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Survival Card

The Survival Card is set aside at the beginning of the game. During play, players should keep track of how many of their species occupy tundra tiles. Any player with the sole highest count automatically and immediately takes possession of the Survival Card.

If two or more players are tied for most, no player controls the card (it remains uncontrolled and will not score points for any player).

During each Reset Phase, after Extinction, the player in control of the Survival Card earns bonus VP's for the number of tundra tiles occupied by one or more of his animal's species. …

"Dizzle" can also be played solo. The goal of the solo game is the same, collect as many points as possible. The game ends after 10 rounds. The rules of the game stay mostly the same.

You need 8 dice and 2 additional dice, which are rolled separately from the 8 actual dice. The 8 dice are used as a general display from which the player takes their dice. The additional 2 dice simulate other players that take dice from the display.

After the player has taken a die and placed it on their game sheet, they must roll the 2 additional dice. Matching with the rolled result, up to two dice must be taken from the general display. …

Action Deck: contains the blue Action cards that players draw to perform actions.

Active player: the player whose turn it is (the one who takes an action).

Advanced Skill cards: new skill cards that players can purchase at certain moments in the adventure (the game will let you know when you can) by spending the experience points they have earned.

Adventure Deck: contains the green and gold numbered Adventure cards.

Banish: remove a card from play once and for all. The card goes into the game box, behind the "Banished cards" divider and will be returned at the end of the game, after the players have won or lost. …

You will be working with the King, D. Jose I, with Manuel da Maia, the royal builder, and the Marquis de Pombal, the prime minister, to reconstruct a new Lisboa, and develop its economy. You need to build stores downtown to produce goods, and will earn wigs once appropriate Public

Buildings are opened to drive traffic to your stores. In order to open Public Buildings, you will need Plans from one of the two architects, and enough state officials to staff the building. …


  • 1 Game Board
  • 5 Clan Screens
  • 7 Shrine Tiles
  • 10 Political Mandate Tiles
  • 21 Core Season Cards (7 per Season)
  • 24 War Province Tokens (8 per Season)
  • 15 Teapot Set Season Cards (5 per Season)
  • 15 Horseman Set Season Cards (5 per Season)
  • 15 Archway Set Season Cards (5 per Season)
  • 5 Alliance Tokens
  • 20 Stronghold Tokens (4 per Clan)
  • 20 Ronin Tokens
  • 8 War Number Tokens
  • 65 Plastic Coins
  • 10 Clan Markers (2 per Clan)
  • 10 Bonsai Clan Figures (6 Bushi, 3 Shinto, 1 Daimyo)
  • 10 Koi Clan Figures (6 Bushi, 3 Shinto, 1 Daimyo)
  • 10 Dragonfly Clan Figures (6 Bushi, 3 Shinto, 1 Daimyo)
  • 10 Lotus Clan Figures (6 Bushi, 3 Shinto, 1 Daimyo)
  • 5 Huge Monster Bases (1 per Clan)
  • 10 Turtle Clan Figures (6 Bushi, 3 Shinto, 1 Daimyo)
  • 15 Shinto White Bases
  • 5 Daimyo Black Bases
  • 15 Large Monster Bases (3 per Clan)

Object of the Game

Rising Sun is a board game for 3 to 5 players set in legendary feudal Japan. …

Build Ships

The game board has 20 Ship Cards available for building: 5 bows, 10 middles, and 5 sterns.

You can buy one, two, or three Ship Cards in any combination. For each Ship Card you buy, you pay the indicated number of guilders. (Those at the bottom cost nothing, those in the middle cost 1, and those in the two rows closest to the card decks cost 2).

Ship Cards are used to build ships. A completed ship has a bow on the left, a stern on the right, and only middle cards in between, with no empty spaces. A completed ship must have at least 1 middle card. …

In Gaia Project , each player controls one of 14 factions striving to peacefully colonize the Terra Mystica galaxy. Each faction has different environmental needs to survive on a planet.

These needs have led the factions to master terraforming, enabling them to make different planet types habitable for themselves.

During the game, you will colonize new planets, upgrade mines into better structures, and unite planets to form federations. The choice is yours: will you expand near other factions, which might give you power and trade partners, or will you look for solitude, where you can expand more freely? …

If your group learns by playing and wants to jump into Root without needing a long rules explanation, you can use our robust walkthrough, as described below.

Even if you use this walkthrough, someone should carefully read this learning-to-play guide before your group meets to play. We'll assume this person is you.


Set up the game as described on the next page, but make these changes:

1st. Seat the factions in this clockwise order: Marquise, Eyrie, Alliance, Vagabond. Along with their faction board, hand each player their faction's walkthrough card. …

Stratego variant with a Japanese theme. There are 40 new pieces.

Object of the Game

The object is to capture all of your opponent's 4 fortresses.

Game Play

  • Fortresses do not move.

  • High rank units capture lower ranks.(A Daiyamo = 12 would capture Heavy Cavalry = 11)

  • Equal ranks result in mutual destruction.

  • There are no bombs.

  • Ninja can move diagonally.

  • Ninja always win if they are the attacker.

  • Ranged units (R) always defeat infantry (I).

  • Cavalry (C) always defeats ranged units.

  • Certain infantry will defeat cavalry, if the cavalry is attacking. …

Two to six players will compete to become the next Lord of Ethnos.

To do so, you must earn more Glory (victory points) than your rivals by controlling the Kingdoms on the game board and recruiting the most Allies. You will accomplish your goals by collecting scattered members of the 12 Tribes, represented in the game by cards, and playing them in Bands to gain control over the Kingdoms.

But be careful! Your Allies can be fickle. Any cards you do not use when you create a Band must be discarded, creating opportunities for your rivals. …