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After players have played their first game, they should use the rules explained in this section, which includes variable setup rules and thematic action card abilities for each leader.

Advanced Setup

When setting up the game, players can start with loyalty in different systems and choose where to place their units.

When resolving step 8 of setup, follow these steps instead of using the "First Game Setup".

  1. Shuffle the probe deck and reveal cards from the top of the deck until three Rebel systems and five Imperial systems have been revealed. …

Q: It's my turn. Can I try to influence other players?

A: No! If it's your turn, you cannot influence what other players write.

You also cannot hint at which answer is your favorite or help the other players guess which answer you picked. However, feel free to share all your thoughts after your favorite answer is officially revealed!

Q: It's not my turn. Can I lobby for my answer?

A: Yes! If it's not your turn, you can lobby for your answer in an attempt to get the player with the SELECT-O-MATIC 5000 to choose it as their favorite. In fact, that's part of the fun! …

Never be afraid to learn new tricks of the trade-you never know when one might save your life.


A card's Acquire text is carried out one time, when you acquire it from the Dungeon Row (not when you play it later from your hand).


A card's Arrive text is carried out when the card is revealed (before any Dragon Attack that may also have been triggered by refilling the Dungeon Row at the end of a turn).


For each Danger card in the Dungeon Row, you pull an additional cube from the Dragon Bag during each Dragon Attack. …


He is on the side of Good. Percival's special power is knowledge of Merlin at the star of the game. Using Percival's knowledge wisely is key to protecting Merlin's identity. Adding Percival into a game will make the Good side more pwoerful and win more often.

Note: for games of 5, be sure to add either Mordred or Morgana when playing with Percival.


He is on the side of Evil. His special pwoer is that his identity is not revealed to Merlin at the start of the game. …

Major Secrets

  • Potion of Greater Healing

    Use during your turn to heal 2 damage. (Keep until you use it, then return it to the box).

  • Greater Skill Boost

    Immediately gain 5 Skill, then return the token to the box.

  • Greater Treasure

    This token counts as 5 Gold. You may keep it until the end of the game or spend it normally.

  • Flash of Brilliance

    Immediately draw three cards, then return the token to the box.

  • Chalice

    Keep this token-it is worth 7 points at the end of the game. It is not an Artifact. …


Goddess of Love

Any Move: If an opponent Worker starts its turn neighboring one of your Workers, its last move must be to a space neighboring one of your Workers.


God of War

End of Your Turn: You may remove an unoccupied block (not dome) neighboring your unmoved Worker. You also remove any Tokens on the block.


Goddess of Violence …

A clash is resolved in three steps:

  1. Citadels

  2. Resolution

  3. End of the Clash

I. Citadels

During this step, clans can take shelter in the Citadels of the clashing territory.

A clan in a Citadel is protected and is not involved in the clash in any way. After the clash ends, the clan leaves the Citadel.

Starting with the next player after the instigator and proceeding in turn order, each player (except the instigator) can take one of his clans in the clashing territory and place it in an unoccupied Citadel. This can take several turns; when all Citadels are occupied or no more players wish to occupy them, proceed to the Resolution step. …

These rules introduce an artificial opponent to Photosynthesis. Her name is Cynthia. You can play the game solo against 1 or 2 Cynthias, or spice up 2 or 3-player games with 2 or 1 Cynthia respectively.


  • 14 Action cards
  • 1 Action Sequence card
  • 2 Light Point Tracker cards
  • 1 Directional Selection card

You need 1 set of of Action, Action Sequence and Light Point Tracker cards for each Cynthia in play.

Cynthia Plays Different

There are no rule changes for you. However, Cynthia follows some simplified and altered rules:

  • Cynthia does not get a Player Board. She will use the Light Point Tracker cards to track her Light Points. …

A young suitor tries to attract your important characters to his kingdom to collect as much gold as possible. Try to keep your crown to win the game.


Place the 8 location cards numbered from 1 to 8 A faces (or B faces) visible in front of you. Your character cards will be placed below and the character cards of the young suitor will be placed above.

Arrange 8 random green-back characters cards face-up (from left to right) and place the full deck of red-faced character cards face-down on the right side of the 8th card. …

Each of the Epic Tale cards make specific references to Irish Celtic legends, which are explained here:

Diarmuid and Gráinne: Gráinne is betrothed to Fionn mac Cumhaill, who is a great warrior, but is older than her father. On the day of the wedding, she convinces Diarmuid to elope. Fionn pursues them endlessly

Eriu: The Tuatha Dé Danann made the promise to the Milesians, who had recently arrived in Ireland, to name the island after Eriu in exchange for her help. She is the goddess that personifies Ireland. …