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Play your cards right to get the most balls into your goal. But watch out - one twist of a bumper can change the game in a flash.


  • the Bumparena board
  • 10 small bumpers
  • 10 large bumpers
  • 8 character balls
  • 40 cards
  • Card dispenser
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player or team to get six balls into your goal.


  1. Slide the two sections of the game board together.

  2. Insert all five legs into the back of the board and snap them into place.

    The two big legs fit at the top, and the three small legss fit across the central seam of the board.

  3. Turn the board over.

  4. Set up the goals according to the number of players:

    • Two players: Use the goal blocker to block the middle goal. Each player selects one of the side goals.

    • Three players: Play without the goal blocker.

    • Four players: Play as two teams. Block the middle goal. All players take turns, but no team has two turns in a row.

  5. Put a yellow pin in front of each goal.

  6. Place a ball in the middle chute to start the game.

  7. Put the cards in the card dispenser so no one can see which card is next.

  8. Place the bumpers and balls where everyone can reach them.

You are ready to play.

Game Play

Each player takes two cards from the dispenser.

If you draw any Release Now cards, put them back in the middle of the deck and draw new cards. The player whose birthday is coming up next goes

On your turn:

  1. Always draw a card to start your turn.

    (You should have three cards when it's your turn).

  2. Did you draw a release now card?


    You must play it immediately.

    Release all the balls, then add a ball to any chute.


    Add the card to your hand.

    Choose the card you would like to play from the three in your hand.

  3. Put the card face up in a discard pile.

    Your turn is over and the player to your left goes next.

    Note: If you run out of cards, shuffle the discard pile and put the deck back in the dispenser.

The Cards

You must play this card immediately:

Release Now

Release all the balls, then add a ball to any chute.

You can choose when to play these cards:

Add Bumper

Add a bumper to the board.

Add Bumper and Ball

Add a bumper to the board and add a ball to any chute.

Move Ball 1

Move any ball one space.

Move Ball 2

Move any ball two spaces.

Moving a ball from one end chute to the other counts as one space. It's okay to have two balls in the same chute.


Move either leg of any bumper to another hole. The other leg must stay put.

End of the Game

The first player or team to score six goals is the winner!

Tiebreaker: If two or more players have six points, place one ball in each chute, then release! The player with the most goals wins.


Score one point for each ball that ends up in your goal.

Mark your score and remove the balls from your goal.

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