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Welcome to Cadoo, the game that gets you thinking, giggling and grinning as you go for a four-in-a-row win!


  • Game board
  • Two secret decoder masks
  • Two tins of Cranium clay
  • 300 outrageous cards
  • 40 colorful tokens
  • Six-sided Cranium Cadoo die
  • Timer
  • Drawing pad
  • Pencil
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first to get a Cadoo (four tokens in a row - across, up, down, or diagonally) to win!


Set out the game board, pad and pencil, tokens, SOLO cards, COMBO cards, timer, Cranium Clay, decoder goggles, and die.

Each player chooses a token color and takes all the tokens of this color. (If you have more than four players, see the special instructions for team play on the back page).

You're ready to play Cadoo! The youngest player goes first.

Game Play

On your turn:

  1. Roll the die to see which kind of card you get - SOLO or COMBO.

    Solo Card

    Combo Card

  2. Draw your own card and read it out loud so everyone can hear you. Your card tells you what to do and how to place your tokens if you succeed.

  3. When you're ready, start the timer and do your Cadoo challenge

  4. Did you beat the timer? Congratulations! Place your tokens.

  5. Pass the die to the player on your left. Your turn ends after one card.

If you succeed on a Solo card:

Way to go! Put one token on any open spot. No one can place a token on top of yours.

If you succeed on a Combo card:

Excellent! You put one token on any open spot, and the player who shouted out the right answer puts a token on top of yours.

Both of you can use this spot to go for your four-in-a-row Cadoo. If nobody guesses correctly, you may not place tokens on the board.

End of the Game

If you're first to get a four-in-a-row Cadoo, you win! But you can win only on a SOLO card!

If you have three tokens in a row and roll a COMBO, you still get to place tokens if you succeed-just not on the spot that would complete your Cadoo. Only a SOLO card gives you a chance to go for the winning spot.

What if nobody gets a Cadoo?

This happens sometimes. Keep playing until the board is full. The player with the most tokens on the board wins the game.

Play in Teams

If you have more than four players, you can play Cadoo in teams. A team can be any number of people, from one to four or more.

  • When it's your team's turn, roll the die and draw your SOLO or COMBO card.

  • If your team rolls a SOLO, you and your teammates do the challenge on the card together. The other teams watch and check your answer.

  • If your team rolls a COMBO, choose one player on your team to do the challenge while all the other teams try to guess. (The people on your team don't guess).

    If another team shouts out the correct answer, both teams place tokens on the board. Your team chooses the spot.

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