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Royal Tiles

Gain 1 more cocoa than the power of the locked worker.

Score 2 Victory Points each for whichever is lower: the number of Technologies with your marker, or the power of the locked worker.

Spend 1 cocoa and 1 resource to receive as many resources as the power of the locked worker (any combination).

Pay 1 cocoa to receive 1 wood and 1 stone. You may do this up to as many times as the power of the locked worker.

Score 2 Victory Points each for whichever is lower: your position on the Pyramid track, or the power of the locked worker. …

Play With 6 Workers, 8 Dice, And Upgraded Special Yields

After having played the basic version for one or more games, you can opt for the "Navaratnas" version for advanced players (English "The Nine Gems"). Here, the following modifications apply:

You can activate all 3 inactive workers. So you may play with up to 6 workers. You play with the back of your Kali statue and you may store only up to 8 dice.

You play on the back of your province board. Here also, special yields are printed on the edge of the province board, which you can connect to your road network. However, these are only minor yields, but you can improve them during the course of the game. …

4-player Game

When there are 4 players, take the special "Arranging the Camp" card and place it on the board to cover the corresponding space.

Each time a player takes the Arranging the Camp Action, he either gets 2 Determination tokens or increases the Morale level by 1 on the main board.

2-player Game

Players randomly draw a Character card out of only the following three: Carpenter, Cook and Explorer.

When there are only 2 players, they have an additional Character - Friday. Take the Friday card and the white pawn, and place it near the main board. Take a Wound marker and put it on the leftmost field of Friday's life track. …

Port Bonus Tiles

Use this bonus in a turn when you fulfil an Export contract requiring Meat. The fulfilled Export contract requires 1 fewer slaughtered animals.

Discard one Basic good of your choice and gain any three Basic goods of your choice (including the type you discarded).

Discard one Processed good of your choice and gain any two Processed goods of your choice (including the type you discarded).

Receive one Bonus upgrade and gain 3 Glory.

Gain £10.

Manipulate the price of one Good by three steps on the Market before trading this Good. …

The Defender goal is to keep the Invader from breaching the Stronghold for 7 Turns.

Defender Units

The Defender has the following Units available: Marksman - Strength 1, Soldier - Strength 2, Veteran - Strength 3.

Hourglasses And Actions

Remember: At the start of every Turn the Defender receives 2 Hourglasses to use after the first Invader Action.

The Actions of the Invader take time and as such they provide the Defender with a certain number of Hourglasses. Each of the Defender Actions also takes time and has a certain cost in Hourglasses. …

Inis takes place during the height of the ancient Celts, when history and legend are one and the same.

Players are chieftains leading their clans beyond the seas from Ireland to a newly discovered island. They settle the land, explore the surrounding area, harvest resources from the mines, and construct Citadels and Sanctuaries for their protection.

Bards recount the tales of their gods and heroes, druids act as advisors, and master craftsmen immortalize Celtic civilization.

Each chieftain believes to have the most legitimate claim to the throne of this new island. Only time will tell who among them will ascend to become Ard-Ri, the High King of this new realm! …

The Mordred Variant

This tough variant is only recommended for experienced players of The King is Dead.

The mad King Mordred has been killed, but his Followers remain to plague the land. The black Followers represent Mordred's loyalists, disrupting the hard-won peace and sowing dissent in Aquae Sulis and Din Eidyn. The rules are followed as usual, but there are additional considerations to be aware of.

During setup, Aquae Sulis and Din Eidyn each start with 1 black Follower Cube. Consequently, only 3 random Followers will be placed in these regions. …

Runs are the heart of Android: Netrunner, and provide opportunities for the Runner to steal the Corporation's agendas and trash his cards. In a run, the Runner attacks one of the Corporation's servers in an attempt to access cards, using his installed programs to help him pass the Corporation's ice.

Because most runs pit the Runner's installed icebreaker programs against the Corporation's installed ice, it is vital that both players understand the functions and subtypes of the Corporation's ice and the Runner's icebreakers. …

Clans of Caledonia is a strategic economic game set in 19th-century Scotland.

During this period, Scotland made the transition from a predominantly agricultural economy to an industrialised one, heavily reliant on trade and export. As a consequence, food production increased to support the growth in population, cheap cotton imports increasingly replaced linen, and raising sheep gained importance.

When European wine and brandy production was ravaged by a plague of insects in the late 19th century, Scotch whisky was drafted as a substitute for cognac. The whisky industry exploded into life, turning it into the premium alcoholic beverage in Europe. …

The key to winning in Risk is often to occupy complete continents. The choice of your initial continent is important. Without a good starting position, you will make it yourself very difficult to compete with other players who have a better strategic position.

The initial continent depends on many factors such as the number of players in the game and the playing order.

Priority for taking continents (1 means first to conquer)
2 playersNorth AmericaAustraliaSouth AmericaAfricaEurope
3 playersAustraliaNorth AmericaSouth AmericaAfricaEurope
4 playersAustraliaSouth AmericaAfricaNorth AmericaEurope or Asia
5 playersAustraliaSouth AmericaAfricaNorth AmericaEurope

Notice that the preferred options are only suggestions. It's always possible to win the game no matter where you start. …