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Cranium Turbo Edition is the new deluxe version of Cranium with more of everything-1,000 all-new cards, 16 activities, an electronic timer, and a faster pace!


  • Game board
  • 1000 outrageous game cards
  • Turbo Rally cards - 16 activities
  • electronic timer with music and lights
  • A tub of cool Cranium Clay
  • pads
  • pencils
  • 4 Turbo game pieces
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first team to race around the board into Cranium Central and collect four Turbo Rally cards for the win.


  1. Divide into teams of two or more. Choose a game piece for your team and place it on the space marked START

  2. Set out the four card holders. Each card holder contains two decks of cards: the main deck for regular turns and the Turbo Rally deck for Turbo Rally and Finale RallyTM turns

  3. Set out the Turbo timer and the tub of Cranium Clay.

  4. Set out the pads and pencils.

  5. Now you're ready to play 5 Cranium Turbo Edition.

Game Play

Determine your Activity

Press and hold the red button on the Turbo timer for five seconds.

When you release the button, the character lights indicate which card holder to draw from.

The team to your right draws a main deck card and reads it to you.

Try to complete your activity before time runs out.

Have the team to your right quickly press the red button to start the Turbo timer. You now have 60 seconds to attempt the activity described on the card. (To stop the timer, press the red button again).

Move if you're successful.

Move the number of spaces indicated by the red lights on the Turbo timer.

(You must stop on every purple Planet Cranium, even if your move would otherwise take you past it).

Your turn is now over and play passes to the left.

Club Cranium

A Club Cranium card pauses the game for an all-play activity with all teams competing for a bonus move.

The first team to shout out the correct answer before time runs out moves the number of spaces shown by the red lights on the Turbo timer. If nobody gets the correct answer, nobody moves.

No matter what happens, the team whose turn it was when the Club Cranium card was drawn gets another turn.

If you win a Club Cranium when your team is on a Planet Cranium, you have two choices:

  • Move the number of spaces indicated by the red lights on the Turbo timer.

  • Stay put and try your luck with the three activities on your next Turbo Rally card.

End of the Game

Enter Cranium Central

When your move takes you past the last space on the board, place your game piece in Cranium Central. Wait until your next turn to begin the Finale Rally.

Collect four Turbo Rally cards to win

During the Finale Rally, your team must collect one card from each of the four Turbo Rally decks to win. On each turn, you'll use the Turbo timer only to keep track of time.

Select any character you want and have the team to your right draw your card from that Turbo Rally deck.

If you successfully complete at least two of the activities on the card, collect it toward your win. If you don't get at least two, try again on your next turn.

If you succeed at all three activities, collect the card and take an immediate bonus turn. Choose a new character, then have the team to your right draw your card and start the timer again.

If your team is the first to collect one Turbo Rally card from each of the character decks, congratulations! You've won Cranium Turbo Edition!

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