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  • 6 scrolls
  • 60 cards
  • 12 tokens
  • timer
  • die
  • paper
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Score the most points by drawing pictures, writing captions, and guessing which one was yours to start with!


Set out the cards, die, and timer. Each player gets a sheet of paper, a scroll, one Mine token, and one Funny token. Each player will also need a pencil or pen (not included).

Slide the paper into the scroll until the dotted line reaches the top of the scroll.

Each player draws a card. You can look at it, but don't show it to anyone else. Now you're ready to play!

Game Play

Everyone plays at the same time!

  1. Pick one of the captions from your card and write it at the top of your paper.

  2. Start the timer and draw a picture to go with your caption.

  3. When time runs out, slide the paper into the scroll so that your drawing and caption are hidden.

  4. Roll the die and pass your scrolls according to what is on the die:

  5. Holding your new scroll, pull the paper out of the scroll just enough to see the drawing, but not the caption (If you've gotten the scroll you just had, swap with another player).

    • 1R: Pass the scroll to the player to your right

    • 1L: Pass to the player to your left

    • 2R: Pass two players to your right

    • 2L: Pass two players to your left

    • S: Scramble! Put all the scrolls in the middle of the table, scramble them, and pull one out.

  6. Start the timer and create your own caption for the drawing.

  7. When time runs out, slide the paper back into the scroll so that only your caption is showing, (If everyone is done before time runs out you can press the button again to stop the timer).

  8. Roll the die and pass the scroll.

  9. Keep alternating captions and pictures until you come to the end of the paper.

  10. Place the scrolls face down in the center of the table and scramble them. (Make sure only the last drawing is showing on your scroll).


  1. Turn over the scrolls and line them up next to each other so all players can see them.

  2. Guess which drawing started with your original caption, and take turns placing your card and Mine token next to it as you read your caption aloud. (It's okay if more than one person chooses the same drawing).

  3. Once everyone has guessed, take the papers out of the scrolls one at a time to reveal whose is whose. Keep your Mine token if you guessed correctly; otherwise it goes back in the box.

  4. Take turns placing your Funny token next to the caption or picture you think is the funniest and explaining why you picked it. (You can't choose your own). The player who drew or wrote it takes the token.

End of the Game

The player with the most tokens is the winner!

A caption is a short sentence that tells a story about a picture.

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