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Stratego variant with a Japanese theme. There are 40 new pieces.

Object of the Game

The object is to capture all of your opponent's 4 fortresses.

Game Play

  • Fortresses do not move.

  • High rank units capture lower ranks.(A Daiyamo = 12 would capture Heavy Cavalry = 11)

  • Equal ranks result in mutual destruction.

  • There are no bombs.

  • Ninja can move diagonally.

  • Ninja always win if they are the attacker.

  • Ranged units (R) always defeat infantry (I).

  • Cavalry (C) always defeats ranged units.

  • Certain infantry will defeat cavalry, if the cavalry is attacking.

  • Cavalry move like scouts.

Unit Name#RankTypeNotes
Ninja30-Defeats all units in attack
Ashigaru Spearmen31IDefeats Cavalry in defense
Ashigaru Gunners32RDefeats Infantry
Bushi Spearmen33IDefeats Cavalry in defense
Bushi Musketeers 34RDefeats Infantry
Bushi Spear Cavalry65CDefeats Ranged Units
Warrior Monks26I
Samurai Swordsmen37I
Samurai Horse Archers28-Defeats Infantry/Move like scouts
Samurai Archers39RDefeats Infantry
Samurai Naginata210IDefeats Cavalry in defense
Samurai Heavy Cavalry211C

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