love in this family-friendly board game.

Cranium Party Playoff

Welcome to the game that pits people, places, stuff, and actions against each other in a tournament of wits and off-the-wall matchups.

Guess which tournament tile will knock off its competitors, advance through the rounds, and emerge as the Undisputed Champion.

Cranium Sculpt-It

The Cranium Sculpt-It game is a wacky game with an outerspace theme, in which all players work together to use their imaginations and win as a team.

One player picks a card and sculpts the object shown, using the included Cranium Clay. Then that player tries to get the others to guess what it is before the timer runs out.

The sculpture doesn't have to look exactly like the image on the card - be creative! The first player to get 4 correct guesses wins the game. The game offers practice in collaboration, self-expression, and imagination

Cranium Wow

Cranium WOW features 600 brand-new-we-swear-you have never-seen-them-before-unless-you-peeked-somehow cards and new movers so cool you might forget to actually play the game for a little while (but we hope you will eventually remember).

Cranium WOW is the newest version of the outrageously fun, smash-hit board game that brings friends and family together through a variety of activities that celebrate all of your interests and strengths.

Whether you're an aspiring actor, artist, data hound, or wordsmith, Cranium gives you and your team a moment to shine. Game features collectible play pieces with mix-and-match accessories, a redesigned game board, and new challenges within each of the four categories.

Glee Cranium

Outrageous Gleek fun for everyone. Join the Glee club and hum, dance, act and mimic to become the ultimate Gleek.

Celebrate everything Glee with friends and family as you Sketch, perform play and solve.

Cranium Spongebob Squarepants

Cranium Spongebob Squarepants Edition brings to life the magic of Bikini Bottom through 8 kid-tactic activities.

Get acting, puzzling, sketching, sculpting, and code-cracking with SpongeBob-themed challenges, earn Bikini Bottom tokens and place four in a row to win.

Act out 'jellyfish', guess which sea creature has the most arms, sculpt 'spatula' and more! Packed 300 SpongeBob-themed cards, SpongeBob Decoder Goggles and cool Krabby Patty Clay.

Cranium Polar Bear ABC

This game is one in the latest wave of games by Cranium for preschoolers. These games intend to bring parents and their little ones together by participating in a fun and interactive setting.

In Polar Bear A-B-C, a word is chosen for the round and you must use your magnetic fishing rod to fish for letters from the icy lake, and then use these letters to help spell out that word.

Players take turns in fishing but any letters caught that are not needed for the word must be dropped into leftover letter lake!

CRANIUM Super Showdown

Cranium Super Showdown will get your family thinking and creating in illogically logical ways!

Pick wacky challengers to take on crazy contests, like monster truck rallies and bubble-gum bubble blowing.

Who would win a pie-eating contest: a monkey with backup dancers or a pirate on a pogo stick? It's up to the judge!

Have laugh-out-loud fun stating your case, flexing your logic skills, and earning trophies.

Cranium Triple Triumph

The super stacking strategy game strategizes and stacks to earn points with Triple Triumph.

The new 3-D building game from Cranium. Will you add to the bottom level or go higher. Play again and again - it's never the same game twice.

Take turns matching the sides of multicolored pyramids as you place them on the board. The more sides you match, the more points you get! Block opponents and plot your moves as you take turns creating unexpected structures.

Create a winding base, or pile pyramids to add more levels. Its stacking fun the whole family can play together.

Cranium Cariboo Island

Cranium Cariboo is the magical treasure hunt game designed especially for young children.

Kids love exploring the golden island of Cariboo, searching for coins to help them unlock the treasure chest. Cariboo reinforces four early-learning fundamentals, letters, numbers, shapes, and colors, and it's packed with fun.

Now comes with a spinning island, magical treasure chest, a search for buried coins, and key. Includes beginner and advanced ways to play.

CRANIUM Bumparena

Cranium Bumparena is the outrageous game that keeps everyone on the edge of their seats.

Place the bumpers on the Bumparena board to guide the balls into your goal. No two games are the same, but each one is full of excitement and laughter.

Bumparena is perfect for kids 7 and up, but everyone will enjoy its unpredictable fun.

Cranium Playground

The most playful place to learn!

Welcome to Cranium Playground, the preschool game that gets kids matching, drawing, dancing, and making letter shapes as they race around the monkey bars to win!

Playing Cranium Playground encourages... - Counting and number matching - Creative expression - Letter recognition - Find motor skills - Spatial awareness - Large motor skills

CRANIUM Wacky Words

With Cranium Wacky Words, your family has the last word on outrageous fun! Ever tried Grandma's recipe for stinky socks?

Or read a weather report about jellyfish blowing in from the east? From horoscopes to doctors' notes to book reports and vacation postcards, Wacky Words gets players filling in the blanks with laugh-out-loud results!

