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Welcome to Cranium Connect-O-Round, the radical wraparound game where you spin the tower, drop in your tokens, and go For Four in a row!


  • connect-o-round spinning game tower
  • 21 red tokens
  • 21 blue tokens
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Get four tokens in a row- up, across, or diagonally.


  1. Set out the Connect-O-Round tower, tower lid, and tokens.

  2. Put the lid on top of the tower and turn to fasten it shut.

  3. Each player chooses a color and collects their tokens.

  4. The player whose birthday is coming up next goes first.


Take turns dropping one token at a time into the columns in the tower. Rotate the tower to see what's happening all around the game!

End of the Game

The First player to get four in a row-up, across, or diagonally-wins!

When you're finished playing, just remove the lid to store your tokens inside the tower.

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