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  • 2 Special die
  • 32 cards to make two boards in 4x4 grid
  • instructions
  • cloth drawstring bag

Object of the Game

Be the first to flip four cards in a row!


  1. Set out the cards and dice.

  2. Shuffle the cards and give 16 to each player.

  3. Arrange your cards face up in a 4x4 square. '

  4. The player whose birthday is coming up next goes first.

Game Play

On your turn:

  1. Roll the dice.

  2. Each player with a card matching the head- and-body combination on the dice flips the card over. If you have more than one match, choose one card to flip.

    • If you roll the dice and get a wild , everybody flips one card that shows the head or body pictured on the other die.

    • If you roll two wilds, each player flips any one card.

  3. Now it's the next players turn.

End of the Game

The first person to flip four cards in a row - up, across, or diagonally - and shout "BINGO!" wins.

Try This

Be the first to make one of these patterns!

More Ways to Flay

  • For younger players, give each player S cards (instead of 16) and arrange the cards face up in 3x3 squares. The first player to flip three cards in a row wins!

  • For a tougher challenge, try a three-player game using 25 cards each, arranged in 5x5 squares. The first player to flip five cards in a row wins!

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