Cranium Dice: The Add-It, Say-It, Do-It, Find-It Dice Game

Get ready to roll! All players perform stunts, search for pictures, answer funny questions, and add w-a-a-a-y past 11 in this exciting, high-speed game for the whole family.

Includes 120 activity cards, 18 dice, rules and timer.

Hasbro Gaming Cranium Connect-O-Round

Connect-O-Round puts a Cranium twist on the classic four-in-a-row game with a spinning cylindrical playing board unlike any you've seen before.

You'll want to play again and again and around and around. Connect-O-Round packs up easily pieces store inside the game tower -- for quick fun at home or on the go.

It includes the connect-o-round spinning game tower and 42 tokens (21 of each color).


With Cranium Favorites, it takes just two players and five minutes for a quick burst of fun.

Before you know it, you'll impress and amuse your friends with your talents. In each game, players work to get their teammates guessing funny clues before time runs out!

In Cloodle, the Can You Draw It? game, doodle a poodle or pencil a pineapple.

Cranium Sounds of the Seashore

Cranium Sounds of the Seahore is a matching and memory game that celebrates the sights and sounds of a day by the sea.

Kids hold the Magic Seashell to their ears to hear sounds like the bark of a seal or the horn of a friendly boat.

Then they match each sound with a picture on a shell card. Every successful turn is rewarded with a Way to go! or You did it!

The game can be played two ways -- a beginner listen-&-match version, with success on every turn, and an advanced memory game for older kids.

CRANIUM Puppy Pals Bingo

Match colors, shapes, and patterns to find each puppy a special home.

The first player to line up three happy little pups - up, across, or diagonally - wins!

CRANIUM Doodle Tales

Get your pencils ready for a game of creative and artistic fill-in-the-picture fun.

In Cranium Doodle Tales, you'll combine silly sketches with imaginative captions to create hilarious scenes that will get everyone laughing like crazy!

Earn points when the judge chooses your doodling or tale telling. After the game, players can showcase their masterpieces with the outrageously cool Doodle Tales magnet.

Kids and adults will love coming up with wacky tales, then have a blast together sharing their masterpieces.

CRANIUM Tune Twister

In Tune Twister, players have a blast putting their own creative twists on familiar tunes like Coming ¿Round the Mountain or Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

Collaborate with friends and family to build your twisted tunes one line at a time. Grab the microphone to perform your lyrical masterpieces with style and flair.

The rotating judge awards points for both your songwriting and performance. Kids and adults will love coming up with wacky lyrics and laughing out loud as they perform their rendition together.

Cranium Matching Madness

Cranium Matching Madness is a fast-paced card game where players race to match colors, patterns, numbers, and shapes!

The object of Matching Madness is to play all your cards by matching colors, patterns, numbers, and shapes.

The first player to get rid of their cards twice wins! Fun for the whole family, this portable matching game is full of excitement.

CRANIUM Grab and Go

Need a burst of outrageous fun? Get your hands on Grab & Go Super Sudoku!

Get to know sudoku by playing with fun animal stickers on a smaller grid, then graduate to traditional play on a larger, more challenging grid.

The compact container makes it ideal for travel.

Cranium Humdinger

With Cranium Favorites, it takes just two players and five minutes for a quick burst of fun.

Before you know it, you'll impress and amuse your friends with your talents.

In each game, players work to get their teammates guessing funny clues before time runs out! In Humdingerì, the Can You Hum It? game, use your kazoo or whistle Dixie.

CRANIUM Wonder Works - Super Story Recorder

With Cranium Wonder Works Super Story Recorder, kids create outrageous stories with their own voice by answering questions with funny words and sounds, then listen as the Super Story Recorder mixes them into hilarious tales!

CRANIUM Giggle Gear - Giggle Goggle

Bring your imagination to life. With Giggle Goggles by Cranium Giggle Gear, you can transform into your very own fairy, princess, and butterfly creations!

You're the star of an amazing adventure, mixing and matching fun pieces like dragonfly ears and blue-lashed eyes to create hilarious faces.

Become a beautiful fairy princess with pretty heart-shaped eyes and a tiara that makes magical sounds! Launch new adventures, like creating your own fairy dance, with the included activity guide.

CRANIUM Giggle Gear - Crazy Cap

With Cranium Crazy Caps kids create hilarious robot, bug, and alien hats, using a variety of cool parts, including glowing alien eye, colorful mohawks, and cool antennas!

Light-up pieces add special effects to kids' creations. Crazy Caps include cap base and 10 different robot, bug, and alien parts.

Cranium Duck Duck 123

Challenge your young child with this educational preschool-level Cranium Game Duck Duck 1-2-3 board game.

It has an animal theme and is easy to play. This preschool animal game features collectible figures, including a mother duck gathering her ducklings from around the park.

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