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Action Deck: contains the blue Action cards that players draw to perform actions.

Active player: the player whose turn it is (the one who takes an action).

Advanced Skill cards: new skill cards that players can purchase at certain moments in the adventure (the game will let you know when you can) by spending the experience points they have earned.

Adventure Deck: contains the green and gold numbered Adventure cards.

Banish: remove a card from play once and for all. The card goes into the game box, behind the "Banished cards" divider and will be returned at the end of the game, after the players have won or lost.

Board: the area formed by the Terrain and Permanent event cards that are in play.

Bonus cards: positive cards that players obtain along the adventure and hold in hand.

Character: a character played by a player. "Character" is very often synonymous for "player".

Clue cards: cards that players choose before they begin the adventure and that provide a hint as to how to lift the corresponding curse.

Cost: the minimum number of Action cards that must be drawn to perform the action.

Curse cards: cards from the Action Deck that can cause players to lose.

Discard: move an Action card (blue back) to the Discard Pile or an Adventure/Exploration card to the Past.

Discard Pile: the play area into which players discard Action cards (blue back).

Draw: take the top card(s) of the Action Deck.

Durability: the number of times an item can be used before it is destroyed.

Experience points: Adventure cards whose effect allows players to spend experience points at certain moments in the game to purchase Advanced Skill cards.

Exploration Deck: contains the Exploration cards (foggy back) that players must resolve/discard to continue exploring the continent.

Hand: the Skill, Bonus and State/Character cards a player has in hand.

Inventory: the play area in which a player places their Item cards.

Involved character: a player who takes an action or a character that is involved in an action taken by another player.

Item cards: cards in the inventory that were crafted or found along the adventure. They can be used to apply their effect(s).

Keyword: word that can be seen at the bottom of certain cards, that some actions and effects may refer to. It is also used for item combination.

Numbox: the dark-green icon in which the number of a card can be seen.

Past: the play area into which players discard Adventure (green or gold back) and Exploration cards (foggy back).

Purchasing cost: the number of experience points that must be spent to purchase an Advanced Skill card.

Quest item cards: cards that provide players with information and effects that help them in their quest. They are stored under the "Satchel & Journal" card and players may look through them at any time during the game and use them at will.

Resource: a component (wood, stone, bone, etc). available on a Terrain card, Permanent event card, etc., that can lower the cost of the craft action.

Return: put a card back to its place in its original deck (in the Adventure Deck, sort cards by number and green cards always come before any gold cards bearing the same number).

Satchel & Journal: the card under which players store any Quest item cards they obtain.

Skill cards: cards with which players begin the adventure. There are 35 Skill cards common to all characters and 5 Skill cards specific to each character, which only that character may take in hand.

State cards: harmful cards that players obtain along the adventure and hold in hand.

Successes: icons needed to succeed at performing an action.

Terrain card: a card that represents a portion of the continent.

This: designates the card you are reading.

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