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Welcome to Cranium Wacky Words, where you work together to create hilarious stories in a game of fill-in-the-blank fun!

Object of the Game

Win the most points by creating fun sentences and stories.


  1. Put one story card face down on the table and set out the eraser.

  2. The player whose birthday is coming up next is the first judge. Give the judge the scorecard, a pen, and the letter spinner.

  3. Give each of the other players a secret word keeper and a pen.

Game Play

  1. The judge turns over the story card and places it where everyone can read it.

  2. The judge reads Round One aloud, then pushes the button on the letter spinner and calls out the letter.

  3. All players-except the judge-write down on the left side of their secret word keepers something to fill in the first blank for Round One.

    Use the letter on the spinner to start the word or phrase. If the letter is WILD, players may write down something that starts with any letter.

  4. Close your word keeper and hand it to the judge.

  5. The judge shuffles the closed word keepers and passes them back. (It's okay to get your own word keeper-just be sure to keep it a secret!)

  6. The judge reads Round One aloud again, then spins the spinner and calls out the letter.

  7. Write down on the right side of the word keeper something that starts with the new letter to fill in the second blank for Round One. Close your word keeper and hand it to the judge.

  8. The judge opens the word keepers and, one by one, reads the sentences aloud using the words in the word keepers.


  1. The judge chooses a favorite set of words and writes them on the story card.

  2. The judge writes the scores on the scorecard, giving two points to the player who wrote the first word or phrase and two points to the player who wrote the second. The judge gets one point.

Next Round

  1. Erase the words in your word keeper.

  2. The player to the left of the judge is the judge in the next round.

  3. Continue until you've completed all the rounds on the story card.

End of the Game

After you finish the story, add up your points. If you have the highest score, you're the winner!

You've written a story together-now read it out loud!

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