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  • Game board with interlocking scoring system
  • 60 stackable two-color pyramids
  • 4 scoring pegs
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Score the most points by matching and stacking colored pyramids!


Set out the game board, bag of pyramids, and scoring pegs.

Each player places a scoring peg on the green arrow, pulls a pyramid from the bag, and places the pyramid on a green square.

Each player takes three pyramids from the bag. These are your Triple Triumph starting pieces.

The person whose birthday is coming up next goes first.

Game Play

On your turn:

  1. Building from pieces already on the board, play as many of your pyramids as you can.

    • All sides of a pyramid you play must match the colors of the sides of any bordering pyramids.

    • For each pyramid you play, you can score up to four points - one point for each matching side. (See the Sample Moves section).

  2. Add up your points and move your peg forward on the scoring track. (If more than one player lands on the same hole, stack your pegs!)

  3. Draw more pyramids from the bag until you have three pyramids.

  4. Now it's the next player's turn.

Sample Moves

4 Points

Add an upside-down pyramid to a group of four pyramids on the board to build a platform and score 4 points.

You must match all four sides of the pyramid to build a platform.

Triple Triumph Topper

Top a platform with a matching pyramid. Score one point, draw a bonus pyramid, and play it on this turn.

End of the Game

After all the pyramids have been played, or when nobody is able to play on their turn, the game is over. The player with the most points wins!

Three cheers for the winner of Triple Triumph!

Try This!

  • Play a Triple Triumph tournament. Whoever wins three games first is tops!

  • Can you build a complete pyramid? Start with a four-by-four bottom level and follow the matching rules of Triple Triumph. Go solo or work together to take it to the top!

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